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  1. JRob was green and we paid a heavy price, draft wise to develope him into the GM he is today, I tip my hat to him for his improvement and risk taking ability, which takes guts. I'm not going to sugar coat his previous mistakes but I will highlight him for over coming his mistakes. This last draft ,with the help of Vrable is a BEAUTY TO BEHOLD.
  2. Your ass has been tossed from prison to prison.
  3. Believe it or not ,I believe this is a game Lewis could earn his keep.
  4. The defining moment for Mularky was after a loss at the post game press conference. A Reporter asked Mike, "Why did you continue running up the middle after not having any success"?, Mularky answered " We were looking for a Crack or a Sliver to run thru'. Now that's beyond Stubborn.
  5. If they run RPO, what if we Tee off on Jackson regardless. I seen a team do that to Marcus, when we was running that option and it put an immediate end to those play calls.
  6. In the 49ers and Ravens game, both teams only scored 3 points apiece in the 2nd half.
  7. If you go back and look at the game between the 49ers and Ravens, you will see that SF plays a Very similar offensive style to The Titans. SF really ran all over the Ravens ,well over 150 yards rushing and passed for well over 150 yards. The Niners were going to go up by two scores in the first half before they turned it over. At the end part of the game, the Niners missed a field goal and went for it on 4th down, at close to mid field and turned it over on downs, which set the Ravens up for the go ahead field goal. The Ravens offense consisted of Lamar Jackson passing for 105 yards and rushing for over a hundred yards. The SECOND most productive player on offense had 50 yards. I dare anybody to just watch the highlights of that game, you will see that The Ravens are in SERIOUS trouble and unless they can cause The Titans to turn the ball over, they could get the bat shit beat out of them.
  8. I hope he hires Fisher so the Cowboys can stay on the ground.

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