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  1. 52O

    Virus in US

    Ive mentioned this guy before, local coffee shop owner who turned hardcore q nutjob with his business. Dude live-streamed himself going to an elementary school w zipties to citizens arrest the female principal, then deleted it and all his q supporters falling for his propaganda videos lol. "He didnt do anything but stand up for kids god bless him!!!" Literally dozens of idiots like that at least lol. he videos his paper arrest for this incident and posted it. Im really worried these guys gonna be bombing buildings soon. They are rabid. Dude made like 4 "hit" videos for an ELEMENTARY
  2. 52O

    Virus in US

    https://rumble.com/vl43n8-walden-grove-high-school-sahuarita-az-8-13-21-video-1-of-5.html Lol. Getting arrested and your daughter arrested for "fighting for our freedoms" these people really think they'll go down as heroes in history books
  3. 52O

    Virus in US

    He ain't wrong. These pockets of people are everywhere lol.
  4. 6 years this has went on lol. How embarrassing for you.
  5. 52O

    Tucker Losing It

    I brought this up to a huge tucker fan when tucker was pushing some idiotic shit I can't remember exactly what, but, his response was "well yea anyone who watches can tell when he's serious or exaggerating/joking this was one of the joking times" cause someone was suing him over how he spoke about them on the show.
  6. 52O

    Virus in US

    The repub s giving a master class in manipulation. First you make sure your target thinks everyone else are sheep and snowflakes. Entrain that into their mind "they are the sheep we are the free thinkers" but then eventually comes down to "we are the only free thinkers so you have to think like us or you're a sheep!" Then they just become massive sheep snowflakes who Listen solely and religiously to one thought stream.
  7. 52O

    Virus in US

    Directly threatening the local Air Force base lololol.
  8. 52O

    Virus in US

    We have a maniacal coffe shop guy here, who homes school his racist idiot children, who turned his shop into MAGA headquarters. Just insane shit. Here's a small sample. Dude really thinks t hi s small 10 mile area just outside of Tucson can secede I guess and become independent lol. Today they say they have a armed group of people in the area their to "defend the constitution" and against mask mandates for the military. Dude thinks he built an army to stop the army from mask mandates. Y'all wanna see looney check their page out lol.
  9. 52O

    Virus in US

    Also it's not real unless it's the illegals bringing it with them
  10. You literally wait it's unfortunate they are gay, liked it's better if they ain't lol,
  11. I got a bunch of em I just never paid back. Suckersssss
  12. 52O

    Virus in US

    Are the idiotards In here talking bout Democrats going door to door forcing vaccinations on everyone LOLOL
  13. she sure knows her base aand rekt https://twitter.com/aoc/status/1408938900651970560?s=21
  14. This dude really obsessed with a middle aged handicap dude holy shit lololol
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