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  1. Huh Them? You do realize melo is gone? You do realize yall have been better without him even though you were certain yall got better from last year mostly due to him? It's funny yall have a losing record and you brag that about 20% of your wins have come against a team you thought would barely make the playoffs.
  2. JakePA_Titan

    Quick pick 2!

    Ware isnt playing. Conner I think is GTD. Breida will be a full go limiting Wilson. Williams and Henry
  3. I bet a good portion of Titans (twitter/social media) fans were the same when Mariota went on his tear to end is sophomore season. And Mahomes is not only killing what Mariota did, but has been doing it all season. And I believe there was a good portion that knocked Mahomes simply because he was a Big 12 QB. They should be throwing it in ppls face.
  4. Yes, sorry the new but old news of the Mueller investigation is a bit tiresome at this point. We were told around summers end the report would be released after the midterms. Still nothing... Then we hear it will come out in parts..... We are about to be going on year 3 of this and they keep dragging it out to keep yall excited. But really, anyone who isnt only living for the impeachment of Trump doesn't care anymore until it's actually set in stone.... You're on a titans board when they are potentially on the verge of making the playoffs for ack to back years in how long, with only 3 weeks left. All of that and you wonder why shit has toned down. Lol smdh
  5. Now that she is, it's time for her to go mow the grass on the border and help stop illegal immigration.
  6. JakePA_Titan

    Will Trump finish his first term?

    Gee, how private....
  7. JakePA_Titan

    Mahomes, face of the best QB just 3 years ago?

    And I bet he never had to force himself on a female trainer to get his rocks off like jughead.
  8. JakePA_Titan

    NFL Salary Cap For 2019

    Makes Leveon that much more attractive. Watch Bell get exactly what he was asking for. Now imagine he took that franchise tag at 15 million (10ish after taxes and agent fees) and fucked up his knee again... He would have lost far damn more than a measly 10-15 million.
  9. JakePA_Titan

    Damn! Horowitz and Congress Have The Fusion GPS Bank Records

    What's the rush?
  10. JakePA_Titan

    Avenatti not running for president in 2020...

    How disappointing
  11. JakePA_Titan

    Giants Week

    Pitt will beat either NE or NO and have no trouble with CIN. They arent losing 5 in a row although I would like that to happen just as much as I want TEN back in. And they will be in one way or another at 9-6-1.
  12. JakePA_Titan

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    If Watt didnt have all those injuries, I'd say 1a and 1b, or a close 2 for Watt. But the injuries push Watt down to the top of tier 2 for me. Imo, there us still a current gap between Donald and the rest.
  13. JakePA_Titan

    Peter King's Titan musings this week

    Jurrell Casey doesnt belong in the same sentence as Donald. Not even in a "poor mans" comparison. Donald has gave OLs fits since day 1. Even when the Rams didnt have other good front 7 players to take attention off him. And I'm sure some girls will make a big deal out of it but it's not disrespectful to Casey to say no one belongs in the same sentence as Donald. I think a more accurate (and true) comparison would be that of Fletcher Cox. Donald is by far in a league of his own. And fuck the "overexposed" narrative. How many national games have the overrated Squeelers gotten? It's about time damnit. Teams that win playoffs games should get the spotlight. Not jokers that lose home playoff games.
  14. JakePA_Titan

    We've Seen Marcus Do It But........

    I think this shit is hilarious. Maybe Mariota should do more looks because he seems to have a better TD/INT ratio when hes not looking at his target 🙄🙄
  15. JakePA_Titan

    Weekly Fan Power Rankings

    So do like 3 or 4 others. And TEN has a negative differential with a winning record. Not much of a telling stat.