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  1. Both our lines have to be upgraded if we want to stand a chance of winning the division.
  2. Everybody is welcome to put their person of choice in the thread and an explanation as to why that person is a priority need for the Titans. Have at it, you can even hang a video.
  3. I smacked you around pretty good in the past, can't get over it can you.
  4. Your posts smell like a dead corpse! Rest in peace..
  5. I think Lawrence will make the whole line and linebackers better because of the problems he causes. We are not a stout Dline but we will be with him. This was the easiest choice of all , there really was no question in my mind. This is the best player available that FITS our NEED.
  6. I really did not pay attention to who The Titans showed interest in, it's strictly based on my scouting with weight given to need. That's not to say the Titans have not shown interest in these players. I basically look at best player available, need and strategy. 1) I thought the number One priority has been and still is, getting an anchor for the DLine. We simply have not been the same since AH left. We need someone that is a one on one nightmare and forces a double team, our boys are getting moved around upfront by the better Olines. I don't want to even think about facing The colts without a significant upgrade in POWER along the dline. 2)We need an Anchor on the oline, we are unable to run in the interior, we need an upgrade at the point of attack. We must get better on the oline. 3) I think we need a pure inside linebacker, a tackling MACHINE. 4) I think we needed a running back that can offset Henry's style, a Touchdown Machine. 5)I think we need a play maker at reciever, someone that has breakaway speed and is weight, height ready to play in the NFL. 6) I think we need a developmental qb with an arm and can run. I am going to list some other players that are noteworthy later but this list was tough to compose because trying to get what we need by priority,availability,best player available for our system and translating talent to the pros, takes time in the film room.
  7. I doubt very seriously if he lasts till the 5th.
  8. The Titans Throw a Elephant Wrench at the AFC South.....
  9. When? FYI... Evans had a total of 126 tackles combined, his last 2 years in college. Coney had 123 tackles last year. Over a 100 tackles the year before that.. Just saying!
  10. Woodyard was the main linebacker and Evans so much as said that he wanted to play more on the edge.
  11. He would be one-of our best lineman and our future at center but can play Tackle, amazing skill set. Big and powerful, as well as a Leader.
  12. Then they would win out the competition or play in packages.
  13. Few points.. 1)The guy has good Height. 2)He is Strong. 3) He has breakaway speed. 4)He does not shy away from contact. 5)Has good hands.
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