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  1. 8MM

    Foles can throw

    Well...according to you, Jake, and the "expert, Wentz of course. Marcus would be on the practice squad of a team like the Browns.
  2. Please include "intended to have my little brains working too".
  3. 8MM

    You Suck Up

  4. He's made some amazing throws yet you still criticize. Amazing expert! Hater - One who is slow to praise but quick to point out the bad.
  5. 8MM

    AFC South Contest - Week 15

    CreepingDeath 25-17 Texans, Titans, Boys, Jags 8MM 23-19 Texans, Giants, Colts, Jags titansjr9988 23-18 Jets, Titans, Boys, Jags Justafan 22-13 Texans, Titans, Colts, Jags bostontitan 20-21 Jets, Titans, Boys, Jags Former_Fan 20-14 Texans, Giants, Colts, Jags kgsTitan 19-17 Jets, Titans, Boys, Jags No1TitansFan 19-12 Texans, Titans, Boys, Jags Jeff.Fisher 18-21 Jets, Titans, Boys, Jags titanruss 17-23 Texans, Titans, Boys, Skins JoelinBellevue 17-12 Texans, Titans, Colts, Jags Ricky 15-18 Texans, Titans, Boys, Jags
  6. 8MM

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    Vrabel says football is a 100% injury sport.
  7. 8MM

    Giants Week

    LOL! Great memory there OMan....FACT!
  8. What you stated about Peter King and OMan is conjecture. No way to prove one is right or wrong. Same with me but I'll stick to my opinion.