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  1. When I sign in and click on a topic, everything is in black saying template error, etc...I can't read anything but when I don't sign in, I can read things. See what's up.
  2. I put him at a 9 on a scale of 10. Be is riding Pees jock strap. Poor OC hire, should have bought in a offensive line coach Team looked.poorly coached in preseason. The only thing keeping him from being run out of town is Pees. He damn show can't coach the defense.
  3. Like I said, the coaching sucks ass.
  4. The only person that was worse than Marcus today is Arthur Smith. His game plan and play calling was dog Shit and Has been shit several games this season.
  5. Arthur Smith should be coaching in Memphis.
  6. I'll tune back in about half way through the 4th quarter.
  7. I'm real close to not watching this Shit.
  8. Oc and head coach were donky kong. Our DC was the only threat the Bills were facing and they knew it