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  1. Doesn't it boggle your mind that from abc to overman, they keep repeating the same thoughts over and over again. It's like the injury never happened. They'll be doing it for years from now.
  2. at Cleveland Browns: L vs. Indianapolis Colts: L at Jacksonville Jaguars: L at Atlanta Falcons: L vs. Buffalo Bills: W at Denver Broncos: W vs. Los Angeles Chargers: W vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: W at Carolina Panthers: W vs. Kansas City Chiefs: L BYE vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: W at Indianapolis Colts: L at Oakland Raiders: W vs. Houston Texans: W vs. New Orleans Saints: W at Houston Texans: L 9-7
  3. Let's analyze this picture. 5 guys showing, 4 on offense, 1 on defense and 1 special team. Henry in the front since the plan is to run him a lot. They put Marcus in the back which means he's soon to be gone. Makes sense to you Scotty?
  4. You go boy, you tell him the truth!
  5. That guy is amazing.
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