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  1. Why the fuck did he stop recording when he said record this
  2. Hasn’t he been saying pelosi is unfit cause she “got tricked” lol.
  3. GET OFF HIS DICK YOULL PROBABly break it riding it so hard
  4. What a total fag no disrespect to any gays here
  5. He’ll be out of the league by years end
  6. How many boats been sunk at these parades and the idiots still do it
  7. It’s kinda interesting though, I keep seeing people defending trump by saying “he was talking bout McCain he Was a loser” trump has republicans trashing POW’s lol.
  8. Reminds me of that video of the old white lesbo rapping missy Elliot
  9. Member when trump said “I can kill someone in the street and not lose a vote” I think he meant cause after he did it he would deny it and the idiots would say he didn’t do it.
  10. Trump says Epstein was a great man, plenty of pictures together, he wishes his girlfriend well- trumpers like “he hated him!!! He’s the only person fighting for our kids!” trump says (on national tv) he likes guys that weren’t captured, ok. Then this story comes out (which is basically the same thing) and trump denies it, guarantees his supporters will say “trump would never say that! No one loves the military more than trump! He’s the only person fighting for our military” imagine being that dumb
  11. How funny is it that pelosi getting a haircut is a bigger outrage than trump disrespecting troops who made the ultimate sacrifice

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