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  1. There is really no excuses for Marcus this year. A good O has been built, and with the retaining and promoting of Arthur Smith, this is the best situation Marcus has been in since he has been in the NFL. Frankly, I think Marcus will ball this year. Looking at the Titans O, it is pretty good on Paper. But there is that huge caveat.. ..Marcus needs to stay healthy or that is that. Dude needs to stay healthy.
  2. JRob is from the Pats. Pats exec guys may differ on a lot of stuff. And have different ideas to how Beli did things. But one thing is clear, 3 cone and short shuttle time when it comes to players is a pretty big deal.
  3. Man, JRob has really built a nice team since he came to Tennessee. If Marcus can stay healthy, I really think the Titans can make a run this year. The Titans have a good D, and I think the O looks real good on paper. Shit, even if Marcus cannot stay healthy, I think Tanny could do well.
  4. Some Titans fan sad, the great Drew Lock is gone..
  5. Going to be awkward when the Titans draft Lock.
  6. On paper and potential, Titans have a nice you core of WR's.
  7. If the price is right you have to do it. On the outside looking in it looks like the Titans have built a pretty strong team character wise, so the locker room should be able to handle someone like AB.
  8. Titans need to go after Adam Humphries. He would be a really nice compliment to Corey. Good route runner who moves the chains and is young. Probably destined for the Pats though. lol FA class this year overall is very meh.
  9. So, anything yet with the Titans? Rumours, interviews, anything?
  10. Butler you fucking saint. I teased the Titans down to -6.5. God bless Malcolm.
  11. Is it me or is Marcus getting better spinning out of trouble when leaving the pocket the past few games? He usually has a bit of deer on ice movement when leaving the pocket. But lately it seems to be more smoother.
  12. Jesus, that makes so much sense. If this is true what a smart situational move by Vrabel.
  13. Damn, it must suck being so miserable even after your team wins. You Marcus haters have got to the point where your not even watching games for W/L just if Marcus plays bad or good. That's got to suck.
  14. TE one on one against JJ Watt on 3rd and long. Jesus.
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