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  1. One thing is for SURE, it was not a murder suicide.
  2. If Jrob plays with his balls and refuses to upgrade this Oline, it will bite him in his country ass.
  3. Everyone feel free to give their thoughts on what the Titan's strategy should be, heading into the draft. Over the last few years we have focused on developing a pass attack and for the most part, it has not panned out, like we thought. Henry has shown that he can give us an edge, when he is in the game. I think we need to get back to the nuts and bolts of what we have been successful at and become a powerhouse in that area. Running the football allows us to control the clock, shorten the game and keep our defense off the field. If I was the GM of the Titans, I would go hard and heavy after Olinemen, Some can be had from small schools in later rounds but at least 2 off the board in the first 3 rounds.I know that's radical but when you want to turn a big ship in a 180 degree angle, it takes focus in One Direction. I would draft a QB with one of the picks in the second half of the draft. I would look for a anchor for the Dline in the first 3 rds.I would look for a middle line backer by the 4th pick.
  4. The LAST thing we needed was ANOTHER rookie OC... SMH.. It's hard to believe in this front office.
  5. This offense Is going to be built around Henry....
  6. He turned a post Superbowl shit franchise into a contender. He was a mental case but he was the best quarterback we have had since, bar NONE...
  7. Bottomline... JRob has been horrible in his draft day decisions and value on players and free agency contracts... Let's not hate Blake for telling it like it is.
  8. The Colts have invested major draft capital on the interior of their online and they are man handling teams.. Their investment has paid off but it was not sexy on draft day.. We are a bubble playoff team, what we have will not fly, when it comes to winning the division or conference.
  9. No, they have to get the offensive line into the 21st Century. Priority number 1 is offensive line. We must run the ball Period. It helps the offense and defense. Problem is, our draft department is piss poor at evaluating line talent.
  10. We are four years in and I just don't see it in Marcus. No way would I pay him 20 million. If they do, JRob would lose his job sooner rather than later.. The combination of Marcus and Lewan Salaries would be the death of him.. Go figure, 2 guys Webster drafted and he is breaking the bank to keep them.
  11. So True... Damn Shame, I have been saying the same thing.
  12. I think the Titans are planning life after Marcus....
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