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  1. "Aren't you guys done with Mariota? No way I'm gonna continue to watch unless Vrabel benches him! Blah, blah, blah!" Fucking idiots! Did all of you scroll-through the beginning of last weeks comments before the big Brown collapse??? All that cynical, crybaby, bullshit, before the great Vrabel & Smith turned things around??? What happened there Mike? Where's all that, "Is Teresa here-ego?" Watching the ridiculous production from the overreaching roster additions of a little white boy named Humphries and an overpaid Patriot-has-been in the secondary. But, hey... It's only week two. How such stupid fans overreact around here. Discipline - Tackling - No penalties - Toughness - blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ! "Hey, we got a cool looking young coach that won a couple Super Bowls with the Patriots! He's gonna be so much better than Mike "ugh" Mularkey and that old Fisher coach!" "We should've gotten-a-ridden of Mariota last year - we could've got Murray or maybe we'll trade up and get Tagovailoa and become the next Rams... Oh, wait, but we're the Patriots south - my bad. Vrabel and Robinson we'll figure it out, I just love those cool dark helmets instead of those other gay colors!" "Thanks Miss. Hillary for making our cafeteria and team look so much better since looking updated is the first step toward winning a championship." But before we send Mariota packing and Tannehill under center, considering the city of Nashville has become our opponents second home stadium, let's just trade for Lamar Jackson "now" or simply wait for Tagovailoa - I mean, Jack Conklin sucks... Casey's getting old... and Adoree Jackson is a busted pick! We're never gonna win a Super Bowl with those guys, right, but as long as we have those pretty new uniforms and Vrabel at the helm, we'll be aye-right... Even if we have to start over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (don't forget the hiring of a new coordinator every two years) and over and over and over and over and blah, blah, fucking, blah ! Adam Humphries for President in 2020 ! Thanks Adam for trying to help today ! "We just got to play better, go over the film, correct the mistakes, and get ready for Jacksonville. This is how this league is." ESPN Adam Schefter reports that Marcus Mariota has been traded to Jacksonville for a sixth round draft pick and Maurice Jones-Drew. MAZEL TOV!
  2. Now only if we could learn to teach Corey Davis how to go down field with him and stretch defenses like that other Brown guy everyone's been talking about lately ???
  3. This has to be the best "most surprising" video capture of the year! W T F ???
  4. By far, the best tight end this franchise has ever had and that goes all the way back to Barber of the 70's and the great Frank of just-yester-year.
  5. Yes, Oilerman. In a heartbeat. Sad to see so much talent like Mariota shuffled through the coaching carousel of the past five years.
  6. It's cool my man, just having some fun. Good to see the team respond which truthfully, don't think the majority of us really thought in such a way.
  7. Oh, yeah.... World-above! We should trade Marcus for Mayfield and a first round pick to boot, too.
  8. You had me at Vrabel.... Then lost me after 4 pm.
  9. Can I please have this automatically attached to all your blow-out comments made throughout the years, head?
  10. Nice to see a fellow Houstonian and long-time-columbia-bluer on this board.
  11. T. ypical G. ullible O.xymoron... Just like this coaching staff... Vraballs likes to start the season spotting the opponent 14 points or putting them on our 20 yard line due to the fact that this team is the New England Patriots south. We lose the game by at least three and the offense plays like shit. How 'bout wiring me $50 bucks for being right, T G O - since everyone around here has so much of it.
  12. The next four years In any order: (10-6) (8-8) (7-9) (9-7) 50/50 Mariota being free agent signing or traded... What about you? I'll "quick-collect" Western Union $200.00 to the homer Pro who calls this year before week one (Sunday night week 17). Easy money with just a name and location. Let's just separate all the bullshit and see how good one you really is, shall we....???