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  1. So, anything yet with the Titans? Rumours, interviews, anything?
  2. Butler you fucking saint. I teased the Titans down to -6.5. God bless Malcolm.
  3. Is it me or is Marcus getting better spinning out of trouble when leaving the pocket the past few games? He usually has a bit of deer on ice movement when leaving the pocket. But lately it seems to be more smoother.
  4. JDot

    Mike Vrabel's "Intentional" Penalty

    Jesus, that makes so much sense. If this is true what a smart situational move by Vrabel.
  5. JDot

    Week 13: Jets @ Titans Game Thread

    Damn, it must suck being so miserable even after your team wins. You Marcus haters have got to the point where your not even watching games for W/L just if Marcus plays bad or good. That's got to suck.
  6. TE one on one against JJ Watt on 3rd and long. Jesus.
  7. What are you not grasping? You say - "he will get a Kaep deal". I say - "why would he sign that". you say - "i said extension" confused I repeat - "Why would he sign that". You say - "why do players sign extension?" FACEPALM
  8. Huh? Yes you said "He'll get a kaep like deal the team can move on from in a few years" I said why would he sign that? Seriously why would he sign a fake money year to year deal with the Titans when he could go somewhere else that may be better for him. Both parties need to do what's the best interest for themselves. Maybe for the Titans going in a different route at QB is best for them. Maybe for Marcus it's best to leave and go to a different team where he believes he has a better chance to succeed. If Marcus looks and sees Bardy and Big Ben are almost done, maybe instead of signing some fake money year to year deal he tries to go to Pitt or the Pats.
  9. Why would he sign that? Why not play out next year then leave to somewhere else. Why stay with the Titans? I think most fans would be fine if Marcus left the Titans after next year. If Marcus has a choice to leave to say a Bradyless Pats on a cheap deal or a Kaep deal with the Titans what do you think he should do? His career is at a real turning point it is obvisouly not working out with the Titans. Why would he not try to find the best place to go play where he has a chance to try to resurrect his career?
  10. JDot

    Mariota isn’t Mike Vrabels guy

    Just trade Marcus this offseason. Clean break is best for all.
  11. JDot

    Season now on the brink..

    That Bills game is going to fuck the Titans.
  12. What a messed up situation. Hope he is alright.
  13. Yikes. Titans getting abused in all 3 phases today.