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  1. Agree. I was talking about his Lewis potential about a month ago... Also, that hit he made on Kelce in the Philly game to take him down was a beauty. I could watch that gif a few times more right now.
  2. See, this doesn't even make sense... "The timing of the announcement, which Paul knows but can't share, in his mind rules out it being a current playoff coach. He says there's only about a 20% chance that it's a playoff coach." So, he supposedly knows the timing of the announcement (LOL!), which therefore would rule out that it's a playoff coach. But then he says there's still a 20% chance it's a playoff coach?! Sounds like PK is trying to make people think he knows something, but he doesn't know shit.
  3. I heard Mike's gonna use ME's red nose as a rubber, to cover his dickhead with, when he penetrates that clown anus! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  4. I loved every second of it! Knew this thread had too much Clot love in it! Blood Clots couldn't stop the bleeding!
  5. Luck is trying to emulate his daddy Pey Pey, who also put up good stats in the regular season, but then when playoff time came around, he turned into mister .500 Fuck that Amish pos. Hell... Fuck! Them! Both!
  6. People go in there and lie face down on the table, thinking they'll be getting the hot stone treatment soon enough. But before they know it, they get the hot horse cock in thy anus treatment!
  7. No new playoff thread yet, so posting this here. At halftime, Indy is leading KC 9-8...
  8. Could Morninwood 8==D be headed the Titans way? Will the Pees magnet help pull him in? Stay tuned!
  9. lol I tell ya, it would be hard to forget that Whiz presser from his last days... "Have you seen our roster?!"
  10. Not sure if he fits either, but if so, this might be where the Pees connection comes in with some input, from his recent years with the Ravens and being there with Mornhinweg. Wondering how they got along and would Pees vouch for him, etc.
  11. At the end of that episode, Trump got arrested before he could leave town. The equivalent to that would be this era's Trump gets impeached before he can leave office!
  12. That's where the uni joke lies. So lame, they could only wear them for one game!
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