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  1. No, but they can be developed into solid 2s.
  2. Mary fairies haave been chomping at the bit for the season to end so they can rag on tannehill. All the sudden 12 tds and 9 wins isnt enough itss superbowl or gtfooh weird how that happened
  3. Vrabels a pimp coach. This is silly. We score points. Who fucking cares
  4. Dont steal my oilyman phrase fucking mary fairy loser
  5. Ok great. Now I know whos ANKLE should be SNAPPED. ans that's not wishing harm on nobody
  6. Well I watched this at 11 pm n now I dont think I'll sleep
  7. I'll be honestt, ive never meant this more, I hope his stanpa ass died.
  8. I think he might like.him but his eyes last year told me he thinks hes garbage at an and weak as a person

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