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  1. I watched Eason yesterday and he was impressive. Gotta see more as he just hasn’t played a lot. Tua doesn’t impress me and I think he’ll be injury prone.
  2. So far this year, NE has outscored their opponents 106-3.
  3. For as good a coach as Andy Reid has been, he's a moron when it comes to game management. Always has been.
  4. Eason looks impressive but he's a big risk IMO because he has not played a lot. History is not kind to QB's coming in with limited college PT. The kid that replaced Minshew at Washington State threw 9 TD passes last night versus UCLA (almost a full Mariota season) and they still lost!
  5. I think being the one's responsible for paying him $ 20.9 M and hiring an OC specifically for his benefit (at least that was the logic) probably have a lot to do with it but I really cannot fathom them letting the entire season go to hell as a result.
  6. The homer OP honestly thinks the team gives Mariota TEN games if he plays like he has so far? There's no way the leash is that long when all tangible evidence shows that they have no interest in committing to him beyond 2019. There's also one big difference in the here and now as compared to even Training Camp. The fan base has turned. It's obvious he's a huge part of the problem whereas before there were tons of homers like russ, ninga, duck, etc. giving him every excuse in the book. Same for the local media, who scoffed at any thought of a QB controversy, compared to real NFL markets where a player with Mariota's resume would have been under fire two years ago. They could not even have a full stadium for the Colts game and that was coming off a big win. The loss to the Colts was deflating for the fan base as the built in excuse that they had Luck shielded many Titan fans from the truth. Thursday nights shit fest while watching MM get significantly outplayed by a rookie 6th round pick was salt to the open wound. The bottom line is that fan support is sick of an up and down team with an outside shot of a wild card berth every few years. They want a perennial winner and that's what Robinson/Vrabel promised. They continue to put out this product and the stands will continue to be empty. If they do go homer Russ' route, Amy has every right to burn the fucker to the ground. It's a fuck you to all of the Titans fans and players to continue to trot out a bad QB making the same mistakes over and over and over.
  7. No they should not have wasted the #2 pick on a player with limitations that were obvious at the time.
  8. This is complete BS and a prime example of why you are a homer idiot. It's really a fruitless debate in comparison to VY and Locker, like that proves anything of note. I know his production after his hot streak with in line with Locker's from a stat perspective. Sad as that is. I know that VY's teams had a better win % and more game winning drives than MM so there's that. The bottom line is that being drafted high comes with high expectations and pressure. The great ones meet that. Guys that have it and are drafted later like a Wilson or Brady exceed it. A ton of guys get over drafted and disappoint. The Titans bet on his athleticism and believed that they could coach him up to be an elite NFL QB, which is on them for over drafting him. Multiple staffs have tried and here we are. A solid career? It would be a colossal disappointment because he's was drafted to be an elite franchise QB. He came in with severe flaws in terms of his game translating to the NFL that have been posted here on multiple occasions. It's year 5 and he still cannot consistently throw the passes accurately from the pocket nor can he process the field at the required speed for the NFL. He cannot even adequately manage a two minute drill for fucks sake. If you objectively look back (as I know you are incapable of doing), his success was largely schemed up. Once teams adjusted, he's largely been playing at the bottom tier level. There's no shame in being a great college QB who didn't make it in the pros as a star player. Joey Harrington would know. So would Tebow, VY, Leinart, and countless others.
  9. By the same logic, if Mariota isn't a starter somewhere else, what does that say about him?
  10. Or Minshew mania will convince him to stick it out.
  11. It's very likely he swallows too......
  12. He never should have been on the team at that point. It was ridiculous given his play and how the Titans played philosophically. They win that game hands down with a competent kicker and probably have a Lombardi Trophy in the case. How different would Fisher and McNair be viewed then?
  13. For a healthy, 5th year QB taken #2 overall, it's god damn ridiculous. Competent QB play in the last two weeks and this team is 3-0.
  14. Jags don't have to take a sucker deal on this. They have leverage with him under contract through 2020.
  15. That was a real possibility. That fucker should have been gone way before 2000. Automatic Al my ass. I don't think you can find another kicker who single handedly cost a team a playoff game like Al did. 3 missed FG's including one blocked and returned for a TD.
  16. It's really hard to gauge until we see another QB play. In preseason, the passing game sure looked more normal when Tannehill played.
  17. If you go back though, the Titans barely made the playoffs and certainly benefitted from QB injuries within the division. They got damn near every break in the KC game to pull the upset and got throttled the next week at NE. Jacksonville accomplished more that year with Bortles as their QB. There's ZERO evidence that this team was built to be a perennial playoff team with Mariota as it's QB. In fact, you can point to games in 2016 and 2018 where Mariota's subpar play cost them games. I think the evidence is strong that Mariota would be struggling regardless of the system/OC at this point. The scouting book is out on him. Yeah, can he make good throws here and there and have a few good games a season. Sure. It's that anywhere close to good enough? No.
  18. I think it's inherently more complicated than this. I can absolutely see Robinson playing the scenario in a win/win for him regardless of how it turns out. From a business standpoint, they have a problem selling tickets/merchandise. There were tons of empty seats in the opener. Meanwhile, they have invested lots of time, money, and effort into Mariota being the face of the franchise up until now. His popularity in Nashville up until about a week ago was reaching bizarre levels not only with the fans but local media treating him with kid gloves. Add in the very plausible idea that Robinson's power coup in late 2017 was likely based in that Mularkey had failed to have Mariota reach his full potential after a disappointing season. After all, he hired new coaches with a new OC/system, exercised the 5th year option and yanking it after one year where the team didn't make the playoffs likely would be a hard sell to ownership after AAS did what JR's plan was. Of course, then there's the flip side of actions. They rebuffed any extension talk both last year and this year. They acquired, at worst, a similar player in Tannehill and even went as far to state he was here to push Mariota. There's no way that this was not done intentionally. They are far from all in on Marcus as the guy and that's a stark difference from a year ago when all of the moves were being done to help him. They are very careful to word it as "we want him to be the guy". I'm sure they cannot 100% prove my theory but if you look at it objectively, one can certainly see where the Titans at the end of 2018 could have been wavering on the 5th year option and that Mariota's advisors could have leaned on him to be risk averse to help ensure that it could not be rescinded. $ 20.9 M is a lot of money, especially for someone as exciting as Mariota seems to be in his personal life.
  19. McNair - ladies man, drinker, plays hurt until it requires surgery. Marcus - no ladies, no alcohol, asks Mommy if it's OK to play after making his bed. Mommy says no, puts deposits down on new lanai
  20. Maybe he wanted to play but his agent and family advised him not to. Entirely possible. Not everyone is Farve or McNair.
  21. Why can't it be a smart business decision? Nobody disputes that he was injured to some extent. The issue is whether he could play with it or opt to sit out to protect his long term interests. $ 20.9 M is a lot to walk away from, especially when it's right there in front of you and there had to be doubts that he's get a big deal otherwise.
  22. But but but that will hurt his Passer Rating
  23. Maybe he knew/knows he won't be getting an extension. Davenport reported that Mariota's agents approached the Titans about an extension in 2018 and were rebuffed.
  24. Remember it was a collective decision. All reports were that his side sought the outside doctor consultation. If I were his agent, himself, or his family, it was the smart thing to do. It's being naïve to think that the $ 20.9 M guarantee was not considered in the decision making process. My personal opinion is that his agents then released the litany of injuries he played with after some initial backlash from him not playing too.