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  1. The old man who did nothing with his life bothered by a young successful entrepreneur lol awesome
  2. Top notch countrrr service quick n fresh believe what you want homie everyone knows my real name google it
  3. Titles mean nothing to me. I’m the owner of the top rated restaurant in the area, been on tv, been in the paper twice, bout to be on the radio for the third time. I’ve made enough in the last few months of being open to pay off near 30k of my loan. In the summer in tucson. Something some would call impossible. I’m on my way to making a great amount of money. Cook, chef. Meaningless. Just call me the mother fucking man.
  4. We were talking bout eating rear ends fan grandpa
  5. So you’re denying the butt of the pog. Not the cut of meat called the Boston butt. If I meant Boston butt I’d say Boston butt. But you deny the actual butt isn’t one of the most consumed parts???
  6. Huh? are you denying the butt of the pork isn’t one of the most consumed part of the pig?? not the Boston butt like it’s literal butt. The ham. How dumb are you fangrandpa
  7. Same reason rump roast and pork butts so popular to humans
  8. He needs a break from telling new inmates to bend over and cough so he comes here to troll every now and then
  9. Lol this rhetoric doesn’t play to moderates at all unless you’re talking the roll tide kinda moderate libertarian lol
  10. The right will love this. chants of “go back home” will reign throughout his campaign, the new lock her up
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