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  1. Not too mention believing they can buy their votes every election by offering a little quick to spend money.
  2. Why would someone care about what someone else days in the a private forum and not about the act of seceretly recording someone? Ppl really got riled up over grab em by the pussy in a country where porn is a trillion dollar industry and we have thousands of women sliding g down poles and selling their pussy to be grabbed. I was making fun of it. Dont think its the same as getting "rustled". But if you think it's only conservatives that like to talk about small things, ok. Give it time. Who cares about someone lying about internal polls....oh wait.....
  3. Typical of ppl who get owned and realize how bad they look. Deflect and attack!
  4. Winning a playoff game usually has that effect.
  5. I cant blame him for the lack of success. Strictly on the players and coaches. He put a shit ton of talent on that roster. You can blame him (or maybe the owner?) For being cheap and wanting to move Harden, but cant blame him for Durant. Besides those three, he also found guys like Ibaka, Jeff Green who he traded for Perkins. Reggie Jackson. I like Jerami Grant too. Steven Adams. That dude finds talent. The only main criticism I have is succumbing to the trade demands by PG and RW and thinking getting CP back as part of the RW trade was somehow a win or fair. Even if the Rockets dont win shit, the RW trade is going down as one of the worst ever. He better have a master plan that works out.
  6. Are you referring to bounty gate? Facts were in the games played and the way their players targeted opponents. I found it to be pretty obvious, honestly. But I am not trying to defend Goodell. He is a joke. But I'm also not totally convinced some of the criticisms are valid.
  7. I'd be surprised if they dont agree to a buy out at some point. I already figured no one would trade for him without a restructuring of his contract. But I dont see CP going into the season expecting to stay in OKC all year. But you and the rest of the rocketeers loved the CP3 addition and extension. Remember when you were arguing with me about your title chances window? Good thing Presti is a dumb fuck with very little foresight. I still dont think given the shape of the league you have enough to win it all, but it def improved the chances you did have. They still have a good amount of talent. They have depth. I really like Culver and think he will be a day one contributor. They no longer have the Butler distraction and has assets to make moves at the deadline. I'm not sleeping on them being a playoff birth contender.
  8. What does it mean when someone has to "check" theirself before talking to another? Is it because of how they talk privately or amongst friends is at times offensive and they are so used to it that they are afraid it may "slip" in front of the wrong ppl?
  9. I doubt he will. What option did he have after Hills gf/wife admitted it was her fault? Even if you believe it was a set up. If I'm not mistaken, anyone Goodell has suspended was either caught on camera, or admitted to doing so. No?
  10. And just for the record because I'm sure some or at least one will try and turn the tides to escape the realness that was Geeks racist statement, white illegals should be subject to the same process and punishment if they forgo that process. Simple as that.
  11. I'm curious, is it that some of you are too dumb to comprehend the racist undertone that comes with a statement like Geeks? I mean to actually say and think "illegals are minorities". It obviously suggests that he believes whites are entitled to America and none can be here illegally. That only minorities are illegal immigrants. So are yall too simple to see that, or do you prefer to give him a pass since he is Anti Trump? The left proves time and time again that it's ok to be an insensitive asshole racist, as long as you're a Dem/leftist. Or a lefty leaning centrist.
  12. I dont think geek knows. How about you? Are all illegals minorities? And can you tell who is a minority without seeing skin color?
  13. Hard for me to comprehend? When was the issue "who exactly are illegals"? Its not my fault you made a stupid blanket statement that ALL ILLEGALS ARE MINORITIES. Talk about not having a clue and judging ppl. As if white ppl in general can't be or aren't here illegally themselves. Do you really think that no white foreigners are here illegally? Or are they also minorities to you because they are illegals..... Welp, choose your words more carefully because that's not what you said originally. And are you implying I do so? If so, would love to see an example.
  14. Who do you think "no child left behind" was meant for in the first place? I have friends that work in schools, the "tests" they give some of these kids just so they pass is astounding. Talking 7th grade knowledge for juniors.
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