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  1. Holy fuck, the slander this kid received during his early days. Did not see this in him. @Mythos27 you were the only one lol
  2. What a pussy, why is he demanding a trade? Jalen Hurts is trash and will eventually get hurt.
  3. Been trash since he got married. Don’t get married or have kids before 30. Eagles not dumb enough to let him go.
  4. titansfb

    Biden Transition

    don’t let that goofy looking fat fuck near the podium.
  5. titansfb

    Virus in US

    Fucking assholes. The fucking nerve to brag, yeah he’s fucking bragging, about his treatment plan while the rest of america gets minimal care in quarantined wings of hospitals. Have any of you been in one? They’re fucking terrible where I live.
  6. Something needs to be done about China’s IP theft. They also need to enforce the recent legislation that makes their trash companies follow the same rules that all other countries must follow to trade on the US stock exchanges. Continue to restrict huawei’s 5G equipment and expose those mother fuckers for what they’ve done to the uyghurs. The chinese hate being shamed. Don’t like their shit being called out. And find a way to make shit in other countries. Find a way to entice Apple to make their shit in a different third world country. fuck China. Eat shit.
  7. Cute girls marching on the streets of Philly, on CNN.
  8. titansfb

    US Senate Race

    First two years of Obama’s first term.
  9. Go to r/conservative on Reddit. They’re saying the same thing. Fucking crazy.
  10. In my state, If your ballot hasn’t been counted through the state’s online tracker, you can still vote in person on Election Day. Have you looked into that?
  11. titansfb

    Virus in US

    WI is a trash ass state. Only nice place is Madison.
  12. titansfb

    Voter Turnout

    How long does it take for your state to confirm Whether they accepted or rejected your mail in ballot?
  13. titansfb

    Virus in US

    @Rogue like @ctmsaid, buy an oximeter on amazon or Your local drug store (Walgreens, CVS). Doctors I’ve spoken to say your oxygen level should be 95 and above. Anything below 95 is not good. Check your temp and oxygen everyday.
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