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  1. Mariota was 27th in TD%. Go through the drill smart guy. He was 6th in completion % but average to poor in every other efficiency stat, which by definition doesn't take into account pass attempts.
  2. Without CJ? The Ravens would have destroyed VY
  3. The Seahawks passed less than the Titans did last year. Wilson posted elite numbers.
  4. VY was managed by Heimerdinger to be functional but he was not a good QB. In 2008, however, there's no evidence he was able to help the team. Oh yeah, in 2010 VY went AWOL. Just like in 2008. He was an immature, entitled, limited QB who wasted great athletic ability.
  5. If I recall, there was reference to some stat that had like 5 attempts or something. A sample size so small that it's statistically insignificant. But the leader ot the TR tard army charged ahead....
  6. That's not what happened. You starting using stats that were not applicable and anointed yourself as being right when everyone else knew what you were doing.
  7. In the only playoff game VY played in, he tried to quit at halftime. He then got benched and went AWOL in his very next game AND he had not played all year. No way was Fisher considering playing him and it took an 0-6 start to force the issue. VY was managed well under Heimderdinger and played fairly efficiently in 2009/2010 before he threw his hissy fit in 2010. Saying that, CJ was in his prime and VY wasn't capable of being a good QB carrying an offense. In those magical 16 games you state, he threw it more than 28 times "twice". The AZ game and the Indy game - both of which they played from behind. VY was not a good NFL QB.
  8. You never did such a thing. You don't even understand statistics properly. It was clear back then and it's clear now. You are a fucking moron and all of the quality posters know this. You get mocked for being a tard all of the time. Mariota was getting killed under Whisenhunt. The only thing he would have broken was his body. After the monster TB game, he had as many INT as TDs in the 4 games under Whisenhunt before he was INJURED and missed a game. Only your retarded ass would try to prorate his 5 game stretch while ignoring the trending and market correction.
  9. 2008 - there is ZERO evidence that VY would have done anything in that playoff game. He was a trainwreck. He also didn't have a top 5 QB rating in 2009. It was 82.
  10. His stats under Mularkey were better in 2015 idiot. And more wins
  11. Typo it was 2007 and you knew that.
  12. He had a monster first game and it was downhill from there. He wasn't "great" in those 5 games. In fact, it got progressively worse week to week.
  13. VY? Seriously????? VY in 2017 had 9 TD and 17 INT, the team was 22nd in scoring (18.8 PPG) and that fucktard tried to pull himself out of a playoff game! He started the opener in 2008 and was pulled and went awol after the game. VY had some flashes in his rookie year but he absolutely was a trainwreck and bad QB after that.
  14. Those stats are from 11/9. I know he had a deep pass to Davis that went for a TD in his "perfect game".....
  15. His 2017 was not that great. He had some bad drops and always was crying about being interfered with so he rarely got a call from the refs. I'm sure he'll be OK but I expect more passes to the WR's and Lewis.
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