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  1. The Diaper Dandy JRob. 1)He came into the draft knowing he was not going to pick up the option on Conklin, he needed a Defensive or offensive lineman, he managed to sit still until his pick, seeing that there was a massive run on defensive players and that the draft was handing him the best value at offensive linemen, he stood up and pissed in his pants. Choosing an injured defensive lineman. To shore up support for his reckless, bone headed decision, Amy held a press conference to defend his pick. 2)In the 2nd rd, he needed an offensive lineman desperately but there was a run on them, the draft handed him value at WR, he needed speed but he got a slot guy, that was a possesion receiver. So after 2 rounds, he did not have a defensive or offensive lineman, that could help this year. What a Complete Jackass.
  2. Stack the box and force Marcus to pass, this will be a quick death.
  3. Even if he is ready, he is a nonfactor. Another wasted pick by that Joker.
  4. Bad hand?...Yes in some regards but not totally. He was talent poor in the nuts and bolts aspect but very rich in key areas. He had all pro talent at left tackle, at least a stop gap young QB, an all pro tightend and a high performance MLB, ultra rich in cap space and extra capital in the draft pick area. Fisher gave him a godsend of draft capital along with the extra scraps. JRob simply had to be a good talent scout and a wise spender in free agency. He was far from bankrupt in draft capital and FA money, his key positions were covered. He was absolutely horrible in the draft and he lacked vision. Amy even had him a stop gap coach to get us at even board and in the playoffs. He has been a horrible GM. His drafting and free agency skill sucks ass.
  5. I like him and the leadership he brings to the team. He is seasoned and on the downhill side but he could help us out. @Face, I will add him as an upgrade, like you said.
  6. Our team's only upgrade was at guard and the slot. From Center, right guard and right tackle the talent is a Joke. The QB is a joke. The defensive line was manhandled by numerous teams. Our corners were average at best. Half our linebackers need up grading. We are a train wreck right now. The Only good news is, it's the off season and we can act like we are better than we are.
  7. I listened to this and it sounds like, Marcus is a back up qb.
  8. They don't have the proper GM to draft a quailty qb in the first rd.
  9. We got a rookie OC, our offense does not stand a snowball chance in hell. No sense in getting Walker hurt in a wasted season.
  10. There is no way, I would have resigned him after this shit.
  11. Marcus goes back to pass, he is looking at Brown, looking, looking, SACKED.
  12. Hard to label yourself as a hard nose, tough football team, when your QB is a rag doll.
  13. He was begging for authority. Whip his narrow ass.
  14. Don't let that Arm Chair Jackoff get to you Number9, he got a few piss ants that follow him. Stomp a mud hole in his ass, every chance you get.
  15. What a jackass, if 4 years is not enough, two or three games gives you no choice. The plant has closed down, the picket lines are gone and you are reporting to work. What a complete jackass.
  16. Marcus was missing wide open players during the season, he is no better in swim trunks and a baseball cap.. He had a shitty offseason last year and everybody said ,it means nothing. What do you think the Wide outs are thinking? My stats don't stand a snowball chance in hell with this guy. Another article SOS.
  17. At the Least, Marcus should be a game manager.
  18. Keep jacking young man. Let me sign off from this grave yard, your fellow Zombies have woke up.
  19. FYI for you jackoff zombies, Williams played at Central State in Ohio, small historical black institution, they played other similar programs.
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