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  1. Hard to imagine it will have anything close to the intensity of a two team scrimmage or preseason game, Regardless, Clowney missing camp is not a huge deal if he signs here or in Seattle or somewhere where the D is like those two teams.
  2. Brady 2019/2020 to me is so reminiscent of Manning 2014/2015. You could see Manning's decline starting in 2014 and the wheels fell off in 2015.
  3. We'd rather listen to @tgo discuss his mock Biden cabinet in detail...
  4. Webster was a complete outlier in horrid picking methodology. I think most teams do what you are saying but at the end of the day, it comes back to how good your scouting is and at this point Robinson and team look to be one of the better ones overall. Now, it's a tad different ball game if you are picking in the mid/late 20's and trying to maintain a playoff caliber roster on an annual basis and replace good players you won't be keeping in FA. As long as Robinson and his crew can read the market and draft board correctly, they should be successful. I've been very pleased with what he did this year, which honestly was his first real challenge in navigating multiple key free agents and picking late 20's. He knocked it out of the park IMO.
  5. He'll sign and report right before the regular season just like he did last year. It's not like preseason this year has ANY games nor will it have much intrasquad contact.
  6. Wrong. Something you should be used to know private!
  7. BudAdams

    Biden VP Thread

    No mention of 100 black men trying to strong arm Biden into picking a black woman? https://news.yahoo.com/more-than-100-black-leaders-and-celebrities-urge-biden-to-pick-black-woman-as-vp-182615502.html Picking or not picking someone based on race is the epitome of racism. Biden should pick the best candidate in his eyes. If it's Warren or Whitmer, so be it. Picking by demographics is a recipe for disaster, especially given his age.
  8. That makes the decision even worse, not better.
  9. Fandom wise, I just can't stand the all offense/no defense and imbalance between the 10 good teams and everyone else. The NFL inherently is more competitive. They'd find a way to scout players. The other sports all draft players that are of HS age and have a minor league system. There's no reason the NFL could not do so for players that need development or align with the XFL to be a league for the 18-21 year olds. Odds are this is a one year blip but regardless, it's laughable to see the entity be so disorganized. Some conferences out, some in, limited games. Whoever does play and win is not a real champion.
  10. I didn't diss Robinson nor did I even mention Mariota. You DID to deflect because you and the other one didn't like me stating the fact that picking any WR at 5 is dumb.
  11. What you think really is irrelevant. You chose to engage me on the issue, one that I’m am completely right about
  12. It's so refreshing to have a smart QB and one who actually TELLS the coaches what plays he likes. Tannehill is going to prove a lot of the pundits wrong this year IMO.
  13. Well I'm not going to be a retard like some of you. Even Robinson knows it was a dumb move and whether you like it or not, it's well known that you don't pick some positions that early because of supply/demand. I'd also add that even though Robinson made the dumb pick, he's by and large done a good job as GM. In fact, I think this year he's done his best work. Even his Henry deal, not advisable as it is, has an easy out and is the equivalent of two franchise tags.
  14. I did and your argument is weak It's well known that picking WR's early in the draft is stupid.
  15. Wrong. You don't draft WR's in the top 5. Brown in the top 5 would be just as dumb. Why? You can find WR's later - all of the time. Good QB's make the receivers, not the other way around.
  16. Taking a WR, any WR, at 5 was dumb. It was as dumb then as it is now. Davis is a solid player but nowhere near what you want out of a top 5 pick. Robinson should have known better that to do it.
  17. Who cares? College Football sucks. The majority of conferences play a horrible brand of football without any defense and have the asinine OT rules.... Not to mention the hypocrisy of the schools making billions of dollars, big schools while not paying the players. The colleges basically had no choice but to cancel though. How can you not allow students not to be on campus due to safety yet allow the athletes to be in order to generate revenue while claiming their are not professionals?
  18. BudAdams

    Biden VP Thread

    Rice's son, John David Rice-Cameron (hyphen for a guy, really?) was the president of the Stanford College Republicans and is a Trump supporter. LOL
  19. BudAdams

    Biden VP Thread

    Seriously, how funny would it be for Biden, a notorious political loser as a candidate, to win the election in the pandemic and then die before taking office.
  20. I love the one where he was ruined by the only coach who ever got him to play reasonably well for a brief period and then somehow overcame said bust to take a team to the playoffs 🤣🤣🤣. I'd also love to get an honest assessment from Vrabel or LaFluer too.
  21. Harsher IMO would be not even broaching the "we still look forward to getting him and coaching him....." Why even go there if he's dead to you like you seem to think/hope he is? It's different than how they handled Dodd not reporting. Jon Robinson on Kevin Dodd: 'We want people that believe in and are committed to what we're going to be about" Now maybe they are just waiting for the opt out deadline to pass before changing the messaging but so far it's been more cordial than I would do. Hence, there may be more to the story that we are not privy to.
  22. At the end of his rope, you still claimed that the path to RT playing was an injury to MM and that it would result in a little drop off.......The chance they roll with him is slim to none. This was in OCTOBER 2019...... And as we well know, Tannehill DID get the chance and played at an elite level with the same personnel, scheme, and play caller that dumb dumb had. You never called for him to be benched. You also know damn well that if the team had allowed an open competition, Mariota never would have started a game in 2019. Those are the facts. Go back to conjuring up more lies.

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