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  1. Would this assume I punch cocks? Never below the belt yo
  2. Let’s also remember tannehills only season as bad as Mary’s last couple was his rookie season. Let’s also remember tannehill was so highly thought of he got a second contract. Let’s also remember the new regime that decided tannehill wasn’t good enough are now running the biggest joke of a team in the league lotsa stuff to remember
  3. Russell midget garbage ass qb right bout that right bout Mary WOOOOOO
  4. Oh look at how sad you are the guy you spent your life following flames out lol
  5. Weird how none of Mary’s coaches seem confident he can throw it past 5 yards seems like there may be some kinda connection hmmmm
  6. Your manhood crush SUCKS DEAL WITH IT FANGRANDPA
  7. Told y’all years ago mary was garbo ”you’re just a dumb hater” suck off my greatness fools
  8. “He didn’t know he was recorded or people would hear him in a room with a dozen reporters and hooked up to a mic” ”and this one time he admitted he’s a Muslim!” lol
  9. Like Obama was trying to be super sneaky in front of dozens of reporters knowingly being recorded LOL
  10. That comeback stats a lie. He was like top 2 for one year and had one more comeback than the guy ranked 20th. When it’s an actual comeback as in the team is down he drops down to around 20th overall last few years. Mariota ain’t shit
  11. Someone’s having a serious case of @ManningEnvy right bout now