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  1. That evil joe Biden banished the guard to a garage after he used em! Non respect for the troops! -all the mAgAtards
  2. People are really posting this saying “way to go Biden another 350,000 jobs GONE!” like, maybe read the article https://www.offshore-mag.com/regional-reports/us-gulf-of-mexico/article/14196032/biden-administration-suspends-federal-oil-and-gas-leasing-permitting?fbclid=IwAR2mIcFUvTgb0Zt-PSuzuavBD2lflFV6HPLvTBpN4-PMF8hkXtI0ugRb7gk
  3. oh they owned the libtards w this
  4. It’s so obvious they invoking the 25 any day now
  5. I’ve seen quite a few people who claim they’ll write in Trump whether he runs or not as long as he lives lol
  6. Here’s a few things the right likes to think are 100% true crooked Hillary rigged the DNC against Bernie hillary lost. Obviously sleepy joe rigged the DNC vs Bernie again But Biden won’t really be in charge, it’ll be kamala, who was...up for nomination as well. the country rigged the election vs Trump for Biden so kamala can take over. infeel like this treacherous dem party could have saved a lot of trouble and just rigged the nomination for kamala right?
  7. You gotta pay the whole soul to get in
  8. I made a joke on Facebook last night “so since were all commies now does anyone know where the ration lines are?” my wife’s best friend of like 16 years (mega trumper) tells her this morning that joke pushed her and her husband “over the edge” and they both “unfollowed me” and they don’t even know if they can be friends with us anymore. Seriously. she also told my wife their son has had a very traumatic morning since Biden’s president now, been crying since he woke up. Their son is 6. wtf. Lol
  9. Who woulda ever thought we kept the nuke in a football. The president gotta be strong enough to throw it across the ocean or do they fly him over the bomb aite and he throws it from the plane trick shot style?
  10. “I won sleepy joe” or some variance of that for sure right. Either that or someone wrote it and placed it without Trump knowing And told him after they left
  11. By far the most annoying “meme” going round the right is the “if you need 20,000 soldiers to protect You from the people, you probably weren’t elected by the people” white peoples so dumb sometimes
  12. No not at all. Wages been voted up like crazy here on az. Shit if it was a manageable $8-10 for these inexperienced high school kids my business would have had a much better chance surviving covid.
  13. Can you imagine him being banned but convincing his idiots to write his name in. The dem would win by the largest margin ever.
  14. 52O

    Virus in US

    No ThEy aRe CalLiNg fLu cOvId tO oUsT TrUmP
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