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  1. The MCM article was centered on accuracy and clearly it was used liberally. Aside from that, I think he did fine on the deep throws for the most part. Obviously the sample size is smaller and I'm sure injuries impacted play calling at various points. Given it's only 11% of his throws, the impact of the good or bad is minimal. PFF even notes that the # of deep passes he threw in 2018 is small relative to other QB's. As for accuracy on deep throws, you all are completely discounting the impact it has on the receiver to adjust. As the videos show, there were cases where the under throw gave coverage a chance to contest or in one case interfere with the catch. I will say, however, that accuracy is way more impactful IMO on the short and intermediate routes given the distribution - simply put 23% of his passes were behind the LOS, 42% between 0-9, and 25% between 10-19. I think that's where the YAC problem comes into play and probably is somewhat explainable for the lack of TD passes. From PFF
  2. The MCM article is talking about deep ball accuracy but it really isn’t. The PFF one I shared explains ithe concept of accuracy and that it’s not completion %. You can have an inaccurate throw that is also dropped. Taylor versus the Jaguars is a great example of that. Taylor’s drop doesn’t diminish that the ball was under thrown that allowed the pass to be contested.
  3. It’s a different PFF stat you idiot. Read/watch the link I included.
  4. Enjoy homer land but I’d rather live in reality.. PFF has it right https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-most-accurate-nfl-quarterbacks-by-pass-depth-in-2018
  5. You posted an article touting deep ball accuracy when the person who wrote it literally is using a fucked up definition of accuracy. 🙄
  6. The MCM person that put this together has a pretty loose definition of accuracy that certainly benefited the QB. Saying that, you can have an under thrown ball that a receiver still could and sometimes should catch. Just like you can have a perfect pass dropped or an overthrown ball caught with a fantastic receiver play. Still, the defined read and play helps MM be decisive and he looked better in this subset of plays than in many others. The real issue with taking this into any substantive evaluation is the small sample size. 28 passes out of 331. 8%. It’s the other 92% where issues lie.
  7. Titans Online/NFL Shop is also selling #17 jerseys FWIW. I wouldn't read too much into it but they are at least prepared if he ends up playing.
  8. IDK. I watched some of them but not every single game. You definitely can see an improvement in run blocking as the year went on but there's also no question that Henry was also more patient, decisive, and violent once he got it going. Most people seemed to be in a agreement with this, unlike the passing game struggles about how much was OL, receivers, or QB. I'd also point out that people see different things. I watched the 3rd down and sack videos and actually came away more frustrated with Mariota (footwork/dropback and let it go) whereas others had different takes - OL, play calling, receivers. I'd like to see a similar one for Lewis plays.
  9. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/rockets/amp/Oilers-Warren-Moon-jersey-Rich-Paul-LeBron-James-13971252.php
  10. Because there one pass that bounced off his hands and was intercepted in the 5/30 OTA? In the same practice, Mariota's best throw per Davenport was to Pruitt. Last Tuesday, Butler dropped an INT covering Pruitt but I didn't see any report blaming the receiver? I've seen more mentions of Pruitt in the OTA/minicamp reports as catching a TD in red zone drills than the one negative play. It seems overblown to me that Pruitt has been horrible. I'm not saying he's Delanie Walker but you figure he and Firkser have shots to make the team.
  11. Good read on a variety of areas where PFF abs analytics are changing the game. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/17/pro-football-focus-nfl-analytics-fmia-guest/
  12. Given the schedule, it will real obvious how good or overpaid the CB’s are.
  13. Nope. If he was so out of shape, it would have been reported (it has not been) and I don’t believe he’d be seeing significant reps with the first team in such a scenario IMO.
  14. How come Mariota's best games last year came without either one on the field? How come the passing offense sucked in 2017 WITH them on the field? Don't let facts get in the way of your narrative. I do agree Walker's departure had some impact. Even then, I think they were going to throw more to Lewis in the plan anyway but it certainly contributed.
  15. I think there's more to how last year played out in the run/pass ratio on 1st down, which was 247 runs/169 passes (59% run/41% pass). QB play was unstable early on when Mariota was out or limited (HOU/JAX games) and they had a few games late where Henry exploded (JAX/NYG) and one of those was a weather game in New York. In these 4 games, it was 74 runs/29 passes on 1st down (72% run/28% pass). In the other 12 games, it was 173 runs/140 passes (55% run/45% pass). I think this probably is more in line with what they want and honestly it was pretty balanced. Also of note, Mariota was 32nd in Passer Rating on 1st down with an 84 rating, 2 TD, 5 INT, and 10 sacks.
  16. Hard to believe Vrabel & Smith would be giving significant reps to a player out of shape. Doesn't seem likely to me.
  17. It’s not perhaps. They did a lot more quick passes to Lewis and others. Easier throws and less reads. It’s why the completion % spiked, not because he’s so accurate. Accuracy is about timing abs ball placement to maximize YAC. Mariota can do it but he’s not consistently good at it.
  18. MM's rise in completion % was largely due to shorter, quicker passes. This isn't a knock on Mariota as every team is doing this way more than they used to with bubble screens and RPO concepts. Here's some YIA stats. Yards in Air measures how far the ball went before it's in the receivers hands. He averaged 5.5 yards in the air per completion in 2018. In 2017, he averaged 6.7 YIA. In 2016, it was 8.1 YIA. Shockingly, the completion %'s were 69% in 2018, 62% in 2017, and 61% in 2016.
  19. You seriously think completion % and accuracy are the same? Enough said.
  20. Perhaps although that Jets stint was pretty non impactful and he went to a conditional tryout to get a contract. That doesn’t add up with being a #1 receiver as claimed. The actual numbers say his quitting had minimal impact. With or without Matthews, Marcus is still all over the place in terms of accuracy and decision making.
  21. I'm not spinning a damn thing. The end result is that the WR production in 2018 was the same as it was in 2017. Add in that Matthews did not do anything when he was getting 50% of the snaps other than sulk and then quit.
  22. He missed OTA's and most of TC with a meniscus tear that he had surgery for. Came off the PUP on 8/26. Did he know the new offense like the WR's who had been practicing had? I'm not going to blame the coaches for that. Clearly if he was so critical for the team/offense, they would have attempted to appease him as opposed to granting his outright release. He's a solid WR but it wasn't nearly as crushing as it's being portrayed, especially with Davis emerging in his second year.
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