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  1. It’s the only job they’ll be able to get after all this.
  2. People who misspell “felons” and “lose” in the same sentence shouldn’t have the right to vote. Sorry. Those are the rules since we are being arbitrary as fuck about rules.
  3. Dude has nicer things to say about the North Korean dictator than he does the former VP of the US.
  4. If you truly fucking believe that’s what “it” is referring to...
  5. Dems don’t have to try to make Republicans look racist. See, Cade Cothren.
  6. Lol at Rolltard claiming he didn’t vote for trump. That’s as rich as Duckie claiming he didn’t vote for trump. The only posters with bigger 1 inch boners for Trump than those two are Comrade Ben and Simple Jake.
  7. The people who accept him for the narcissist loser he is are just to blame. Society has enabled him for decades to make him what he is today. Donald Trump has no business being in Home Alone 2, but there he was with a small cameo. References to him on The Simpson’s and Rugrats back in the early 90s. Donald Trump is a pompous asshole who needs to die of a massive heart attack, but society is just as much to blame for him has he is.
  8. Cobb loved fast food though. At least Henry eats right.
  9. Lol at Tux thinking Hannity is real media.
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