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  1. Tanny had a horrible game. Bad. He gave us a chance though and bouncing off the hands of the wr is what killed us. He gets another year to prove this was a fluke bad year or we move on
  2. When he had elite te’s? Gronk and Hernandez? Lol. His wrs were never Cody Abercrombie and Chester Cheeto level don’t kid yourself. and y’all acting like Henry the only person missing lol. “This proves Henry’s they whole team!” Ummm the whole team dead lol, not just Henry
  3. Man I hope vrabel kinda shits on this. It ain’t his style and he probably wouldn’t elaborate much but I’m sure he’d at least say it’s dumb lol.
  4. Eh the better business bureaus ain’t do shit anyways
  6. I usually just stick to lesbian ass eating but you do you dawg
  7. I’ve had to basically remove myself from most titans groups. Bitches acting like we a 3 win team lol. It’s crazy man. Still have a great chance to have a great season.
  8. Did you just sneak a mock off-season in here gawdam
  9. Maybe he doesn’t need a mvp eh as much as he’d benefit from consistent starting quality guys around him, like all qb’s besides like Peyton Manning and Brady.
  10. Plus he only did anything in the 4 quarter when the colts were on fumes In the DB room.
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