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  1. No arrests were made and a car drove into a crowd of protesters. A reminder that Indiana had the strongest Klan in the US less than 100 years ago.
  2. I would say you need to consult a personal injury attorney like Hughes & Coleman or Morgan & Morgan (if you're in Middle TN). There are tons of them but Morgan got my sister a 75K settlement from an auto accident a few years back. It depends on if either of you had insurance and there could be other factors but I would call them before you talk to anyone else. The attorney will do an independent investigation as will the insurance company so it doesn't matter if he wasn't cited by the police.
  3. What pray tell is a guarantee mechanism. Option years?
  4. If they could even get to it, it would take a lot of C4 or an airstrike to bring it down. It's about 125 feet tall. Not to mention that it's located on a different continent.
  5. In response, Trump has vowed to protect the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Can't make this shit up.
  6. Now there is some irreplaceable history. How will we ever recover
  7. klaatu-

    Virus in US

    The Black Death is back. Bring out your dead! Next week hantavirus then all the dust will turn into lice.
  8. Right wingers becoming more and more unhinged the closer we get to November just like in 2016 with spirit cooking. No doubt Tux follows this lunatic.
  9. He probably tried to but the dick wants what it wants.
  10. Future King George VII would start pushing us around and we'd be right back where we started.

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