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  1. Hooker’s improvement is bad news for Vaccaro’s likelihood of not being a cap casualty this offseason.
  2. Can anyone share the author of this quote in the Glennon tweet? Not asking for a big paywall breech, just that one fact. (As a side note, Broadway subscription is so pricey. You can get the Athletic for much cheaper on their frequent promos. It sucks they don't have the market to compete with lower prices.)
  3. Several of the players on Herndon's list are in the last year of their contracts. This isn't the NBA or NHL where rental players garner 1st round picks. I'm not giving up more than a 5th for an expiring contract.
  4. Lol man you knowww I never predicted punishment.
  5. Saying “4 drafts” instead of “5 picks” declares your bias. Wilson is absolutely <50% likely to get a second contract. Even if he performs decently over the course of the deal, he is quite unlikely to fully eradicate the laziness reputation. Robinson isn’t giving a big second contract to that. Evans definitely isn’t guaranteed a second contract. He’s not better than average for his position in his 3rd year in the league. His athletic limitations won’t help him age well. MLBs who can’t cover don’t get big contracts unless their name is Hightower. Adoree had a very good run last season. If he replicates that performance (which is not a given), then he’s going to demand #1 CB money. It’s not a given Robinson will want to pay him that.
  6. Robinson’s track record in the 1st round hasn’t exactly been stellar. Simmons, maybe Adoree, and maybe Evans are the only picks likely to get second contracts from the Titans among Wilson, Simmons, Evans, Adoree, Davis, and Conklin. Simmons is the only potential All Pro among them. So if Robinson’s average return for a 1st rounder is above average starter performance for 4 years, then Gilmore on an extension would exceed the expected return. It’s his cap hit that’s the problem.
  7. I think we’d have to extend Gilmore to manage his cap hit next year. He should have at least 3 more years of #1 CB play. Pats wouldn’t get anything close to the Ramsey deal because of age and contract value. The Marcus Peters trade (5th rd + Kenny Young) was such a steal for the Ravens. The DPOY award inflates his value beyond what I think he’s worth. They’d be selling high to trade him now. I bet they’d get a 1st and 3rd.
  8. Why on earth would the Cowboys disclose that reason???
  9. Cruikshank pitched that ball EIGHT yards back toward the goal line. It flipped end over end. Tye Smith reaching over his head to catch it was probably the best play of his career. If he drops it, the Steelers have a real chance to pick it up and run it in for a TD. No more Cruikshank please.
  10. Seeing Clowney and Landry both come up gimpy yesterday demonstrated what an unnecessary gamble it is to only have 3 edge players active.
  11. Odds are he’ll be back at some point when there’s an injury.
  12. Live by the kicker, die by the kicker. If it takes a kicker making a long FG to win as time expires, then the teams essentially “played to a draw” as you suggested in the Steelers game. It took Gostkowski heroics to win 3 games against losing teams in the Broncos, Jags, and Vikings. And beyond the kicker, we literally played the Texans to a draw until OT. The game narratives all feature Titans’ resilience, and I don’t want to discount that. But it’s glass half full when the logic is applied to the Steelers, glass half empty when applied to the other games.
  13. Tramaine Brock is a FA. Just sayin.

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