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  1. Obviously it’s reasonable that he wants out of Houston. As a Titans fan, I want him out of Houston. But as a fan of the NFL, I worry about precedent and the risk of NFL players following recent NBA trends. NBA player empowerment has been a delight to see from a business equity perspective, but it has severely diluted franchise continuity. The stereotype is that NBA fans now follow players more than teams. If stud QBs start making trade demand one year into their deals, the NFL could also head that direction.
  2. More importantly, is that Clowney behind his left ear?
  3. Who does Arthur Smith pursue as DC? Not like he’s been exposed to a high volume of quality candidates in TN. Does Smith try to bring along Dews, Carter, Downing, or Moore to be his OC? Does Vrabel allow it?
  4. Who plays OT if Kelly or Q go down?
  5. And Le’Raven Clark is out for the year, so they’re on 4th and 5th OTs.
  6. Wilson casually acknowledged there were pre-draft maturity questions in his BWTB interview. Start watching around 35:15
  7. This is an emotional experience. I didn’t realize how much baggage I still carried.
  8. Most of these large contracts have been signed in the last 2 years. That makes it difficult to use contract extensions to lower the 2021 cap hit. Anyone know how much 2021 cap savings could be acquired if they add an extra year to Butler (to age 33) or Saffold (to age 35) contracts? Given their age, I imagine both would take extra guarantees in exchange for likely being cut before their contracts end. Unlike most years, kicking the can down the road makes sense because of an expected rebound in the cap in future seasons.
  9. Yeah I’m not suggesting every employer do it. But the NFL and college football have set a huge precedent of doing exactly that. They conduct extra-judicial investigations all the time. The Zeke case was a major example in the NFL, and Jameis in college football. A minimum contract FB doesn’t warrant such an investigation in the NFL’s eyes, I imagine.
  10. Yeah right. You would never seriously suggest giving a FB a 4-year contract.
  11. Serious question: why is it dubious? Sex has to be so absurdly violent to tear a vaginal artery. Her brief description of the relationship dynamic is common for intimate partner violence. Believe women... And I hesitate to give oxygen to doubt by even asking this question, but what does she have to gain from lying about a no-name fullback on a minimum contract? Me Too has provided so many opportunities to understand why we can’t just rely on the criminal justice system to address sexual violence. “He wasn’t charged so give him a contract extension” is clearly a joke but grounded in a
  12. Blasingame. It’s pretty horrific. https://www.nashvillepost.com/sports/tennessee-titans/article/21137905/titans-fb-khari-blasingame-accused-of-rape
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