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  1. Cian Fahey 😂. How can can he not be signed long term? 🙄
  2. You all realize that he states at the beginning of the article that ''this is ONLY his evaluation of skill position players. The QB, offensive line, and scheme are not considered in his rankings.
  3. I get the Corry projection caveats but IDK. The real question is whether Mariota and his agents, under that scenario of a prove yourself good/healthy year, take a below market deal? The franchise tag will be $ 27 M and probably higher if Goff and Prescott sign long term deals this year.
  4. Intentional or not, Robinson started this when he came out on the day of trade reiterating that Mariota was the starter but that Tannehill is here to "push him". Vrabel has done the same exact wording. One - it's odd when a team adds a backup QB to even broach that. Two, it also reinforces the natural view that the gap between Mariota and Tannehill is small. Mariota is the starter until he isn't but with neither guy under contract beyond 2019, it's likely a fluid situation. The real compelling question, that neither the GM or HC would answer honestly, is how long of a leash does MM have IF his play is up and down and hurting the offense.
  5. BS. It's retarded because it's crystal clear WHY you prefaced the offense's success with Smith's abilities. We've seen film ad naseum where receivers are open and either the ball comes out late or it's abandoned for a scramble or check down. We all know you are the ultimate Mariota homer full of reasons why he's failed to this point. Elevating a mid-level WR who's never cracked 1000 receiving yards in a season to Pro Bowler just adds to the list of your hyperbole. And I don't hate Mariota nor am I rooting for him to fail. Now I don't expect him to be drastically different in terms of consistency/accuracy so I'm not bullish on it happening but I'd much rather see him play great like he was expected to as opposed to what he's been in the first 4 years. I have more confidence that Smith, play calling site unseen, will do better than I have with #8 all of the sudden becoming a top tier QB.
  6. That's not remotely close to what I said. I think they can have a good defense but it could easily regress statistically because of much better opponents on that side of the ball. Plus, they have some question marks in regard to pressuring the passer and whether their CB's can cover top flight receivers.
  7. This episode and the one with Smith were pretty good. They stayed on topic for the most part and let Vrabel talk.
  8. So? It's undeniable that they played a bunch of crappy offenses last season that helped the end results. It's also a reasonable expectation that the schedule has them facing better offenses/QB's this year. The game last year vs NE gives one hope. The games versus Indy show the other side. I'm not saying I expect the defense to be bad. In fact, the defense could be better and they may end up 10th in scoring defense. Still, this isn't the 85 Bears, 2000 Ravens, or 2013 Seahawks either. I expect the defense to slide back a bit statistically. I expect the offense to make a jump up just the same.
  9. You made the retarded statement! "offense should take a step forward unless smith is very very bad at playcalling" Execution of the plays has consistently been a way bigger issue than play calling. The All-22 shows it over and over. Not buying you actually thought Matthews was a Pro Bowl but rather it fit your "poor Marcus" narrative
  10. The defense is a huge question mark IMO heading in for a variety of reasons. Now, there are plenty of reasons to have some optimism - Landry showed potential, Wake was added, Evans and Brown should improve, and the secondary on paper looks good at full strength. Still, the pass rush is unproven at this point and we've seen the good/bad of Butler and Jackson. Saying that, the 2018 opponents on offense in hindsight were much weaker than what they will face this year. Brees, Ryan, Roethlisberger, Mahomes, Mayfield is a far cry from Bortles, Kessler, McCown, Josh Johnson, washed up Eli.
  11. Walker has never been an All Pro. Pro Bowl sure. I missed what season Matthews was a Pro Bowl WR....Oh yeah - it's never happened. I like how you are setting it up for Smith to be the scapegoat if the offense struggles too. LOL.
  12. According to dropped pass stats for 2016, the Titans had the 2nd lowest % of drops in the NFL and 9 for the season. 2/3 (6) of them came in the Broncos game? Really?? I completely understand that the Broncos D was excellent and the game plan was conservative but at the same time Mariota was not "pretty good". As for Jax, Mariota got hurt with less than a minute left in the 3rd quarter. He also wasn't "pretty good" in the stretch before his hot streak. In fact, he had a huge role in the offensive struggles early on.
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