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  1. Then there’s this laughable article https://www.titansonline.com/news/titans-qb-marcus-mariota-aims-to-spread-around-the-football-not-the-blame?utm_source=Direct Who is blaming Arthur Smith?
  2. Not really. He’s been consistent that this is who MM is.
  3. Do you really think Mariota’s play is a result of Lewan being out? The film shows him simply not making throws that are open.
  4. Again he’s a good LT. Sometimes he’s very good. He’s also a complete idiot out there at times.
  5. I’ll keep on flipping you off since it bothers you so much.
  6. I flip you off because you are one of the biggest homer idiots on here. You offer zero value on here.
  7. Lewan absolutely is open to criticism. The stupid penalties, PED suspension....
  8. I haven’t trashed Robinson or Vrabel. I have said people on TR overrate them. Lewan is a good player but his douche BS on the field (and some off it) has hurt the team.
  9. He’s a douche. Good LT but he’s no Munoz, Ogden, or Walter Jones either. Hope he doesn’t get popped again for steroids.
  10. Wedge buster! He clearly didn’t watch the game film.
  11. This is a game the Titans need to just take. Winless team albeit a tough schedule to start. Backup/Rookie QB. Dysfunctional with Ramsey. They need this win to negate the clunker last Sunday. If they don’t I will be really disappointed and that’s even with the assumption that Mariota plays.
  12. Yep. This ISN’T new. In the past, the fan boys all blamed anything and everything else. Of course THIS is why the Titans have had zero interest in extending him. It’s also why they have a remedial passing game.