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  1. It's all about the ball. Any defense wants the stop the opponent from scoring points or in some situations, get the ball back for the offense if their team is behind. 3rd down/red zone has undone the good work far too often for this unit so far but the turnovers have enabled them to be 17th in scoring defense despite being 31st in RZ defense and 32nd in 3rd down defense. Only a moron won't recognize that the loss of Adoree and limited action from Fulton has forced the 3rd down defense to play short handed with CB's number 4-6 as the 2nd and 3rd corners. To say that has not been the biggest factor would be ignorant....
  2. Everyone in the world knows the problem is 3rd down and red zone defense but the team is 15th in scoring defense. It's somewhat disingenuous to focus on 3rd down because it fits the narrative when the drive ends up with 3 or 0 points...... Yeah they were 6/10 in the 2nd half on 3rd down D compared to 7/8 in the first half. Of course, 4 of those 6 conversions were on the final drive - the one where the final 3rd down was the interception. Anyone watching the game could see they were better and even the conversions were made more difficult - at least 2 of those 4 were inches beyond the sticks. The Titans defense drives in the game - 1ST HALF:TD, TD, FG, TD, INT (last play of half), 2ND HALF: FG, PUNT, INT, PUNT, INT. But it wasn't better. LOL.
  3. The irony is that pass happy Seattle ran on 3rd and 2 when a 1st down would have iced the game in regulation. Their rookie guard missed the line call, went left instead of right, and blocked his center while the tackler had a clean hit on the RB.
  4. It's a fair criticism that the Titans run far too much on 1st down. On par with Baltimore and Cleveland. It needs to be at least 50/50 and it's more like 2/3's run to pass. The success rate is also higher for pass versus run but in fairness the 1st down run game has a 52% success rate so far - better than I had expected. Of course, having Derrick Henry as your lead back is part of this. This is the trade off if you want your two down back to get carries/yards......
  5. These are so fucking stupid - especially with veterans compared to guys starting early in their careers, the vastly different caliber of teams, etc,
  6. In fairness, they drafted Pocic in the 2nd round and only now did the guy win a full time starting job. He's actually been pretty good for them this year.
  7. The troll account started out OK but has been exposed and now sucks. Almost an identical replay of the real one's NFL career, ironically.
  8. Coaching didn't cause missed tackles on 3rd down to stop drives nor allow a 50 yard punt return.....Nor penalties on the offense in the handful of plays they did get the ball early on? Blaming coaching and play calling is lazy. From the D side, the fact that the CB's beyond Butler that are currently available are ALL fringe NFL talent, that's not on Vrabel.
  9. LOL at the hubris on here. If the Titans don't make critical execution mistakes, they at worst would have gone to OT or in all likelihood have won the game. Coaching is way down on the list of issues with this team.
  10. It's a myriad of things IMO: League wise, the rules and enforcement of them are one sided in favor of the passing games. It almost seems like the only holding calls are on running games or on receivers if it's a bubble screen.....As such, if a QB has forever to throw, he will find someone open. The "safety" rules - defenseless receiver PF has neutered defensive players into being more passive. The lack of contact practices has seen tackling become grabbing......Tackling as a whole for the Titans D has been pretty bad. The injuries in the secondary are forcing the Titans to play backups w/soft coverage to avoid getting beat deep. The Titans are allowing a 60% 3rd down conversion rate - worst in the NFL. Last year it was 40% and middle of the pack. Red Zone D is still 31st but it's at 80% TD rate instead of 68%...... Better tackling and better coverage - yeah it's simplistic - but that's what's going to fix this. They'd have stopped a couple of Steeler scoring drives if they could just have tackled players at the reception point.
  11. Not sure what metric that is using in terms of expected.....As illustrated, Seattle is averaging 36.5 PA per game (9th overall) coming off a game with 50 such passes. The Titans average 34 PA per game (22nd) but we literally are talking 2 or 3 passes per game as the difference.
  12. It would make a ton of sense to get Gilmore and then you can leverage Butler into a pay cut next year or simply walk away. With NFL offenses and rules the way they are, you need 3 starting corners
  13. Yes NE would eat the prorated SB portion if he's traded.
  14. They'd have to clear cap space to make such a deal - but scheme fit/skill it would make sense.
  15. To me the Bears are the shakiest 5-1 team out there. Hard to see that team winning a playoff game. Maybe vs the NFC East winner....
  16. yes but you also have Beau Brinkley and Kern who pre-dated JRob. Webster was the VP of Player Personnel when they added Brinkley. At this point, though, given roster churn, it's reasonable that everyone on the team is from JRob's watch.
  17. It was last year too. They were 31st in the regular season in 2019. They stepped up in the first two playoff games before getting killed vs KC.
  18. Had zero value on the field at least. Now the two of them can play tummy sticks 24/7....
  19. Exactly but then what will he post about? We've already taken away QB analysis. Citing from media guides is all he's got left.
  20. The NFL season is a marathon not a sprint. The fact of the matter is that being the best team in late October really means nothing. The Titans can hang with the best teams in the NFL and have proved that over the last two seasons. The Titans absolutely have some problems that they need to fix if they really want to make a true Super Bowl run. The nonexistent pass rush, coverage in the secondary, third down and red zone defense in general, and of course the elephant in the room – an unreliable kicking game are all issues. If they don’t improve in these areas, it’s all but guaranteed that one of these issues is going to rue it’s ugly head and cost them in a must win game .
  21. Ass kicking so far. Defense is nowhere close to being SB caliber. Cannot get off the field. The offense has not been great either but they have had what 3 possessions?
  22. Build wise and he even kind of looks like him with a helmet on. Now, the 70's game was different but prime Terry Bradshaw could dissect a good defense and he was pretty mobile too. Those Steelers teams were stacked back then.
  23. I don't see that at all. To me, the closest current comp to Young would be Wilson. You know who Tannehill reminds me of? Bradshaw.

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