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  1. Sadly, I think PacMan was probably the most talented of the bunch. Boy did he squander his career with being a dumbass. He was an elite player up until the suspension.
  2. In fairness, NE has a great record outside of their division too. Their run of excellence is unparalleled in the SB era. It's undeniable.
  3. The Top 10 picks in the last 15 years or so (going back multiple regimes) have not been kind overall to the Titans: 2005/#6 - Pac Man Jones 2006/#3 - VY 2011/#8 - Locker 2013#10 - Warmack 2015/#2 - Mariota 2016/#8 - Conklin 2017/#5 - Davis To date, not one of them earned a 2nd contract with the Titans.
  4. I don't ever remember MVP being talked about on a weekly basis as it is now. Jackson certainly deserves consideration based on what he's done. Wilson too of course. Usually there is a late contender - maybe it's Rodgers or Prescott.
  5. How a guy with total control over the roster and his choice of the coaching staff (included related scheme changes and the impact on players) is somehow not held accountable for the end product is hilarious. Plenty of local media have jumped on the Robinson controlling the QB situation (Mariota over Tannehill) and acknowledged it while in fact DEFENDING it. At the end of the day, are the Titans supremely talented in relation to their peers? Are they coached up any better? If Robinson has built a good team and considering the landscape of the division, I guess we should expect a January home playoff game. Right?
  6. I’ve said he is solid and pointed out why. I’ve never said he was below average as you claimed I did nor did I say he was a bad drafter like Japan made up. He’s had total control the last two seasons with his players and coaching staff. It’s a results business. Build a perennial playoff team and I’ll upgrade his status
  7. My point has always been that he’s overrated on here as a great GM. I’ve stated over and over that he’s solid. his drafting has been up and down. As has been his FA moves. Keep on lying Japan.
  8. What Underwood said is the new GM was not hiring the coach and that the two candidates had to work together. All of the candidates knew this when applying and interviewing
  9. I never said that despite how many times you lie about it.
  10. It’s always the same dullards that have to be led or in some cases dragged towards the truth.
  11. In fairness Faulk was pretty dominant on two teams that made the SB with one championship 😞
  12. I actually heard someone say kicking has declined ever since they changed the extra point rule. Odd but I’ve always equated kickers with relief pitchers in terms of reliability. A great kicker is worth their weight in gold. Bad kickers can cost good teams big time. Al Del Greco very likely cost the 2000 team a Super Bowl.
  13. He had 3 really good games on his rookie year. 2 were with Mularkey.
  14. robinson was a 2nd year GM leaking to the national media that Mularkey was on thin ice in 2917
  15. Obsessed? Not at all. I’m not going to proclaim him to be great when he clearly isn’t. Solid. They haven’t even won a division title under his reign.
  16. Sorry but good to very good requires much more success than the Titans have had under Robinson’s tenure. Solid for sure but that’s a low bar compared to successful teams. Does a good GM dictate that an inferior QB plays over the guy the coaches want?
  17. Who had a coach fired for not maximizing talent? Robinson Who hired the new coaches? Robinson. Who’s on record stating that choosing between Winston and Mariota was 1a versus 1b? Robinson Who exercised the 5th year option on Matiota? Robinson Who proclaimed Mariota as the unquestioned starter when he acquired Tannehill? Robinson Who wanted to play Tannehill? Vrabel
  18. No he didn’t. Mariota posted his best numbers under Mularkey.
  19. I said since 2017, not including it. Regardless it’s a fact is that since Mularkey was let go, Robinson has total control. He selected the coaches and selects the players. He also overruled the coaches on playing Tannehill earlier per Lombardi