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  1. Hard to label yourself as a hard nose, tough football team, when your QB is a rag doll.
  2. He was begging for authority. Whip his narrow ass.
  3. Don't let that Arm Chair Jackoff get to you Number9, he got a few piss ants that follow him. Stomp a mud hole in his ass, every chance you get.
  4. What a jackass, if 4 years is not enough, two or three games gives you no choice. The plant has closed down, the picket lines are gone and you are reporting to work. What a complete jackass.
  5. Marcus was missing wide open players during the season, he is no better in swim trunks and a baseball cap.. He had a shitty offseason last year and everybody said ,it means nothing. What do you think the Wide outs are thinking? My stats don't stand a snowball chance in hell with this guy. Another article SOS.
  6. At the Least, Marcus should be a game manager.
  7. Keep jacking young man. Let me sign off from this grave yard, your fellow Zombies have woke up.
  8. FYI for you jackoff zombies, Williams played at Central State in Ohio, small historical black institution, they played other similar programs.
  9. Trust me, you didn't have the same experience.... I seen stars.
  10. I played against Williams in college, he knocked the snot out of my nose.. He was one mean MoFo.
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