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  1. Hating on Vrabel and the coaching staff is silly right now. Sure, like O’Brien last week, they may regret a couple calls. But this Chiefs team is light years ahead in offensive talent. Retrospectively, even if they scored at the end of the first half, this wasn’t going to be a Titans win.
  2. So many third downs and they’re never close to stopping them.
  3. Tramaine Brock on Mecole Hardman - the under the radar matchup that terrifies me.
  4. I saw a tweet that said they worked him out at an indoor field this morning
  5. It’s pretty crazy that we have 8 receivers on the roster right now
  6. Is Tramaine Brock the most important player on defense today?
  7. I think he’s limping, but my eyes may be deceiving me.
  8. Give the PR team credit for “Take Everything.” Really fits the vibe of the team and can get anyone hype.
  9. Denali definitely does not want to doxx himself. Some elephant-sized skeletons in the politics forum closet. On a related note, I’m devastated that he is our ambassador in KC.
  10. Frank Clark: Henry should be hitting harder. Also Frank Clark : “According to Hurt, she and Clark began to argue while lying on the bed in their room at the Maui Sands Resort and Indoor Waterpark. She got angry, threw a TV remote control at him, and he responded by trying to restrain her on the bed. She told Curran that she tried to get loose by biting his nose. Then she said he pushed her head into the bed, they got off the bed and he punched her in the face, knocking her back and breaking a lamp. She stated that she threw an alarm clock at him as he prepared to leave the room.” https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2014/11/17/frank-clark-michigan-football/19157491/
  11. At the end of one of the mic’d up videos, Judon said to Casey and Woodyard (I think) that the Titans should keep running Henry against whoever they play next.

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