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  1. http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41065172-4
  2. From all reports, Mariota looks to be close to 100%. Hopefully he doesn't break or tear something handing the ball off.
  3. Just stop. Smith has earned his chops and the fact he comes from a wealthy family is completely irrelevant in his career aside from him getting in the door at Washington (Smith is a part owner). Obviously it's unproven that he is a good play caller but that was the case with LaFluer too.
  4. There is same major revisionist history here back to the GM hire. First off, the GM hire and HC hires were separate as no GM was coming in here off the bat with the authority to hire the HC. The Titans made it known from the get go. In addition, you had a bunch of core players go to Adams wanting them to retain Mularkey, including Mariota. Add in that AAS had just taken control months earlier and it wasn't like the coaching pool they were looking at was great (remember they wanted someone with HC experience). Ballard did interview, along with Chris Polian and a handful of others. Ballard was notified they were hiring Robinson. Media reported that Ballard and Polian were not keen on Mularkey in their interviews whereas Robinson was open to it. Ballard has done a good job there. Robinson has done a good job here. The big difference? QB play. The Colts didn't look so hot when Luck missed all of 2017.
  5. It was a combination of things IMO 1. Adjusting to the new offense by the players 2. The OC getting more experienced with what works for the talent. 3. Mariota was healthier. 4. Henry ran with more urgency.
  6. I'd love to know if he did tear his ACL. An MCL would be healed by now.
  7. @MIKE75 Your stat line would equate to a 104.7 Passer rating.......
  8. The fact is that he was a colossal bust here while the top 10 pick at the other guard spot busted out. Good old Ruston.
  9. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000001030837/Players-under-the-most-pressure-to-succeed-in-2019 Tomlinson says Mariota is under the most pressure in 2019. Vereen picked Wentz
  10. Some of those numbers are pretty close to his actual totals for the last 3 years 2016-2018 54 TD passes 9 rushing TD's 1101 rushing yards
  11. Yeah one injury accounting for 19 games has some context to it compared to the list of different injuries Mariota has had over the years. Luck has missed more games than Mariota too.
  12. The bottom line is that the team absolutely better get a consistent pass rush or the defense will definitely show a regression in terms of points allowed. Last year, they faced 3 teams ranked in the top 10 in TD passes. This year, they face 7. They faced 8 games with teams in the 20's in terms of TD passes. This year, they have 5 - including 2 versus the Jags and one versus Oakland where teams are expected to be better. The offense will absolutely have to put up more points if they want to contend.
  13. In fairness to Tannehill, he had the knee (sprained ACL/MCL) at the end of 2016 (missed 3 games) and then tore it at the beginning of training camp in 2017. At the very least it was related to the initial injury that did not require surgery. He had a shoulder capsule injury from a direct shot from Carlos Dunlap in week 5 last year and missed 5 games. Contrast that with the litany of injuries Marcus has had. Less missed games but it always seems to be something and Mariota is no McNair - i.e. plays well when injured and limited practice time.
  14. To put some of the production numbers into some perspective. 2017 The average NFL QB (qualified passers) in 2017 produced numbers very close to Mariota's rookie season: 272-433 (62.8%), 3074 yards (7.1 YPA), 19 TD (4.3%), 10 INT (2.4%), TD/INT ration of 1.9, Passer Rating of 89.0 The closest to that profile in 2017 were Jameis Winston and Derek Carr. Mariota ranked as follows in the efficiency based metrics: Completion % (20), YPA (18), TD% (29), INT% (32), TD/INT ratio (31), Passer Rating (29) 2018 The average NFL QB (qualified passers) in 2018 produced 307-468 (65.6%), 3510 yards (7.5 YPA), 23 TD (4.9%), 11 INT (2.4%), TD/INT ratio of 2.5, Passer Rating of 94.6 The closest to that profile in 2018 were Roethlisberger and Cam Newton. Mariota ranked as follows in the efficiency based metrics: Completion % (6), YPA (15), TD% (27), INT% (20), TD/INT ratio (28), Passer Rating (22)
  15. Yeah but say he plays consistently well but misses 2 games. They would likely franchise him. Obviously missing a bunch of games is different. The bottom line is that he has to play well and out up good QB production.
  16. I took it that they would franchise him only if he had a good to great year. If he’s average or worse, you move on because you can at worst duplicate that production at far less than the franchise tag.
  17. Aside from efficiency based standards - passer rating, TD %, TD/INT ratio, YPA - production consistency week to week.
  18. HOF sure but not first ballot IMO. Never a 1st team All Pro. He’s got the longevity and numbers though.
  19. Agreed. As for the OP, I would expect at least a 2:1 ratio of TD/INT, TD% of at least 5.0%, YPA > 7.1, QB rating in the mid 90’s. Obviously he needs to be able to finish the season health wise. Team wise, they need to be a playoff contender and I would caveat the stats with them being meaningful - not padded stats in blowouts.
  20. Dak to me is built a lot more like McNair than Cam. His run to clinch that Seahawk wild card game was very 9 like
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