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  1. He can receive a snap as good as anyone!
  2. Shanahan is a dumb fuck. All of these offensive minded HCs suck dick.
  3. Mariotas most significant play as a Titan.... ...was him throwing a block.....
  4. Yet scored more TDs and a shit ton more yards. As I said before, if they both have the same "issues" I'll take the one that can move the ball and score it mlre consistently in between sacks and what not. Not a hard choice. Btw, ppl need to stop acting like whatever happened in MIA is gaurenteed to happen here. This team is a lot better than most of the teams RT has had around him. I mean, hasnt that been a common excuse for Mariota? Shitty surrounding cast/OL....I guess that doesn't fly for RT. Gimme the guy that can at least hit a check down.
  5. So be it. I feel its fitting for anyone still defending or making excuses for Mariota. I'm still gonna cheer and hope for the best for him as long as Vrabel doesn't have the balls to make the switch, but I'm not expecting much.
  6. It's not Mariota, it's Trumps fault! Mariota was good until Trumps inauguration. Then it all went downhill.
  7. Every chance has come and gone. Anyone who thinks a healthy Lewan makes a difference, tell them to watch last years tape. Lewan was there. But I'm glad to see this is a Mariota homer opinion piece and not a direct quote.
  8. Part of what he's saying is true. NE knew enough to the point they knew this could happen. They should still be on the hook for the guaranteed money. Nothing new happened from the point they signed him. Just because they learned new things doesn't make it a new event and anything they say "could hurt the Patriots" falls on them for even getting into bed with him.
  9. Well idk all of the dates about the off field assault shit, but in all honesty, I believe the helmet thing and lash out at Mayock was orchestrated/planned by him. The foot thing I believe was an accident of him just being stupid. Those things I wouldn't personally hold against him but I understand what you mean.
  10. This has happened over the past several years, not months...
  11. You're stuck on RT and I presented it minus RT. My post had shit to do with RT. It shows that was just a BS excuse to ignore it. Also, you don't need to watch the entire hour smart guy. On top of that, if you weren't afraid to watch it, you wouldn't need to guess the context neither. Its funny how much yall care about wrongdoers when they aren't Dems. Keep living in your hypocrisy covered BS. You're just running away from it. That's cool. Don't come to us the next time to want to talk about CNN and other liberal fabrications when you can't even accept shit that comes straight from the horses mouth.
  12. The biggest problem with JR is that his drafting ability is just not that good. I'm sorry but its true. We can sit here and claim the guys he has drafted have all the potential in the world all we want, but a lot have not lived up to it.
  13. I believe that BS holding call on Sharpe that killed our one drive. I think that broke our offense and entire teams moral. But that too falls on Vrabel.