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  1. Cigarettes are the choice of the person and there’s more done to keep people away from those than guns sooooo if it was up to me cigs would be banned they are dumb
  2. Doesn’t the fact he’s a 80 yr old following the life of a young man since high school give that away
  3. Mariota has 11 career wins when the opponent scores over 20
  4. Unless you just say he misspoke
  5. Your first quote was me proving a point qbr isn’t everything you lose, loser
  6. Lol you’re so anal over a joke holy shit sad to be you
  7. Most of em the last two years. You realize he’s been a bottom 3 producing qb. Quite the exact definition of winningin spite of
  8. My sons just got into thisnshit wtf are skins and how do they get them
  9. Dems are getting loosey goosey with killing babies though. Pretty lame
  10. I added 5 of those you’re welcome trump
  11. I’ve literally never heard of this guy
  12. Well maybe they should of like it went to school n shit like I didn’t
  13. 15 an hour across the nation!?! can someone explain to my why middle aged losers who can’t get past entry level work and high school kids deserve $15 an hour just for being alive?!?? gawdam. Imma have to raise my prices at my restaurant like 35% and fire three people just to make that kinda shit work this is the biggest worst policy to me that dems are building around and making me think about not even voting
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