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  1. That take is totally incorrect. One, stop believing you understand why other people come to different conclusions than yours. You do this because you can’t see past your own scope of thinking and observation, suspicion and conclusion, then you conclude for everyone who disagrees that they arrived to the same diametrically stupid conclusion opposite yours because they didn’t go down the same rabbit hole, which you’re way down on this one. I’ll just simplify it for you: Carroll made one of the worst calls of the possible options from a risk and security standpoint, even in a microscope. You’re going with this cavalier “That shoulda worked” mentality. It’s basic. Ya basic. Both run and pass have low odds of success for stoppage or turnover for a defense on 2nd and 1, especially considering when the field of play is 1 yard for offense to attain. But get this simple fact: In it’s purest form, the odds of mistakes are higher for the offense in the passing game, while the odds of success are higher in the running game. The Seahawks and Carroll thought they were likely to succeed either way they went, and they were, but no matter how small the perceived chance of turnover was, they ignored it for the larger odds of success. Add to that the way they attacked through the air, which was by design. They tried to force Lockett(?) in by moving the line back instead of just forward with Lynch. They gave a smaller guy room to run at the interior as you’d expect the big guy to run, except the big guy would have had more time to secure the ball! The Seahawks thought they were going to open the mouth of the defense and get in via air before the teeth clamped shut, so getting Lynch or Wilson outside in space would have been theoretically safer. People gripe about the wildcat play, but consider that the Texans and Titans both disrupted the ball in the end zone in the same game. That last play really just doubled down on Henry’s odds of success because it started with playing the odds of security first and foremost. Lol, and hell yeah it was cringeworthy! And gloriously awesome at the same time. Yeah, be confident in your QB and passing game, but in any situation, smart confidence is better than confidence alone. And fuck you for making me type this much.
  2. Mmm hmm...nothing wrong except losing the Super Bowl. It was 2nd and 1. There was no reason to pass here when Lynch just got 4 yards from the 5 yard line with over a minute to go. Lol, “Anyone who knows football...” and watched Lynch play that year would know 2 downs to try to punch it in from the one was the smart play. They had at least one down to run it before doing what you’re defending.
  3. That’s what Pete Carroll said when he made Malcolm Butler famous.
  4. They made the right move but Conklin is actually #3 in pass block win rate for tackles at 95%.
  5. Maybe what makes Vrabel better than the others so far is he is the only one from that team to experience Belichick’s success as a player instead of as a coach.
  6. It’s Joshua...but “I do miss the old names.” Lesous or Ἰησοῦς, Greek ישוע, Hebrew It’s a name that’s literally traveled and morphed for millennia. My parents were apparently going to name me “Thor” as a very close second. As for U2’s “Joshua Tree album? Only album I ever saw with my name on it. I had to check it out. But for a decent period they were hailed as the best band in the world. However that’s measured.
  7. Disagree, and at this point you better hope it’sTaylor Lewan.
  8. Yeshu Yeshua Yahshua Yehōshu’a Joshua Still my favorite U2 album, and my actual name.
  9. Albert Haynesworth’s F650 running people off the road everywhere he goes.
  10. Not really the more I think of it. It’s disciple of, and so on, and that makes the branches. Unless we’re taking immediate trees. Small trees. Like is Fisher a Walsh disciple, and Gregg Williams and Munchak, or is he a Ditka/Buddy Ryan disciple, or is he both? These are more like tangled vines, honestly. Horrible question!
  11. I would say he’s clearly learned more from Belichick than O’Brien, or at least learned enough from both to not fall into BoB’s direct pitfalls. He’s literally the best branch from that tree if so. I feel like he’s inherited the Belichick coaching spirit more than anything, but of course he asked Bill questions and paid attention as a player. He’s said that much.

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