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  1. So unnamed sources (and local Nashville sources gotta be good LOL) say he's useless and lazy. Anyone who's watched his tenure from afar can figure this out - he's lazy, immature, and to date HAS BEEN useless. Still way too early to throw in the towel and say it's a blown pick. If he's still got all of these issues next July, yeah it's time for concern. And as for his "illness" or "headache", it's clearly being assumed or insinuated that he was hung over but he easily could have migraine's just the same. But putting any kind of stock in what AtoZ or Buck Reising says or thinks is laughably dumb, even for this place.
  2. The play call/decision was good but it was a bad throw as he threw the ball into the coverage instead of leading Raymond away from Roby. The dropback, as noted by O'Sullivan, was weird with the spin..... A good throw is likely a TD or huge chunk play.
  3. Agree that the Titans would be better served spreading them out and throwing quick passes to negate the Steelers pass rush. NE has done this for years against this scheme.
  4. I agree with him that Henry is far more finesse than people assume. He's not trucking over front 7 players like Watt and Aaron Donald....... - it's DB's like Ramsey, Thomas, and Norman. Henry, since the QB switch, has been consistently dominant but it's not in the same way that Jim Brown and Earl Campbell did it. That's all Clark really said. Hopefully Henry throws Fitzpatrick and company aside on Sunday.
  5. If only this had any sense of value. Yeah they probably have the best top 4 but it's somewhat subjective.
  6. I love Vrabel openly mocking the local media and then giving scoops to national reporters. Fuck the Nashville media. They are pathetically awful
  7. Not the first time the team did this. The Stagger Lee play back in 1987 at Denver in the playoffs. Chuck Noll hated Glanville so much that he tipped off the Broncos to watch for this play.
  8. The hilarious piece is that we did see Henry without Tannehill and aside from 3 or 4 games (KC playoff game, Jax game, NYG game) it was pedestrian. With Tannehill, he's been excellent. We've also seen Tannehill still have the offense at a high level when Henry has been out. The game tying drive last week didn't have Henry take one snap. The difference in the Titans 2018-2020 is QB play. Same offense, largely the same personnel on offense. It's really not debatable that Tannehill is the difference maker. It's also easy to see, once you know how bad Miami's OL pass protection was in his Dolphin tenure, that his up and down play was related.
  9. It would help but he'll need more career yards unless his career is cut short due to an injury like Terrell Davis.
  10. This is a completely wrong take/understanding of offensive football. There's this misnomer with fans and even some analysts that teams that value passing efficiency over volume do so to hide a QB. Wilson dealt with this false narrative for years where people would devalue him because he averaged 27 passes a game instead of 35. As for Tannehill, he's playing at peak QB level right now. Like @rns90 said earlier in this thread, what more does he need to do? The Titans have a dominant offense that can drive the field and score TD's in nearly every situation. The one game were they were held under 30 points was the game where Gostkowski missed easy FG's and an extra point AND Brown mistimed catching that pass that would have been a TD.
  11. He does a good job reviewing plays for various QB's. I like his content.
  12. So going from one of the worst teams in terms of pass protection to one of the best is a minimal factor? I think it's a huge reason why he's been consistently great here. If you pressure him in the pocket, it goes downhill for him quick but the same applies to pretty much every QB outside of Wilson or Mahomes. He's deadly accurate when he has time to read the field and make the throws. That didn't just happen.
  13. RT failed in Miami largely due to horrid OL play, which allowed defenses to exploit his weakness - passing under duress. The Titans OL, for the most part, is good at pass protection whether it's with or without play action. Play action is not used to protect the QB. Play action is used formationally to get one on one matchups for explosive pass plays down the field. Tannehill is a very accurate passer with upper tier arm strength when he has time to throw. That didn't magically appear and would succeed in any scheme per se provided the pass protection is good. LOL. A Mariota homer tempering praise on Tannehill and clinging to scheme fit and OC's......We all know why you don't want to credit how good Tannehill and make no mistake - he's been ELITE since taking over for dumb dumb. Thankfully, your opinion is as completely worthless as Scine's on this subject.
  14. Manning had the same TD/INT numbers and Denver WON the SB...... Mariota had more INT's than TD's in 2017 too.

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