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  1. Definitely not one of oldschool’s talents. He spent a couple days asking me what dick jokes/insults I find homophobic and telling me about how he texts dick sucking jokes to his wife’s gay friend from college.
  2. Can we talk more about what a cornball you are for posting on a sports message board about how you feel masculine because you shoot people in the face? That was more entertaining than this drivel.
  3. Not a surprise you don’t understand that bringing me up in your reply to tgo was unsolicited. Should we keep going?
  4. Oh I’ve solicited plenty from you, but you bringing me up in another post makes me think you want to keep this going. I’ve come at you for a couple days, and it’s been really entertaining to watch your inconsistencies. By the way, is it still Saturday?
  5. He says “SJW who keeps taking shots” as he literally takes an unsolicited shot at me. It’s almost like you’re enjoying this but don’t want to admit it. Lol at me hiding behind the internet. Everything I say here I’d say to your face, or in front of my colleagues if they gave a shit about sports. Although, I must admit, they’d all think it’s really fucking lame to post on a sports message board. Otoh, your buddy who likes to let us know that he has run whole departments! and whole companies! jumps into the fray uninvited to talk about cum shots for posters who annoy him. How’s that for hiding behind the internet?
  6. I’m not sure if you’re including me in this. No, I didn’t say, “These reports of Titans interest in Carr and Jimmy are likely coming from the agents” from the outset, but I don’t really feel like that was necessary. It’s obvious that agents push that stuff. I was more interested in responding to people who thought the “reporting” was 1) completely fabricated, or 2) leaked by the Titans for Tannehill negotiation purposes. I also didn’t say that I think the titans will pursue either guy. I said I could understand why they might pursue them, even if I disagree with it. Also, not all of us who didn’t dismiss these reports out of hand also want Tannehill gone. I think he’s the best option to field a competitive team for at least the next 1-2 seasons, and I prefer to watch a competitive team over one that tanks for a rebuild.
  7. I remember last year when Rich Cimini and others were talking about monitoring AJB as a trade target. Most of us dismissed that, and not only because Vrabel said he wouldn’t be traded. It just didn’t make sense for the Titans to trade their most explosive offensive player entering his prime for a team that fancied itself a SB contender. There was also stuff happening behind the scenes with AJB that we weren’t aware of, just as there surely is with this vet QB market. These guys hear things; sometimes they’re being manipulated and sometimes they aren’t, and the blog/Twitter medium makes it impossible to know for sure.
  8. There’s a big difference between saying it makes zero sense financially, not to mention football performance, and discounting it as something that has 0% chance of happening. The last time posters discounted the Titans from making a major acquisition because of the financial lunacy, they went ahead and sent a 2nd round pick for Julio’s full contract. NFL teams, including new GMs, make bad financial decisions all the time even when laypeople like us can see that excessive risk from a mile away.
  9. I think it’s likely the Carr and Garropolo stuff originated from agents, and agents unlike media members are more likely to make stuff up out of thin air. I still think it’s over the top to say the main NFL media guys make things up all on their own. And I also think the agents could have said the Titans are interested because the Titans could have put out feelers. It’s impossible to prove one way or the other, so I don’t discount it. I’ve been arguing against people whose predisposition is to automatically discount it, either because of their Tannehill bias or NFL media distrust.
  10. My stupid football takes? Which ones? And make sure you don’t misrepresent since that’s one of your virtues! I’ve disagreed with tgo, aussie, ILF, and several others on football on many occasions and it typically doesn’t escalate. They’ve all proven me wrong and it’s fine - it happens! When the name calling and condescension comes in, I keep snapping back, especially when I’m confident in my position. It really bothers the bully boys that I just keep going. I thought you were gonna go enjoy your Saturday?
  11. I seem to have perfectly fine football-only interactions with people who don’t base their identity around being an asshole and shooting people in the face.
  12. Oh wow a jokey meme without any words from me means I think the Titans are going to trade for Rodgers based on a tweet? My intent with the meme, as well as all the QB carousel stuff, is that the Titans are much less committed to Tannehill than you, Oman, and a few others insist. The NFL and your friend Bud know the Titans might move on if they can’t get a good deal with Tannehill or magically come up with a better options. I’ve said several times I dont expect or want a trade for Rodgers. its not out of the question that they kick the tires on Rodgers since they aren't 100% committed to Tannnehill, because he's one of few starting caliber QBs who is available. There’s no harm in touching base with Carr or Jimmy’s agents or the Packers front office, because responsible front offices should be fully aware of the marketplace for veteran QBs while they’re simultaneously negotiating with their own. But why are you still arguing with a moron? It’s Saturday after all.
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