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  1. Lol search Sidney Powell on twitter and all the retards like “Sydney Powell represents me” idiots this bish was fired from the worst legal team ever. Lol wtf.
  2. this bitch really really dumb #krakenonsteroids is that for real lol.
  3. Wait how’s she gonna release the kraken then???
  4. 52O

    Virus in US

    Oh great...these memes again...they were so clever the first time around....
  5. It was called out by a major trumper website too. It’s real
  6. This dude looks like someone acting with a gun pointed to his head
  7. Yup, stupid people who pledge everyday online to protect trump and keep him in presidency by any means necessary “memeber dems we are the ones who have guns” lol
  8. B b but republicans claim they are taking this like adults all over social media’s “70 mIlLioN PisSeD oFf RepUbs nO bUrnEd dOwN cItieS whO iS tHe MatUre ParTy”
  9. I don’t want to make this a discussion of did he do this or whatever just saying the “they said bad things about the person they are now working with” isn’t a big deal in politics
  10. You wouldn’t classify unwanted touching as assault?
  11. https://finance.yahoo.com/video/sen-kamala-harris-says-believe-181901449.html
  12. She said she believed the woman that said he touched them without consent then when asked if he should drop out said “I wouldn’t tell him what to do it’s his choice” basically saying yeah.
  13. Lol it was a legit direct quote let me see well

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