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  1. Serious Business, Who the hell are YOU?
  2. The Ole Zombie call to arms, nobody excites the dead like Japan..
  3. You are more than ass wipe. You are developing Stephen.
  4. By no means when the success rate overall is 30%...It goes to about 10% after the 4th rd.
  5. Jrob was suppose to be a draft guru and his bread and butter is supposed to be drafting talent. He signed Ben Jones in free agency, having a lock at left tackle, he needed a right tackle and 2 guards in the next 2 drafts to add quality talent on the oline. When he traded up to get Conklin a right tackle, he basically sacrificed the interior of the oline by giving up a 2nd and 3rd rd pick. He did this knowing we were going to be running a tight end heavy offense in Mularkey's system. Any right tackle would have got plenty of help, the end result was a guard that was an undrafted free agent and another guard that was cut during the season because we gave up the draft capital. The move for Taylor cost us at least another linebacker. The move for Evans cost us at least a running back. The move for landry cost us at least a Dlineman. All this is a matter of opinion but one thing is a fact, he traded at least an entire draft of premium picks to move up a few spots.
  6. There are several problems that need addressing in the draft, most agree that it cannot be fixed in one draft. Just that fact alone means we are talent poor. Conklin.....Titans move up 7 spots for the Right Tackle and give up a 3rd and 2nd rd pick. Taylor.........Titans move up 11 spots and give up a 4th rd pick. Evans..........Titans move up 3 spots and give up a 4th rd pick. Landry.........Titans give up a 3rd rd pick..... That's a 2nd rd pick, Two 3rd rd picks and Two 4th rd picks to move up to those spots. That is GROSS Mismanagement of draft capital.
  7. We should not be talent poor after all the draft capital we have had, the last 3 years. Someone has to answer for this poverty.
  8. The guy has made 9 tds Big, your head is so far up the pigs ass, chittilings are for dinner.
  9. TitanTez

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Gruden pissing out his property line.
  10. Walker was the quick release targeted chain mover, he also could run block. You can see the dillema we were in after Walker's injury..Sure Lewis WAS a better run blocker and receiver, he was a quick twitch, slot receiver type of back .
  11. Duckie you are telling it like it is and that's the bottom line.
  12. Keep in mind Walker is gone, that took away Much of what Henry could do to help the passing game in play action pass and run blocking... Henry is getting pushed aside because of a a poor passing game. That blame is on Marcus as well as a young underperforming Wide Receivers.
  13. Read this how you will.. Facts: Last year this time. 8-5...Just lost to Cardinals, Gabbert beat us.. Murray had 34 yards and 0 Tds. 8-6...lost.. Murray had 59 yards and 0 Tds. 8-7..lost.. Murray had 48 yards and 1 Tds.. 9-7..Win...Henry had 66 yards and 1 Td. 10-7..Win.. Henry had 156 yards and 1 Td. Against New England it was STOP HENRY and FORCE Marcus to throw. This basically says it all...
  14. TitanTez

    Rashaan Evans

    I was one of the first to say that we needed to replace Williamson. We got our money worth and much more from him.