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  1. Not as dumb as Locker running a sneak on first down when he thought it was 3rd down.
  2. The continental army took over sooo many airports in 1781. ROTFLMFAO
  3. Insulting our country and the entire military on July 4th. 100% anti-American.
  4. VY was worse than Locker but kinda like comparing dog shit to cat shit
  5. The real article: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001031661/article/afc-south-franchise-quarterbacks-each-teams-greatest-passer
  6. oBaMa tHiNkS tHeRe ArE 57 sTaTeS
  7. As dumb as he is, his fan club is even dumber. They believe the Queen of England said this in a recent interview that has been suppressed by the big bad Media. They will believe anything that confirms their bias.
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