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    US Senate Race

    Unauthorized foods in quotes, what the hell does that mean. What indeed.
  2. Try to decapitate me and see what happens.
  3. Hell yeah, lots of new formats AptNecessaryAtlasmoth.webm
  4. My sources say the death penalty is being considered for Mike Vrabel. I am pro-life and take no pleasure in reporting this.
  5. A little unsettling that he called it the coronavirus. Maybe the virus has killed some of his brain worms. I'm sure they'll be back soon and in greater numbers.
  6. klaa2

    First Debate

  7. klaa2

    First Debate

    Let the madness resume...
  8. Crow is actually pretty tasty if you keep it in a cage for a month or two and feed it nothing but corn to flush out its system. But yeah thankfully I was wrong about Gostko it seems. Looks like he has plenty of leg left.
  9. Pretty crazy shiot, Mike Tanier predicted the tie.
  10. My first comment the moment it was official that he had won, "This is the darkest timeline." It was always going to come to this. The election was rigged and much more so this time. All it takes is enough votes invalidated in the right places. If we don't get near 100% turnout then there's nothing stopping the power grab. He has nothing to lose and an empire to gain. I don't play the "what if" game and ponder all the things he might possibly do if he wins or loses. Like Trump says, we'll have to see what happens.
  11. That's a pretty good analogy. QB's are kind of like roaches. I think that was one of Buddy Ryan's speeches.
  12. What does this mean? Just wondering if he was hissing at them or if he darted under a stove when they turned the lights on. Or was it something that Theo's friend on the Cosby Show did. I tried to google it but couldn't find anything, though I did learn that cockroach milk is a superfood apparently. 🤢

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