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  1. A normal multi-year contract is structured with guaranteed signing bonus money prorated over the length of the deal, likely a fully guaranteed year 1 base salary and/or roster bonus, and subsequent years with either an injury guarantee that can turn into fully guaranteed at a deadline point.... They almost always have lower cap numbers in years 1 or 2 and then triggered base salaries later on to either provide restructure ability or an inducement for an extension/parting of the ways. They can absolutely do a multi-year deal where the 2019 cap number is more in line with what Mariota was paid this year.....
  2. There's really no need to rush it at this point. It hasn't been a week yet.
  3. Using the franchise tag on Tannehill would take up more cap space in 2020/2021 than an extension. Not sure how that would cost them multiple free agents......Never mind the gloss over of alternative QB options at a cheaper price
  4. I would not pay a premium for him....
  5. Who cares what he thinks....He clearly has no idea what he's talking about as he dances from reason to reason why they shouldn't pay Tannehill.
  6. I thought his argument was that Tannehill is an average QB who had a lucky career year and as such was not worthy of a long term market contract. "We could do better"....At least it was a few pages ago.
  7. They sure seemed worn down in the AFCC. One wonders if the path they had to take impacted based on their asinine decision........
  8. Agree that's a big help but there's some philosophical stuff too though. Robinson has built the team a lot differently with regard to free agency, compensatory picks, etc.
  9. Well, QB play is absolutely the most critical aspect of having a good offense and even an expected regression is absolutely good enough. Do I expect the offense to be 90% TD's in the red zone? No. But they can be 70%. Likewise, he may be a 105 Passer Rating guy with a TD% between 5.5 - 6 instead of 7.7...YPA of 8 instead of 9.6.... Nobody on here is setting the floor at historical efficiency levels except you.
  10. Assuming the decision is to keep him, I'd be OK with a 4 year deal getting him through 29 but there's no way you can pay him Elliott or Gurley money given his lack of receiving skills.

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