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  1. Atlanta with the slightest thought of snow ain’t great either.
  2. I think Houston is worse but it’s bad. Atlanta is also horrible
  3. Don't forget Smith was also on the wrong end of Mariota throwing what should have been a pick and have it bounce back to him for a TD too.
  4. I felt at the time that Wright was the type of player you can find mid rounds or later. Clearly he had some ability but he's yet another 1st rounder who didn't earn a second contract here.
  5. More realistically, they could have drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005 given McNair was in his prime in 2001 when Brees was drafted.
  6. To your proud point that Titans are 170-163 (.511) in the last 20 years. Well, they were 61-28 (.685) in the McNair/George run from 99-03 that included 4 playoff years, 5 playoff wins, and a SB appearance. The problem was that the team had 4 reasonably good chances to win a SB and didn't win one. In fact, you can argue that they underachieved in their window of opportunity. In the 15 years since, they are 109-135 (.447) with only 3 playoff appearances and only 1 win. Honestly, the only team that really was a legit SB contender was the 2008 team, which again lost their divisional round game at home as the #1 seed. I'm not sure what window the Titans are in right now. They are a solid football team but objectively they are most likely the third best team in their division on paper unless they get dramatically improved QB play.
  7. Individually, Mason was certainly the most productive. Of course, he played with McNair in his prime, which undoubtedly is better than the QB play we've seen since. Overall, the team has been pretty bad at WR evaluations through the years but we could say the same about their QB scouting too.
  8. Upon further investigation, this story is creepy AF. Mildly surprised it wasn't made of porcelain.
  9. Or maybe Fitzpatrick instead of Tannehill? I do like the fact that Mariota and Tannehill are very similar skill set wise though - theoretically interchangeable from a play calling standpoint.
  10. I'd hope that we have young guys who can compete for this spot but there are some OG's out there in FA still, including Warmack! JK
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