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  1. The denial is strong with these morons. One day it's all because of Obama. The next day its really not even that good....
  2. Says a a believer of a long list of liberal lies.... But please, continue to believe you're so much better. One day yall might be right....one day.
  3. Did I call it or what? https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/5-shot-monday-across-chicago They dont care about that gun violence though.... A day dedicated to celebrating one of the greatest black activists, they cant even refrain from shooting theirselves for one day. So sad. But keep trying to make it harder for those law abiding citizens!
  4. Do you expect @9 Nines or any of the admins to change the topic title? Yea, me neither.... Guess their fake news is ok to promote... Boy, that sure was a crazy ass and deadly monday!
  5. Isnt that the point? You need ppl to want to shoot at someone. Guns dont do it by theirselves. ----- I've noticed a lot of the others that were quick to jump into this thread no longer have any interest in it since they didnt get their start to a civil war. They love to help build up them lies but when they realize that's all they are, they vanish.
  6. It's amazing how much energy ppl put into hating announcers.
  7. I feel it deserves it's own thread because I think it will be epic. Just predicting on a whim. I'm calling for HOU to make trades. Mad trades. I believe they find a way to trade Capela and Westbrook. I think they target Andre Drummond and a scoring wing that doesn't need the ball. Like a Devin Booker or Andrew Wiggins. This team is garbage given the talent they have. Harden went 1-17 from 3 tonight and they lost to the Chris Paul led Thunder......again. 😂😂😂 I love it. Not only do I think HOU potentially makes big moves, I expect the Lakers to move on from Kuzma. I think Towns could be out in MINN this year also. Dont sleep on this years trade deadline. I'll be disappointed if there aren't some fireworks.
  8. See how they made sure to talk about the three neo nazis early so they could try and put it into the minds of their viewers that that's what they're seeing here. Neo Nazis Vs Government. Nothing about "peaceful" protest/rally. Instead "no violence yet" were the words chosen. Lmao. Gotta love it.
  9. You know it isnt moving any needles with them. They had their mind made up a long time ago and it will never change. Regardless of his or Americas success while he his POTUS, they will always find a reason to call him a pos. Funny part is you know some of them liked hearing that back in the day. But because they feel stuck to the left, they won't allow theirselves to ever agree with him. I've only seen maybe three in here praise or credit him for something. But even with that, it mostly came as a backhanded compliment or followed by an outright attack.
  10. He's still a threat to their ability to think clearly. Still the big bad boogeyman.
  11. Where the leftist media gets ppl worked up and scared to go outside. Boogeyman waiting for you! Dont do it!

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