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  1. Luka gonna win a title before Harden. Book it.
  2. Chargers have their best RB lead blocking for their worst. Coach needs to go.
  3. A lot of ppl who strongly supported the man now seem to bash him.... Funny, no?
  4. But this, I'm sure, is also a "right now" take and not counting "how it plays out" for the rest of the season. Correct? I couldn't argue for or against Lamar getting it if the season ended today. I mean, I wouldn't care each way. All I'm saying is for ppl to seem certain one is getting it as of now when there are 6 games left is absurd. I don't think anyone is knocking what Lamar has done or how he looks, just that it seems pretty tight atm.
  5. Looks like President Zelenskiy had already lied about the situation... Looks like yall can't trust what he says any longer.... We all know how yall hate liars and think they aren't trustworthy.
  6. Didn't realize you stole this. I'm taking back that like.
  7. Ppl around here cried our schedule was so tough, now a MVP candidate doesn't get a leg up over his competition given the fact his schedule was much tougher? But the other gets a leg up because he is a little more exciting? Makes little sense in my book. Lamar also has the better D. Seattle wouldn't be where they are without Wilson so that's not much of an argument in favor of Lamar.
  8. Khalil Mack is an absolute monster. The only reason Chicago has a chance tonight. Have you seen what he's done tonight? Just look at his stats... 48 snaps played The end.
  9. If the numbers stay similar and Wilson leads Seattle over SF for the division, it would be an absolute travesty if he doesn't win MVP. Lamar is fun to watch but if that is the determining factor, eww.
  10. Player A: 2993 Total yards, 26 Total TDs, 2 INTs 68.5 comp%, Rating 115 Player B: 3026 Total yards, 27 Total TDs, 5 INTs, 66 comp%, Rating 102 How anyone can assume they know who's winning MVP atm is crazy.
  11. Dear Taylor Lewan, You suck! I wish we took Aaron Donald.
  12. Very good D going up against an offense where you'll let anyone else beat you but Hopkins. Kind of expected.