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  1. Vick was always overrated to me. As a passer, he was limited by poor accuracy and he simply relied on his athleticism. He did have a cannon for an arm but that’s no good if you don’t hit the targets. he played better under Reid.
  2. Well the difference is that Wilson is legit elite QB with top tier accuracy with the numbers to prove it. He’s the epitome of what you want in terms of consistently high efficient QB play in a run oriented offense. Now if Seattle has to pass to win, they can but they don’t want to. I don’t think that applies to Baltimore or Tennessee. I need to see more from Lamar Jackson before I go anywhere near that level. The same applies for Mariota.
  3. Cosell reiterating what many of us also said is not digging on or hating on anyone. It’s the reality. If you want to have a reasonably productive passing offense with Mariota on the field, you have to maximize the one read, RPO, play action, and boots that condense the field for his progressions. The coaching staff, as did the prior ones, know this. So do opposing coordinators.
  4. I’d also add that MLF was hired to implement his offense/system. It was not his fault that his key personnel was incapable of executing it proficiently.
  5. Honestly it helps that Lewan is away from the team as he’s the absolute worst offender of this.
  6. He adjusted once Mariota nearly imploded in the Baltimore game.
  7. You realize that this type of thing happens all of the time in games. The key is to take advantage of it and makes teams when they are exactly where you want them. The Titans did but it was due to proper execution, not some revolutionary concept this coaching staff came up with that prior ones haven’t.
  8. Of course that’s what Cosell meant because it was obvious when watching the game. The typical reTaRds didn’t even listen to the segment. The coaches know what Mariota can handle and what he can’t.
  9. Of course not because of what that means.
  10. It's about %'s and certainly vertical passes are more high risk. Plus you have to pass protect long enough to be able to throw it deep.
  11. People conveniently forget that Mariota missed on some open passes in that game. The end result/final stat line downplayed that. The best game MM played last year was at Dallas from the 2nd quarter on. He was brilliant and owned 3rd down.
  12. It is wrong to like AB a little more now? He's a reeeely good spelrr. Plus jacking off on some chick while watching a religious video is pretty funny.
  13. It's been much more short and intermediate passes for a long time, especially compared to the 70's or early 80's. Still, the evolution of spread offenses with the bubble screens and other quick throws has exploded of late. 60% of pass plays last year were 5 yards or less from the LOS, including 25% at or behind the LOS. 80% are within 10 yards. Multiple reasons of course - poor OL play, advantageous passing game rules, more young QB's playing so quick, one read throws are way easier to implement.
  14. The whole league is doing this, which is a huge reason why the completion %'s and Passer Ratings have skyrocketed compared to the past. It's also why ball placement is so important. The 51-yard crosser to Brown is a perfect example. Mariota hit him perfectly in stride and allowed him to gain another 40 yards.
  15. I'm super glad that MM was productive but it's asinine to pretend it was some elite performance with an incredible degree of difficulty. He's had more impressive games than this one. He deserves credit for executing the passes but I would expect nearly any NFL QB to make the throws on the 3 scoring plays. It's also asinine to even throw MM into a discussion with Mahomes or Brady. The track record will not be your friend.
  16. My takeaway from this was that Mariota played a pretty clean game from a mechanics standpoint with his footwork/drops. It was much better than what he showed in the preseason aside from a handful of plays. The Sharpe throw is a tough one watching this - the route was not very clean but I also think MM rushed it like Romo said. The high Davis throw was unfortunate and I know we can nitpick the first Brown throw but he could not step into that either. The second Brown throw to start the 2nd half was absolutely perfect. To me, that was his best throw as it' something he's generally struggled with. All in all, he did his part pretty well and Smith put him in good, fairly easy situations for the most part. The reads were easy and the receivers were open on all of his big throws and the last 3 passes that all went for TD's. None of which happened from 11 personnel BTW. They were 6-9 passing with a 2.9 YPA and 20% success rate from that formation. The passing game was far more effective in 12 and 13 personnel where all the yards and TD's came from. The elephant in the room, of course, is whether he can string this together and be consistently productive.
  17. Exactly Nine. The irony is that we have sheeple on here proclaiming how wide open and aggressive it was when they ran out of more 2 TE and condensed sets than anyone else in the league. Smith also ran it on 1st down 62% of the time through the first 3 quarters and 64% for the game (4th quarter lead). This compared to the NFL numbers of 47% run on first down. The big difference to me was that the offense executed on three explosive pass plays and in the red zone. Things that completely shifted the game on the offensive side of the ball. 70% (173 yards) of the passing yards came on 3 passing plays. Note that in 2013, they had the 3rd best overall explosive play ratio and were 7th in passing explosive plays. 2017 those ranks were 24th overall and 22nd in passing explosives. 2018 they were 14th overall and 24th in passing. On Sunday, they were 10th overall and in passing explosives. Red Zone had similar results. They were 75% in the RZ on Sunday (10th overall by %). Last year they were 23rd. In 2017 they were 14th. In 2016, they were #1 at 72%.
  18. If Carr became available, they should jump all over it. He’d be a massive upgrade as a passer.
  19. This is what a top 10 interior lineman should look like. Not Chance fucking Warmack.
  20. This is a huge game for the Titans. They know the history with the Colts and also with not being consistent - i.e. win a big game and then flop the next week. Vrabel will have them ready. Indy is a good team too and the teams without Luck in the fold are pretty similar. This could be an ugly smash mouth 16-13 type of game. Red Zone, turnover margin, 3rd down will be key.
  21. Henry is a way better NFL RB in relation to his peers than Mariota is as a QB. Minshew or Woodside could have made the PA/one read throws that Mariota did on Sunday that accounted for 5 big completions, 191 yards, and the 3 TD's. The production Mariota had versus the Browns was great. The degree of difficulty in doing it was pretty minimal.
  22. He'll definitely be the #1 wide receiver if he goes to prison.
  23. He seems to even keel to do something like that! If only this came to light in Pittsburgh. He and Ben could have bonded over something in common
  24. Exactly. Actually Mariota went from a 76 passer rating to over a 100 solely on the Henry screen pass TD. Then to 121 on the Walker PA pass. Then to 133 on the 2nd TD pass to Walker. Those 3 throws went around 10 yards of distance in total air yardage. The All 22 showed plenty of plays last year where guys were running open and either 8 threw an inaccurate ball (even on some that were completed) or he didn't throw it and either bailed from the pocket or took a sack. Regardless, it was one game. You need at least a handful of games before we can make a reasonable judgement on Smith. He's facing better defenses the next two weeks than he did in Cleveland.
  25. I just think it's amazing how people got all worked up over a ranking that has no bearing on whether they make the playoffs or not. Same for Madden ratings on players.