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  1. Wrong. You act like 90-93 was some glorious feat when it wasn't because of the one crushing loss because they were outcoached and Jim Kelly flopped worse than his fucked up kid, followed up by 3 blowout losses. The signature plays of that era are Norwood's miss and Beebe chasing down Leon Lett! LOL! In the same era, the Oilers were SB contenders and making the playoffs every year, in fact with a longer streak than the Bills did. Our fans watched plenty of good football and our share of disappointing losses albeit not to the extent that you did! Of course, who cares because neither team accomplished the goal of a SB win and your team did accomplish being known as perennial losers even more than our underachieving team did. Once again, losing the SB FOUR straight years is not an accomplishment worthy of praise. It's why their legacy is what it is - teams that were not quite good enough. Cling to those Lamar Hunt trophies all you want because nobody outside of a Bills fan cares about it. And since then, well the Oilers/Titans wipe the floor with the Bills in terms of successful seasons and playoff wins. Not to mention our best player in franchise history didn't murder two people, unlike YOURS!
  2. The answer is simple. It's a meaningless question because what you see as some sort of accomplishment is well, nothing. You know as well as I do that making the SB and losing is not success. 1 champion/31 losers and if anything losing the SB is all the more crushing for the team and the fan base so we can all get a good laugh about how bad those years were for you back then. Coming on here to brag about a team run that was a national joke at the time is a pathetic troll attempt. The Oilers/Titans haven't won a SB. Neither have the Bills. The Oilers/Titans have more playoff wins and playoff seasons and our team has won 8 playoff games since your team has even had a playoff win.
  3. Where did I say that the Oilers/Titans had a better run? That’s right I didn’t but what the Bills “accomplished” means absolutely nothing to anybody outside of pathetic homers. Those teams from 30 years ago didn’t win anything of consequence. That’s a fact and that’s why they were national punching bag for years about all the Super Bowls they go to and then get destroyed in, aside from the one against the Giants where they clearly lost to an inferior team because they were completely outcoached and Jim Kelly once again choked in a big game. Nobody cares that they beat nondescript AFC contenders in an era where the NFC dominated with all time great teams. Yay you’re the 70’s Vikings or 80’s Broncos!
  4. They didn't dominate aside from the 1990 season and then they proceeded to blow the SB. They lost to significantly better teams in 91/92/93. Their legacy is choking/losing outside of losers that cling to hollow Lamar Hunt trophies.
  5. The NFL doing the stick your head in the sand routine.
  6. It’s not a good sign when your strength and conditioning coach drops dead. Just saying
  7. This is pretty spot on. If you don't have a stud QB, it's nearly impossible to have sustained big time winning and it goes without saying that getting a really good to great QB is the ultimate crap shoot. This team was a mediocre team at best before Tannehill fell into their laps.
  8. You'd know watching the Bills all of these years! Should I steer forward or go wide right to strike that nerve?
  9. LOL! But come on. You think the theoretical God allows defects like Hunter into heaven? Hell no!
  10. Hunter says Hi @RocketBills....🤣
  11. What about the contact tracing aspect? Any "close contact"players would be isolating right now based on the process.
  12. It would sure seem like the Titans are safe so far via the contact tracing protocols or they'd have folks on the Covid list, right? LOL for Baltimore though. I hope Harbaugh gets it.
  13. The idea that the Bucs are the best team in the NFL if not for Brady is ridiculous and that offense is definitely not unstoppable..
  14. You literally argue that Vrabel talked him into signing specific players who failed to produce. You indirectly blame Vrabel, who was HIRED AND REPORTS TO ROBINSON, as opposed to the person with final say. Nothing on the football side of the organization is done without Robinson's blessing. You also completely ignore the fact that Bowen is the DC in duty but not with the title - just like they have done in places like NE and Miami....... It's literally as simple as having to make decisions on which good players to pay/keep and which ones to let walk now that the team is not only good but doesn't have the luxury of 40 M - 60 M in cap space and high draft picks.

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