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  1. Tbh I thought I was responding to mythos. I would never intentionally invest time into reading or responding to anything Kyle posts.
  2. An insane amount of wiggle room to replace the 5+ starters you’re planning to shed here
  3. Byard is scheduled to have a $17M cap hit during what would be the first year of a Fulton extension. Why does everyone assume Byard will either leave via FA or take a big pay cut at 30yo? There’s a good chance he has another 4-5 years of Pro Bowl level play. There’s also a strong chance that the Titans have to sign vet CB in next 2 years if Farley and/or McCreary don’t pan out. Not many teams dedicate that much of their cap to the safety position, even disregarding their CB salaries. Not sure why it’s controversial to acknowledge to risk of paying two safeties top of market money. And by the way, Byard is now underpaid after what Fitzpatrick got, and Hooker’s contract could be hefty.
  4. It will be unusual, and long term unsustainable, to have your salary cap allotment for the secondary dedicated almost entirely to safeties.
  5. Georgia Dome aged quickly cuz all the nasty that Ludacris did there https://www.theringer.com/2017/1/13/16037138/fake-oral-history-about-ludacris-having-sex-at-the-georgia-dome-bf8e2d61d44b
  6. Best part of having a woman as an owner is not having to face slime ball vibes every time they come up in media. I hope we never have to learn how AAS would navigate a situation like this.
  7. I knew I was a homer when I felt that Finnegan fought him to at least a draw.
  8. I imagine this kind article about TD will be triggering for a poster or two
  9. What an embarrassment for the Browns, and the Haslams probably don’t give a shit as long as they have him long-term. Folks seem excited Bill Haslam is buying the Preds. God forbid he’s anything like his brother as an owner.
  10. When's Golden Tate gonna start getting snaps?
  11. 15 catches, 1 TD, and maybe three big 3rd down catches would count as a big success for Josh Malone. Expecting more than that, or maybe even that alone, is mega homer behavior.
  12. Could be significant for Colts defense with Blackmon also coming off an Achilles tear.
  13. Byard now underpaid at $4M/yr less than Fitzpatrick
  14. There’s a LOT to process in this brief Lewan clip about the Titans-Colts win and in game from a few years ago.
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