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  1. holy fuck. This motherfucker blocked me on twitter but he was a good dude, made the titans subreddit less gay. RIP.
  2. titansfb

    Andrew Yang

    Yeah, a lot of lower wage workers gonna lose their jobs to automation. Yang also said automation was gonna kill more corporate jobs than we think: accounting, bookkeeping, financial advisors, paralegals, radiology type jobs, licensed financial services phone reps. trumpers and right wing folk like yang a lot. He’s gonna need a hell lot more dem support to get anywhere.
  3. titansfb

    Andrew Yang

    Can’t stand when he speaks, terrible speaker but he’s got good ideas.
  4. Mariota is a pussy. Contract year and tranny on the team? You’re supposed ball the fuck out. Fuck everyone, no one’s got your back, ball out mentality. It’s like he got more pussy once he realized his job wasn’t safe.
  5. NOD is basically asking for Winston then. Hell yeah.
  6. It’s #1. And not based on geography or “similar to videos you watch”.
  7. Anyone been following kyler Murray? He looks like a legit QB, not a wide receiver or rb playing QB.
  8. Guarantee he’ll be on our roster next year.
  9. His QB play in the pocket and ant legs look like Mariota.