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  1. We want to shorten the game. Time consuming drives on offense and force the Steelers to eat up clock on their drives. The KEY is to get a lead on the Steelers early.
  2. A 3 win team took VY to the playoffs?
  3. It's amazing how VY took us to the playoffs that year. 12 Gage from the Bears practice squad, Chris Henry from the depths of bust city. What was our record before VY was drafted?
  4. Bill would never field a defense as bad as Vrable"s. He has never had success as a coordinator and now as the head man. Everyone knows Pees would have the defense playing much better with this same group.
  5. I thought it was a new signing when i seen the title.
  6. I listened for a bit. You need a 3rd person that doesn't give a rat's crack about popular opinion. If the coaches are bad on the defensive side then say it. They are damn near dead last in the league. Its far more than the corners.
  7. The BIlls stacked the box to stop Henry but the Titans broke protocol with their scouting report. They passed when they were supposed to run. Which made the Bills defense easy pickings.
  8. I'm serious when I say, The Titans defense look exactly like the Mike Vrable defense when he was at Houston. That defense could not stop anybody, they were a Hot Mess with a lot of talent. The Titans defense is poorly coached and they are getting out coached. Time will not help the coaching.
  9. Let's not overlook the 2 blind mice, Brown and Evans. These converted inside linebackers are hit and miss with the latter being more prevalent.
  10. We can't stop the run. That's not good. We are not winning the play calling match up. It's not just me, ex Titans are saying the same thing. Bottom line, we are getting out coached on defense.
  11. You are sleep if you are defending this shit.
  12. There is no defending this shit show. Injuries and all, this is bottom of the shit tank coaching on defense. Thoughts?

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