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  1. Dem establishment pushing buttigeg down our throats. They’re stroking so hard for this dude. Been slowly falling off the yang train. His subreddit has been over taken by trumpers, right wingers, Pool, Rogan and Shapiro homers.
  2. titansfb

    Andrew Yang

    Fuck yeah! Go to his page, homos. He’s mainly focusing on UBI and Medicare for all bc people are stupid and can’t remember more than 1-2 things they watch or hear. He addresses a shit ton of policies on his page. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/ Hes got way more policy proposals than anyone else running for president. Go to his site.
  3. Yeah and it’s too bad. He’s good at explaining complex issues, doesn’t sugar coat shit, has a plan for automation, which includes universal basic income.
  4. Andrew Yang is running for president and addresses this on the joe rogan podcast.
  5. No shit. Of course he’s not doing that. Chill the fuck out.
  6. Pededson and Foles got that chemistry. He loves Philly and they love him. Wentz gonna get injured again anyway, so stay and play where you’re loved.
  7. He saved their season. He ain’t ever gonna be good without Pederson, so he should do whatever it takes to stay with the eagles. Wentz gonna be injured again anyway, so he’ll get Plenty of playing time.
  8. Snooooooozefest. Saints got the momentum. Game over.
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