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    Why US?

    See, #9 only cares about certain hate. Biased fuck.
  2. I got into a debate with some murder supporters. I went to school with one, the other was her sister, and the other was one of their friends that went to a neighboring school. And these ignorant bitches told me since I had a dick my opinion didnt matter on abortion because I was giving it to them with their uninformed BS and we ak ass arguments. Can you believe one actually tried saying nine out of ten women who got pregnant that had an abortion said they used some sort of contraceptive. Lol. So I asked her if she really believed that and believed that collectively, pregnancy prevention methods were 90% defective. That's when they started to gang up and say ppl with dicks cant have an opinion on it. So I got one of my girlfriends who is against abortion to get on and see what they had to say. She basically said I have a uterus, not a dick and I hold the same opinion. What do you have to say to me. She also called them out for their sexism. Shockingly, they all of a sudden were silent. God I love this shit. Lmao
  3. JakePA_Titan

    Why US?

  4. JakePA_Titan

    Why US?

    https://www.dailywire.com/news/47470/prosecutor-antioch-shooter-wanted-kill-minimum-10-james-barrett Ten-A-Key!
  5. It's not in some ppls DNA to be fake to appease nobodies.
  6. Coaching and experience won you those games. If KD was there those games arent close and you dont trail by 15+ in the two you did.
  7. They were in 3 of the 4. Just shows who they truly are. Theres a reason they got upset last year by a team that didnt even make the playoffs this year. They showed they didnt even deserve to be there. DEN would have been a much better series. Dame came up small just like Harden.
  8. If we need a betting line to provide more motivation for our players in week 1, I'd say the opposite. Do you think Mariota looks at those lines to motivate him? I personally doubt it. And one could say he is the one we need on his A game if we dont want that 5.5 to seem low once the game ends.
  9. The better QB is quite possible. They do have a couple more bonafide players than we do. But more talent from top to bottom. Idk. With the 3 point home advantage, they have us as an 8.5 point underdog. They could beat us, but no way they should be a two score favorite. I see that 5.5 going to 3.5 or 4.5 come game week.
  10. https://www.elitedaily.com/life/science-behind-nostalgia-love-much/673184 Some of yall need this. Mark my words. 20 years from now, regardless of sport, ppl will be saying jerseys of today were better than the ones they have in 2040.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/us/hundreds-of-migrants-to-be-flown-to-california-in-as-many-as-3-flights-a-week-officials-say I thought you pro border jumpers said it was decreasing?
  12. https://theundefeated.com/features/baltimore-black-neighborhood-complicated-relationship-with-the-home-of-preakness/amp/ Entertaining read.
  13. GS dont get called for cheap blocking fouls but they sure do benefit from them often. Shocker. It takes the MBA to say "it should have been a foul". But when it actually happens nothing. When their opponent does it, whistle!
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