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  1. I SEE what you are saying, that was not on Henry. That was a better camera angle. Thanks
  2. I said it during year one. I was attacked by the entire board. My question then was can he be FIXED.
  3. I will rewatch, I seen him carry out the play action and the defender go to the inside of him after the fake and he chose the outside, we know inside is the priority.I watched it from the close camera angle, prehaps the sky view will give a more accurate picture. The pressure came from both sides.
  4. He is s lot better but he missed a key block on the 91 yard bomb that neatly cost us that big play.
  5. The Titans are down 4 dbs, just winning a GAME aganist any team is not a given.
  6. That goal line stand was a thing of beauty. Big Jeff Simmons is a Beast. I seen him get double teamed in the middle by two massive Raiders offensive linemen and he didn't give not one inch and Bust thru them, then did the HULK Pose. That's BOSS Shit Right There.
  7. We have won with Mary and Henry and Tanny. Tanny is throwing what 20 passes a game? Tanny is helpless without Henry
  8. I just hope this Joker does not end up in Jacksonville.
  9. Ryan is a play maker, he is more than a cover guy. Very hard to replace that.
  10. Without Henry the Titans are a disaster.
  11. Our production numbers at tightened has plummeted since DW left. If Marcus and Lewis can draw their salary for what they are producing, then it's possible for Walker to return.
  12. If an opponent could choose one player on offense or defense that they wish would not play for the Titans. It would be hands down Henry.
  13. This game was huge for the team's confidence.
  14. DH is the best player on the team Bar NONE.
  15. Offensive and defensive line. Can JRob and get some serious scouts in that draft room along with a GM.
  16. The front office had to justify 20 million. They cost us the season doing so.