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  1. Who’d he do better with on average? Whis bish
  2. Whisenhubt got more out of mariota than anyone is he some god tier hc then?
  3. You also thought mularkey was a good coach so you’re a DUMBASS just like all the Mary fairies
  4. Who was astute enough to say he sucked from day one though oh ya. ME
  5. Only the titans would get rid of the best qb they ever had for a forty year old rivers lol. God shoot me if this happens
  6. Your name is literally fart lolol
  7. Imagine being such a loser this is what you come up with LOL
  8. Maybe you’d have a point if he was a bonus like Keenum LOLOL.
  9. Look at the title. Top qbs available. Dumbass. Who care about the “others” ”hey guys if you miss out on a stud like Andy Dalton or Eli, we got a mariota for ya!” lolol
  10. That just says likely to be available. Still not TOp ten
  11. 2 40 year old qbs that sucks ass? Mariota belongs with them
  12. Wait a second...no mariota...I thought the smart nfl type people are salivating for mariota to catch his own bad pass on their team! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001076653/article/veteran-qb-market-top-10-potentially-available-passers-in-2020 I do see another familiar face there though LOLOL