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  1. Back to the RPO, I'd imagine a lot of this still applies even with Smith at OC https://www.espn.com/blog/afcsouth/post/_/id/70626/how-titans-oc-matt-lafleur-plans-to-turn-marcus-mariota-loose
  2. Doubtful they extend Wentz from his rookie deal now if Foles was under contract this season at $ 20 M. Saying that, they clearly value Wentz more based on what they have done.
  3. @Nine If you review those, there are 3 or 4 for sure where there wasn't a good option for him and it's on the play call and/or blocking failures. I did see in 3 of the 4 Indy plays and in some of the Houston plays where he did have outlet options but he was either too slow to identify that or in most cases not even looking that direction. I think he's slow to make pre-snap reads/adjustments or audibles and slower than he needs to be in either taking the check down if the initial call is for a deeper route.
  4. It's clear that you don't understand, even though I have stated it over and over so I'll try one last time. First, I didn't do the comparison with Luck and what I shared wasn't even a comparison. That person shared a PFF metric about the % of sacks when facing pressure in the pocket from 2018. Pressure, not sacks. The person shared two numbers - the best one (Luck) and the worst one (Mariota) with the idea being that QB's have influence on whether they get sacked or not. I do not have, nor ever have seen, a complete list for this metric nor prior years. Sack rate, while related, is readily available and an end result statistic and again Mariota has been up and down there (35, 9, 13, 33). The PFF metric above was going into the nuance of what a QB does WHEN he gets pressured. That metric indicated that pocket pressure meant a sack 29.8% of the time for Mariota and 9.9% of the time for Luck. The inference is that Luck, when pressured, dealt with it by avoiding a sack 90% of the time. With Mariota, he avoided a sack 30% of the time. As for comparison with Wilson, I absolutely have used him as an example when the dumb dumbs state Mariota's only issue with production is lack of attempts. No, it's efficiency. Comparison a similar situation doesn't mean I'm comparing the players. We all know, including the Titans and the other NFL teams, that Mariota is not on their level at this point. Except maybe Beddingfield.
  5. JFC I did not. I merely quoted the author who posted the worst guy in that scenario.(Mariota) and the best (Luck) that came from PFF. No scores for anyone else were provided. i know this. The 29.9% rate was the worst among guys playing 5 or more games. As for comparisons, I know Mariota cannot be compared with elite QB’s based on his limitations. Of course, a #2 overall pick SHOULD be in a position to be in that discussion in year 5
  6. I literally quoted that information from the sourced article dude. Even the author wasn’t comparing the two. He just stated the numbers. Everyone knows Luck is a much better QB. If they traded places in hypothetical land, the Titans would likely be one if the favorites for the SB.
  7. How are the Titans cheap because they won’t hand over a $ 100 M contract to a guy who is injury prone abs inconsistent? the Titans have played this brilliantly. If he doesn’t pan out, they can turn to Tannehill and reevaluate next March.
  8. Tell PFf. It’s their data! the whole point is that some QB”s avoided sacks when pressured better than others. For 2928, Mariota had the worst ranking of guys with 5 starts. Luck happened to be #1 but it that had nothing to do with Mariota’s poor rank.
  9. By and large they did well pass blocking given the scheme under Mularkey to protect Mariota. In 2016, they only had 1 double digit sack rate - a loss at Indy (11.6%). There definitely were some games in 2017 where he struggled with the pass rush but The Steelers game (13.2% sack rate). That 15-10 thriller versus the Jaguars (12.5%), and of course the NE playoff game (17.8%). Baltimore (42.3%), Dallas (12.1%), Indy (23.5%), Houston (20.7%), and Washington (13.3%) were all high last year. Many of these games (excluding Jax 2017 and Dallas/Washington 2018) were games where they fell behind. I have no doubt they pulled Mariota from the Indy game last year because of what happened versus Baltimore.
  10. That's what you do when you have a franchise QB. I wonder when Mariota's deal will happen....
  11. IDK if people have turned but I do think a lot more people have doubts and reduced expectations after last year. Tons of folks were attributing his regression solely to coaching.
  12. I mentioned the two glaring examples from this past season because it's the most applicable based on the article I referenced. It was far from the only game where MM didn't react to pressure well.
  13. There are plenty of experts that have played QB or analyze film that have gone into great detail about Mariota's issues in the pocket. It's not a secret.
  14. Laugh all you want but it's absolutely correct.
  15. Never said it wasn't but it's not debatable that MM's sack rate %'s have been up and down and he had a role in some of them. I'd tend to agree that 2015 was much more on the OL/system but you cannot tell me that it isn't concerning that he was sacked at a higher % last year than in 2015. Also, it's clear that he had a big role in 5 or 6 of the sacks in the Ravens game and some in the Houston game too. Hence, his own comments and the ones from the coaches that he has to get the ball out quicker - i.e. process the reads faster - and he's never been particularly good at that on a consistent level.
  16. Lots of the fan boys like to frame it that all of the problems are blamed on the QB by the "haters". Most of us in the critical of Mariota camp acknowledge other factors but to pretend he's not a big piece of it going on multiple years, personnel, coaches is delusional.
  17. So the 4 year sample size of sack rates with MM is 35th, 9th, 13th, and 33rd. Yeah - up and down but it never was one of the lowest rates in any year. It was one of the highest twice - 50% of the time data wise. I'd also point out Mularkey did a lot more max protecting than Whisenhunt or LaFleur so sure I'd expect 2016/2017 to be better. Also, the metric that other site was looking at wasn't even the total sack rate. It was pressure based as the primary so things like escaping the rush, throwing it away, or taking a quicker check down were at play. In the limited data they provided from PFF for the most recent season, Luck was the best at it and Mariota ranked the worst for players who started 5 or more games. Mariota himself said he needed to get the ball out quicker and so did Vrabel and LaFleur. Hopefully he does this year.
  18. Confused? No because I actually understand the difference between the two related but different metrics. As for sack rates, though, Mr. Up and Down was sacked like crazy as a rookie finishing 35th overall at a 9.3% sack rate). Under Mularkey/Robiskie, he finished 9th in 2016 at 4.9% and 13th in 2017 at 5.6%. Last year, he was 33rd at a 11.3% sack rate. Some was clearly on the OL and backs and obviously Mariota had some impact as well. As for the stat indicator those folks identified, it used PFF a sacked when pressure subset (not the same as sack rate mind you) and only gave the 2018 number, which was 29.8%. I recall Vrabel and Mariota himself talking about the need to get the ball out quicker after the Baltimore game and after the Texans game. He very well could have had a worse ranking in this sacked when pressured metric while not having a high sack/drop back rate. Bluntly, what's the result when pressure does happen - sack, throwaway, etc. It's not like this is a new thing. 2016 - https://www.nbcsports.com/video/titans-want-marcus-mariota-get-rid-ball-quicker-and-avoid-sacks 2018 - https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/10/17/17981288/titans-vs-ravens-film-review-study-11-sacks-marcus-mariota
  19. I generally agree with you @9 Nines and this in itself it's that big of a deal. Of course, it carries if you are a star player. But I will say Baker has a petty, immature side that undoubtedly will be an issue if they start losing.
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