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  1. BudAdams

    Biden VP Thread

    Rice's son, John David Rice-Cameron (hyphen for a guy, really?) was the president of the Stanford College Republicans and is a Trump supporter. LOL
  2. BudAdams

    Biden VP Thread

    Seriously, how funny would it be for Biden, a notorious political loser as a candidate, to win the election in the pandemic and then die before taking office.
  3. I love the one where he was ruined by the only coach who ever got him to play reasonably well for a brief period and then somehow overcame said bust to take a team to the playoffs 🤣🤣🤣. I'd also love to get an honest assessment from Vrabel or LaFluer too.
  4. Harsher IMO would be not even broaching the "we still look forward to getting him and coaching him....." Why even go there if he's dead to you like you seem to think/hope he is? It's different than how they handled Dodd not reporting. Jon Robinson on Kevin Dodd: 'We want people that believe in and are committed to what we're going to be about" Now maybe they are just waiting for the opt out deadline to pass before changing the messaging but so far it's been more cordial than I would do. Hence, there may be more to the story that we are not privy to.
  5. At the end of his rope, you still claimed that the path to RT playing was an injury to MM and that it would result in a little drop off.......The chance they roll with him is slim to none. This was in OCTOBER 2019...... And as we well know, Tannehill DID get the chance and played at an elite level with the same personnel, scheme, and play caller that dumb dumb had. You never called for him to be benched. You also know damn well that if the team had allowed an open competition, Mariota never would have started a game in 2019. Those are the facts. Go back to conjuring up more lies.
  6. I think if the Titans were completely in the dark, the comments coming out from Robinson and Vrabel would be a lot harsher in tone.
  7. Preach it. They literally almost missed the playoffs with a team that made it to the AFCC because they played the inferior player for six games - games where he literally had two productive halves......
  8. Facts trump your dumb opinion. Before and after the QB switch says everything we needed to know. Of course, even you admitted that Tannehill should play over dumb dumb back in preseason last year......
  9. Well, many of the people I'm thinking of have been constantly wrong so there's that. It's pretty obvious, or should be, on who these folks are. As for fandom, the best advice is to root for the logo - players, coaches, and GM's come and go and aside from a handful of exceptions, the departures are not pretty. The Mariota case was frustrating because in 35 years or so of closely following the NFL, I've never seen a player receive the level of adoration for such mediocrity. The successes were grossly exaggerated and the failures were always excused. The team's handling of him was also bizarre. I've never seen a pity package before.
  10. Now logon as Sarah and tells us how great it is!
  11. Well, some people were clearly high level and the "go team" types and that's fine. I'm specifically talking about a handful of folks that wanted to "mansplain" x's and o's and detail why we were all haters when in fact they had no ability to even watch all 22 and objectively understand all of the things that some of us pointed out for years......Sorry but I'm going to always take some of these folks opinions with huge grains of salt because the trust in their objectivity is gone. Trust but verify and I have verified that the list of people on here who get it is not very long. When it comes to actual football people, I'll be honest that some professionals are pretty fucking horrible too. My respect level for Blake Beddingfield is completely gone and the fucker was a main cog in the bad times. Webster was an awful GM and it's not debatable. His track record was bad before here and stayed bad while here. As for coaches and coordinators, it's about the talent they have. Fucking Whisenhunt has success as an OC and HC briefly when he had HOF caliber QB's. When he didn't, it was a complete shit show.
  12. Merely one week before the Titans finally benched dumb dumb. Sure sounds like you saw injury as the only way Tannehill would play (with a slight drop off of course)! Private Russ, you are on latrine duty!
  13. And you tried to pretend that you weren’t one of the biggest Mariota apologist on this board. You were done with him! Yeah when he got benched.......
  14. Wrong I never said you claimed this during the 2019 regular season but in 2019 (a year ago). I’m 100% correct and you are 100% a liar.
  15. Wrong. You lied, intentionally, because you looked like a fool then just like you do now. I never said you made your comment in the 2019 season, I said a year ago and cited your idiotic June 2019 posts..... You had similar idiotic comments about Mariota during preseason (August 2019) when it was clear Tannehill was outplaying him. Trying to deflect won't erase that you're a moron when it comes to football.

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