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  1. Yep he gets it. The past is the past.
  2. Wedge buster! He clearly didn’t watch the game film.
  3. This is a game the Titans need to just take. Winless team albeit a tough schedule to start. Backup/Rookie QB. Dysfunctional with Ramsey. They need this win to negate the clunker last Sunday. If they don’t I will be really disappointed and that’s even with the assumption that Mariota plays.
  4. Yep. This ISN’T new. In the past, the fan boys all blamed anything and everything else. Of course THIS is why the Titans have had zero interest in extending him. It’s also why they have a remedial passing game.
  5. That is fucking ridiculous. Warren Fucking Moon got benched, got it back due to an injury, and played better.
  6. Anyone who puts any stock in Cian Fahey’s QB “evaluations” is a fucking idiot.
  7. The 1972 Dolphins are not even one of the top 5 best teams of all time imo. I don’t care if they were undefeated
  8. There is ZERO chance of this. Zero
  9. You really need to stay out of QB threads. JFC
  10. I’m shocked at such a breach of trust. I’m not shocked about most of the people on the list.
  11. When have I or the others say he’s never had good games or comebacks? What plenty of us have said is that he’s wildly inconsistent and even the highs are consistently exaggerated. The KC playoff game is a prime example. The defense completely shut down the chiefs offense and Derrick Henry had a monster game with almost 200 total yards. Yet it’s portrayed like a Tom Brady/Joe Montana type of game. What about the infamous Cian Fahey stuff - best passer in obvious passing situations. Never mind the success rate was 34% due to sacks and non conversions. Also guess who was second? Jameis Winston who Fahey dislikes and people here roundly consider a bust. Instead of stepping back and questioning this subset of data that seems absurd, no it was presented as gold and validation for how great Mariota is.
  12. There will be plenty of Mariota fan boys rooting against Tannehill. Don’t kid yourself
  13. With good reason given posts like this and where the team is at with Mariota. When you align with Scine, Face, Hustin, Titanruss, and NashvilleNinga on QB analysis, you are most certainly going to come out of I t looking stupid.
  14. That guy is a huge Mariota fan boy. If Cian turns .......
  15. Yay they won a wild card game! Blake Bortles QB'd a team into the AFCC and they damn near upset the Patriots. BFD
  16. VY had just as many good moments. It doesn't matter. The end result is that he's not anywhere close to living up to being a #2 pick.
  17. Things could get ugly if they don't bounce back on Thursday. I sure expect Jax's D to play us a lot tougher than they did in the last game.
  18. The whole sequence was botched. Smith deserves some blame but a veteran QB should know all the situations and what to do. It's embarrassing that this is a #2 overall pick in year 5 doing this.
  19. I agree in part that the organization is aligned to move on and I think that's been their plan. The problem, IMO, is that the local fan base and media has fawned over Mariota like he's Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson. The media in Nashville is incredibly weak and even now you can see them trying to get in front of this as opposed to poo pooing it and crying about the national media trying to create a QB controversy. I think the Titans would be content to play Mariota, warts and all, provided they win games. Once his play starts costing them games, like yesterday for example, the fan base is turning. I don't recall nearly as much admission of his flaws after a game ever. Even from the fan boys. It's only a matter of time.
  20. He constantly is staring down his intended target - whether they are open or not. Of course the whole sequence was fucked up as they refused to use the sideline despite having no timeouts. Let him throw more! Open it up!
  21. As for the clutch BS.....Who on here had confidence that the Titans were going to win when they got the ball back needing the FG? If your answer is an honest no, that tells you all you need to know about how clutch he is. Mitch Trubisky pulled out a game under similar circumstances yesterday showing better game awareness than Mariota did. Ponder that!