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  1. 52O

    Virus in US

    You mean because they are calling the flu covid!!! Wake up sheeep!!!!!
  2. I wonder how many pics of us you got saved on your computer you retarded freak
  3. I have smoked for 16 years. I tried the spray. Felt nothing
  4. Y'all cried about 1300 jobs being lost to the stupid pipeline but 2.7 million jobs is a joke huh lol
  5. 52O

    Virus in US

    So trump forced em to approve an unsafe medicine is that what you're saying?
  6. 52O

    Virus in US

    Trump had absolutely nothing to do with that lol and the little he did do would have been done by any president. He made funds available, at best.
  7. 52O

    Virus in US

    One of my Facebook friends lololol
  8. 52O

    Virus in US

    Naaaah I seen many Facebook memes saying deaths are actually down this past year you getting played googling facts dawg
  9. 52O

    Virus in US

    My daughter been in the hospital a day now. Perfectly healthy 3 year old. I had covid about a couple months ago, didn't think anyone else did. But I guess she did, as she is now fighting Misc a covid related complication that kicks her immune system into over drive and it's literally trying to kill her. Luckily we have great doctors near us who dealt with This and we got her in early. Have at least a week, maybe a month in the pediatric ICU ahead of us. If I ever see someone in front of my downplay it as a flu I am liable to beat them up til the hospitalized long as her.
  10. So this the beginning of Biden handing her over the presidency huh
  11. She doesn't even have a clubbed foot idiot it's called ABS
  12. My kids schools open full time Wednesday. I guess they were supposed to today, but the teachers all voted for 2 extra days to "get ready"
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