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  1. Just keeping it real... The offensive line is a train wreck. The corners are above average at best.. The QB position is questionable. The Dline is iffy.
  2. Just watch his feet the whole time, especially after the play action. Count his steps. I count 11 steps total...8 after the fake hand off. Also look at when he gets at the top of his drop on that 11th step, its not a plant and throw, he actually jumps forward before throwing, so you can add a hop step to that 11. It's a hop throw and and not a plant and throw.
  3. Any body got the Taylor clip from Planet Of The Apes, The Brain Scar.
  4. Real Talk here,I really believe MM does not like to be coached. After he is gone, it will come out that he is one hard headed SOB. It is not possible to still be making these mechanical and game mistakes and be coachable.
  5. What impressed me most here is how the Defensive line pushed the Eagles line back, that allowed Evans to clean up.
  6. You didn't believe in him coming out of college. Then you admitted that you were rash in your judgement after he showed some ability. So you got on board the Marcus train. Now your mouth is saying all aboard and your ass is getting jammed out of socked with poor performance. You can't go back a third time, to your original conclusion, so you are stuck(Suck).
  7. JRob is The KING of drafting JAGS.
  8. I just don't think we have the talent up front on offense or defense to handle our own division, let alone playoff teams.
  9. This JOKER right here, gets a Woody if Marcus dumps it off to a running back.
  10. IDK, reading between the lines ,Marcus in the past has been one hard headed SOB. Throwing out plays that he is not comfortable with. What we have witnessed is no serious deep ball and the passes to the sideline are not his strength. Taking sacks and staring down receivers is the norm. Not taking snaps under center coming out of college was his weakness and it's dogging him now. On a positive note, he is more confident, than I have seen him in camp. I think that has a lot to do with Vrable's Alpha male coaching. We need this Joker to step up.
  11. Once again, we are here at camp thinking logically, can we come out of the first 4 games 2-2 ?
  12. His offensive line is Jack shit, so the team is in desperation mode for the first month, as we speak.
  13. The RB situation may cut into the WR scenario.
  14. Oh OK, I will when I'm at the laptop, I'm phoning it now and it's not worth it.
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