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  1. Annnd Ryan Succup announces Mr. Irrelevant, Caleb Wilson, TE, who goes to the Cardinals.
  2. Straight running badass!? Fucking hell Long bro, go on wit ya bad self!
  3. Damn, Chargers with Easton Stick. Hell of a QB name there.
  4. As the watermelon busting comedian Gallager once said, "Why does Joe Jackson always have to be in his videos?" Goofy looking bastid!
  5. Fuck it, we got ourselves Andre Johnson 2.0 Fuck the Texans! AJ Brown - Andre Johnson Brown.
  6. In that uniform, he sorta looks like a shorter version of Andre Johnson, when he was with the Texans.
  7. I'd like to see him take Stocker's place. Supposedly a decent run blocker too.
  8. Brown! Whoot, Mariota is jacking off as I type this!
  9. Damn, Carl Eller walking like he just drank a bottle of ripple.