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  1. Vontaze Burfict was released. Sign him, sic him after Luck, then release him. Division title.
  2. Ima go on record and say half of those kids litter on occasion, they don't recycle properly, they use cars and use other shit made by things that cause pollution. I bet they also support ideals and ways of living that contradict their current protest. But hey, this is the entitled generation that grew up kicking and screaming until they got their way, right? Why would they change course now? If it makes em happy. Kick and scream on.
  3. So we're giving each Dem who wont win their own thread now. Fun.
  4. Not that it means nothing, but when they have LAC #2 it makes you scratch your head. Jets should easily be ahead of them. Even if they don't count the trade for Osemele. But they mentioned him so I imagine they did.
  5. https://www.secrant.com/kentucky-sports/how-obnoxious-was-john-calipari-surrounded-by-former-players-jerseys-during-interview/82569956/ Lmao that is boss.
  6. Lonzo missed more games last year than LBJ missed this year. Ppl blaming our record on LBJ getting hurt yet Lonzo carried us to more wins last year missing more games than LBJ this year.
  7. I guess you just trust the process. I find it funny that LBJ joined the team and we are about to have a worse record than last year when it was Lonzo running the show. And ppl want to talk about Lonzos ankle 😂😂
  8. Fuck wasting a pick on a K. Not only are we set with Succop for the next 3 or 4 years, we never seem to have a problem finding a K regardless of the staff. Just seems like a waste imo. And if Henry isnt week 10+ Henry, our offense will struggle yet again. Even with the additions of Humphries and Saffold.
  9. Who can? Him missing time means very little outside of his development. I'd rather him miss time while the team isnt even in playoff contention as opposed to game 6 and 7 of the WCF Finals.... Plus, had we been in playoff contention, I believe he would have been back by now.
  10. Who in the top ten is ever picked and not expected to make an immediate impact? That's everyone. Fultz is a bust. And if he is the definition of a bust, then Ball cant be. The Lakers have a better winning % with Lonzo than they do with LeBron. Their defense went from top 6 to bottom of the league without him. Some ppl just think scoring is the only way to impact a game. More idiot logic. He makes players around him better and his defense is greatly underappreciated from the haters out there. If someone can watch a Lakers game with Ball and then without Ball, and think he has no impact, their bball knowledge is limited.
  11. No. Do you get any of the fame or fortune of Harden doing what hes doing? What do you get when they fail to reach the Finals? It's a business dumb fuck. And if you're going to try and say LBJs contract with LA is qorse than yalls with CP, try understanding what a business wants....its money first, winning second. We arent winning, but neither will yall. But LA is still printing more money. Haha. Did you call Embiid a bust in year two? Giannis only averaged 7 and 13 points in his first two years....was he a bust in year two? Paul George averaged 8 and 12 points in his first two years. Waa he a bust in year two? He also played only about 30 more games than Lonzo in his first two years. He was a bust then, right? How'd that turn out for those two? Idiots who have zero patience and jump at someone as quick as you do are just that, idiots. All I know is CP has as many rings as Lonzo.....Throw Harden in there too...
  12. Ppl were really concerned with treason when they were fed lies by the Dems of a Trump/Russia collusion. Now that more details about the truth are coming out, why are those ppl not at all concerned about the treasonous acts the Dems committed? Funny.... I wonder if the enemy of the ppl are going to give the truth as much exposure as they did the lies....
  13. Not really. I dont watch much outside of marquee matchups and big 12. Going with what I know, I think Iowa State could win a couple. But like with most teams seeded 4ish or lower, it's about their matchups. I honestly don't see how anyone beats Duke so I'm not too concerned with much about this tourney.
  14. We traded a 4th rounder for a backup QB because our QB is that concerning....and ppl are head over heels about it. "Its so awesome that we now have a (better than Gabbert and Cassel) QB for when our franchise QB inevitably gets hurt....again." Being a Titans fan 😭
  15. Progress should never be mocked or tossed to the side. Who cares. All that matters is if it can improve. You say no, and that's just dumb. As difficult as it is for someone in another continent. It's not like illegals from Africa or Europe can just hop on a plane, get to America and be good. So why should it be as easy as walking across the border for others? If you want care about the dreamers from the south, why not make it easier for dreamers that are further away. After all, they all just want a better life, right?
  16. Make it about Gabbert all you want but it's more about Mariota.
  17. Lakers arent playing for wins anymore. Welp, let me know when your "can be better than Kobe" guy gets a ring....
  18. Agreed. Only teams that fill it for less are teams with good QBs.
  19. That was my takeaway after listening....So your simple ass didnt already know that? Im sure almost everyone else did.
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