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  1. In Wyatt's mailbag today he said, "I get the sense his Return to Play could start relatively soon, but he's been doing his rehab inside."
  2. This is essentially suggesting they should have picked a TE in the mid rounds of the 2020 draft. So who should they have picked? The Pats picked 2 TEs in the 3rd round, and then went out and signed Jonnu and Henry the next year.
  3. Which above average TE should they have signed in free agency? Serious question, because I don't see any. Jonnu and Henry got massive money in part because the FA and draft class was weak. Tommy Tremble would have been a nice pick for the future. He has 12 catches this year. Freirmuth is the only real answer from the draft, and I don't recall anyone begging the Titans to take him in the 2nd rd.
  4. Pass rush is the strength of the Titans defense. Dink and dunk neutralizes that.
  5. I was being sarcastic, not sure if that was clear or not. Obviously they should do everything they can to win this game.
  6. Probably should also sit Tannehill, Lewan, and Ben Jones, too. Fuck it, Hilliard is too important for the stretch run - sit him too!
  7. From an outcomes rather than process perspective, I think this discussion can be reduced to two questions: 1) Should they have replaced Corey Davis with Julio Jones? - I believe Davis has missed 3 games this year and is about to miss his 4th. He has a bunch of drops. Jet fans have turned on him. He's not exactly making the Titans regret their decision. 2) Should they have sacrificed Jonnu Smith for Autry + Jayon? - Autry has been a huge piece to the defensive improvement. This defense is no longer an abomination. - Jonnu hasn't come close to earning $12M/
  8. You really think they "gut the offense?" They lost Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith, Adam Humphries, and Kalif Raymond. Davis was frequently hobbled, only played 16 games once in 4 years. Jonnu has had a major knee injury. Humphries has somehow managed to play every game this year, but is a career-ending concussion waiting to happen. Raymond is best as a bit player. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought they'd try to give Evans some carries this year, whereas McNichols was strictly 3rd down RB.
  9. I'd rather have Newsome, Rousseau, or Tryon.
  10. No AFC contender is without depth issues or skill position holes. The Chiefs back up skill position players suck. If Hill or Kelce went down for an extended period, they'd be screwed. The Bills RBs are an obvious weakness. The Pats starting WR are freaking Nelson Agholor and Jakobi Myers. The Ravens probably should have invested more in RB depth to cover for 3 season-ending injuries, huh.
  11. You've written some variation of this statement at least 25 times. I get it. But you're using this as an opportunity to plug your narrative when it's less relevant in such a catastrophic injury situation. It sucks they were backed into a corner of needing Julio, but welcome to the NFL salary cap in a Super Bowl window. Retrospectively, Johnson, Rodgers, Reynolds, and Batson should have been adequate depth to cover for occasional missed games by Julio and Brown. Fitzpatrick was a miss, as you continue to point out, but that shouldn't have mattered this season with the ot
  12. C'mon man. No team has enough depth to cover the loss of their preseason top 3 RBs (Henry, McNichols, Evans) and top 3-4 WRs (Brown, Julio, Johnson, Reynolds). You've beat this drum like it's a dead horse, but this isn't the week for it.
  13. Massive blow. Injuries finally arrive for the Bills.
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