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  1. I agree with a lot of this but JRob being a top 5 GM is laughable. He is a average at best. We had a Genius at defensive coordinator that turned lemons into lemonade during our play off run. He was really not responsible for the winning when Mularkey was HC. Mularkey pressed for Murray. Tanny' s agent pressed for the trade. Jrob best move was after screwing up our draft capital to get Conklin and just shitting in the bed on two need positions in the 2nd round, he looked up with NO stress on him and played the board and selected Henry as BPA.I can't believe there i
  2. You are full of shit.. Just because I will not dance to the beat of your drum does not mean I'm checking out. JRob built both those lines mostly by way of free agents and that money was mostly provided by Webster as I stated earlier...Now there is no gift horse of enormous cap money or cash cow of picks provided by others or head coach provided by others so he has to get untangled out of his own bull shit. Do you think most fans expectations was a punk ass divisional title and a one and done?...After going to a Conference title game? GTFO with that bullshit. We expecte
  3. @japan and @charleytolar I like both of you guys personality and opinion. You guys make this board special along with the rest of the gladiators.
  4. What i am interested in from a GM is team building, not ranks. Flashy trades and high profile moves mean nothing to me..How a Joker ranks GMs is a matter of self opinion. I want to see the GM draft an offensive or defensive line piece by piece and line backers and a secondary as well as wide outs. So this ranking game Is just that, "GAME".
  5. What head coach comes out and says. he is not naming a defensive coordinator. He goes on to say that people put to much into titles. He proceeds to field one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Then promotes within the ranks of this nightmare. If Jim is an advisor and not calling plays, then what the hell do you expect to change? Robinson did not do his home work on Wilson, he just played the board when it was his turn to pick, just like he did in the 2nd and 3rd round. He had no player well scouted and pin pointed...His lazy ass plays the board too much. You
  6. One thing I can say about @oldschool, he is an independent thinker with a fan club and he will pivot from a position if REAL information outweighs his stance. I can appreciate that. I have a silent fan club that LOVES honest talk, not that I want fans. I don't give a Rat's ass about popular opinion. I give My opinion and I want to win a SUPER BOWL.
  7. I disagree, it's either draft need or best player available. It's a philosophy.
  8. I agree and I hope they succeed....Both are a bit under weight....Jrob does better when he drafts height and weight READY for the NFL.
  9. It would not surprise me if Robinson trades Evans on draft day. He was trying to trade for the Texans inside line backer earlier in free agency.
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