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  1. What? How was that not a fumble or intentional grounding? Who was he throwing to? He was looking at the ground
  2. no, the secondary being unable to stop opposing teams on obvious passing situations sustainably throughout the game is contributing to this. Prior to the injuries in the secondary we were holding opponents to under 20, even while our offense was sputtering and going three and out left and right. But I get it, there’s narratives now against the starting QB For the few remaining Mariota homers to save face.
  3. Just curious, how does the defense giving up almost 40 points go unmentioned?
  4. this just doesn’t make any sense, nor is it backed by any evidence at all. Tannehill and Mariota were sacked at exactly the same number of times in six games, yet one is putting up numbers like a top 5 QB, and the other was so abysmal he was eventually benched. What you’re saying is that Tannehill would have been sacked more in those games and put up worse production than the other games where he was sacked just as often as Marcus??
  5. I see. Perfectly setting yourself up to admit you were right no matter the outcome. Gotcha.
  6. So this means you’ll come in here and admit you went full chicken little after we beat the Texans?
  7. This thread was probably more justified after the Texans loss than yesterday’s. Game was meaningless, and it didn’t really seem like we were playing to win, but rather just playing to get through and hope the Jets did their part to help us. It wasn’t upsetting to me at all. If we actually needed yesterday’s game to get into the playoffs, I bet Adoree and Henry both play and we don’t go so conservative on offense for half the game.
  8. Lewan was playing like he was terribly hungover
  9. it’s a retread QB throwing to a lucky practice squad addition, on a small market team that nobody cares about. Had that been a dime throw from Brees to Thomas and Byard laid that hit, every ref on the field would have thrown that flag
  10. how does the saints game help in the wildcard situation? I was under the impression the saints game is only needed to win the division if the Texans lose to the bucs.
  11. Once the Texans beat the bucs, this saints game is meaningless correct?
  12. Jesus, when did I miss the memo that this forum was only open for business when the titans are successful? How the fuck has the board survived the last decade??
  13. Henry’s hamstring isn’t healing until he takes a few weeks off, which he can’t do. Defense is in shambles. In my opinion the season is over. This is why you can’t put yourself in a 2-4 hole and you have to win the winnable games early. We have to be perfect from here on out and we need other teams to shit the bed. Hope is cool and all, but the injuries are crushing this team.
  14. hate it all you want. This team is not beating K.C., NE, Ravens, Houston with a gimped up Henry and a practice squad secondary. Absolutely zero room for error with our current situation. We made a few errors today and it resulted in a loss. Who knows, we may make the playoffs, but I suspect we’ll get wrecked first round due to a hobbled run game and a decimated defense hanging on by a thread.
  15. This team isn’t competing in the playoffs with all the injuries. Henry looked busted today.
  16. I hope the stadium is empty next week for the final home game. What a joke to pay a 13 TD 15 Int QB 21 mil and then tank our a season to save face for paying said QB 21 mil. I’ve never been more down and indifferent towards this team in 20 years. I knew better than to pay for tickets this game
  17. Season was over when they played Marcus for six games. Should have benched him in the colts game. Fuck Amy. I won’t pay for another ticket
  18. I know Marcus would have gotten shit on for that play, but I loved it lol. He folded that fat mofo in half

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