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  1. The Two point attempt where the idiot flipped over a defender in a preseason game? How not surprising at all if it is true. Good fucking riddance
  2. my apologies. I read that as a shot against the Titans D, not the Chargers
  3. There's this thing called complementary football, something our poor defense has been unable to rely on since the first snap of the season. If the offense sustains drives the first 10 times the defense hands them the ball, those key plays you're referring to have no bearing on the outcome of the game. However, they're magnified and scrutinized when the other side of the ball can't find it's way out of a paper sack for the first 55 minutes. If Marcus sustains just half of those drives that were killed from the plays reviewed in this film study, the "back breaking plays" don't even matter because the game is out of reach.
  4. I’m getting a kick out of these save face posts from all the “Excuse Mariota at all costs” posters. Please continue
  5. right. Had a buddy send me this video to show me how bad the OL is. He says “see! There’s no reason he should be pressured into throwing it away when it’s 6 on 2”. Idiots. Idiots everywhere
  6. "sometimes it feels like were blocking forever out there" *insert gif of mariota running into pressure after 7 seconds and a two man rush*
  7. like I have said MULTIPLE times to you few that have cemented yourself to this sinking abomination: providing a case that Tannehill isn’t some great comebackQB, doesn’t disprove Marcus sucks at the job he’s paid to do which is throwing the football. also. Marcus never even got into field goal range. Tannehill was able to twice. Had the situation not dictated four down territory we likely at least get 6 points. Remove the 10 points Marcus gifted with turnovers and your left with a tie game, one that is winnable by a field goal. Which Tannehill showed he could get us into range when Marcus couldn’t even get into enemy territory. Its beyond time to jump ship sailor.
  8. Jesus. You really are cemented to this ship aren't you?
  9. im not even sure what you’re trying to do here. Prove Tannehill isn’t good? Who the fuck said he is and would lead us to victory? It’s just a glaring display of how TERRIBLE Marcus is when he can’t complete easy out routes and screens, but the backup can.
  10. this is schtick right? He completed, quite easily I might add, the same passes that Marcus was throwing in the dirt
  11. Goddamn I’m so tired of hearing announcers say “A QB at this level has to complete that pass”
  12. Does it matter? Even if Good Mariota shows up he’ll be back to scrub next week. The team isn’t winning more than 8 games. If he plays well and we win today, then we’re right on schedule.
  13. At this point it seems to me they’re just trolling from the opposite perspective of the “haters”. I can’t fathom how anyone with any amount of football knowledge is watching these games and thinking “geez, this poor QB just can’t catch a break with these scrubs around him and the OC holding him back”
  14. I’m dumbfounded that people are actually using the old “it’s the OC!” line again. Seriously? Every OC Has put him in a conservative offense. Every. Single. One. Why? There’s a common denominator here, and it’s not “bad luck”. Ive been a Marcus fan. Then I saw YET ANOTHER oc put him in this type of offense, and it clicked for me. He’ll be up and down all year like he’s been the last two and we’ll finish somewhere between 5-8 wins. I expect he’ll play well tomorrow and all the village idiots will point and say “See! He’s just fine! The line played better! The WR played better!” But we know how this story goes the remainder of the season.
  15. 7-9 was my prediction after Luck announced his retirement. The Jags and Colts games in the first quarter were 2 of the seven wins I had projected, so 5 seems about right to me. Even more so after what I've witness the last five games. What makes it worse is that I don't see us getting completely blown out in most of these losses. Our defense will keep the game within reach in most if not every loss, just making the loss hurt more. I'd feel better about the games if we were just a total all around dumpster fire of a team, but that clearly isn't the case. The team's few weaknesses are being magnified by total ineptitude at the QB position. And a top 5 defense is going to finish with 5-7 wins. I wonder how many times that's happened in the NFL.
  16. Thats a "which testicle would you rather have bitten off?" scenario
  17. I’m glad you were reminded, hopefully you decide to do the same again because you offer nothing
  18. I think he’s terrified of getting hurt again. Any pressure at all and he goes full on turtle shell protection mode. This is why he won’t just let it rip knowing he’s going to take a shot, which QBs do every week. Nothing is going to change. We’ll be somewhere around 6-9 wins depending on how many good or bad bounces we have in games. Season is boring and not worth investing any time in. Up and down, up and down, to 8-8 we go. This isn’t a playoff team with this guy at QB.
  19. it’s honestly hard to assess the offensive additionswith pitiful scared QB play. This offense shouldn’t be struggling to score more than 7 points
  20. Yikes. Let’s hope the FO isn’t nearly as lost and delusional as this post suggests that you are. point 1: he struggles with nearly every pass that isn’t directly in between the hashes with no pressure around him point 2: he’s done quite nearly the opposite of “improve in all areas” during his time here. point 3: I can’t disagree that he’s had some pretty fun “flashes” but so does nearly every other QB bust from the last decade. consistency is what we’re missing, not a stiff arm or a lead block or a flip into the endZone on a 2 point conversion, or a 80 yard run, or a scramble to catch his deflected near interception. (Notice not one of these is related to what his position is paid the most in the league for: Throwing) point 4: when has he shown he’s not injury prone? BecAuse he hasn’t been hurt in 5 games? What an incredible barometer. I’m so glad we can get 5 games of health out of our franchise QB. point 5: yes. He’s quite incredible at taking sacks. Routinely does so when they are easily avoidable. point 6: attributing a team statistic to a QB doesn’t warrant a 25-30 mil per year extension, nor does it even matter. And the rest of the points fall in line with the last one. They don’t matter. Nor has he shown he can be an NFL QB. He’s shown quite the opposite in fact. cant believe we’re talking about a QB in year 5 working on improving, while 1st and second year QBs are lighting it up due to the ease of passing in the modern NFL.
  21. made an addendum to your point. and a HUGE addendum that nearly every "Mariota is doing everything he can to win" poster/Fan seem to frequently gloss over.
  22. Don’t forget to mention they were shutout for the remaining 33 minutes of that game. Everybody was happy after that game and I was thoroughly unconvinced because any other team with that many points in the first half will score 40+. And what do you know just a week later...
  23. have heard this same line of bullshit for so many losses that should have been wins over the last 2-3 seasons. Something is incredibly wrong with the offense, that has now translated through multiple OCs, head coaches, skill players, and OL. Idk what it is, but it’s so predictable that the team is unwatchable for me anymore. I’ll watch the condensed version of the games after enjoying my sundays, or I won’t as I couldn’t care less about this franchise right now. This team won’t do a damn thing in the post season even if they do trip, stumble, and fall backwards into the playoffs like 2017 uninspiring, bland, boring, predictable garbage of a product week in and week out, with unconvincing wins spread out against inferior or unprepared opponents. Evenly matched or better? You’ll get the jags, colts, bills games.
  24. what more does Landry need to do?
  25. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d rather watch any other team instead of my Titans, but it has come. The offense is unbearable to watch, and I can’t stand to hear anymore idiots complain about the OL when he’s running in to sacks after staring at his first read for 4-6 seconds. It’s like watching a guy trying to shit that’s eaten nothing but cheese for a month. It’s painful, and miserable, and I can’t bear to watch him struggle to do something that should be simple.