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  1. BudAdams

    Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    Seriously. Unbelievable that they had to pull teeth to get MM to provide honest feedback. Passive off the field too.
  2. BudAdams

    Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    The last TE coach who was promoted did a great job. Even won a playoff game. Plus he's the one who made Smith the TE coach.
  3. BudAdams

    Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    Hiring from within made a ton of sense in order to avoid learning new terminology. Saying that, who knows if Smith can call a game in the heat of battle as it's a different job than coaching TE's. He deserves a shot. I'd have felt the same if they would elevated any of the other assistants like O'Hara.
  4. True. They are also pissed because the team is much better at keeping things in-house as opposed to prior regimes. The idea that it would get intense media coverage is laughable anyhow.
  5. Too often he doesn’t. Part of the problem 🤔
  6. BudAdams

    Schefter: Packers to Hire LaFleur

    Rodgers can read defenses, throw accurately into tight windows, and can manipulate the pocket. He'll do fine in the system IMO. It's hard to judge MLF's system given the QB play, whether it was due to injury or not.
  7. BudAdams

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    He was just as bad in 2017 in the red zone - BEFORE the nerve injury. It's a huge issue but also a great opportunity for improvement. If the Titans can become a top 10 red zone offense, they'll win a lot of games.
  8. BudAdams

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    MM has been poor in the red zone the last two years. It’s the biggest reason the passing offense and points scored have been bad. The wierd thing is that he was pretty good as a rookie and excellent in year 2.
  9. BudAdams

    Russell Wilson fan page...

    I think he’s top 5 but I think anyone beyond Brady can be nit picked some whether it’s Brees, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Luck, Rivers, Ryan, etc. The Luck versus Wilson comparison comes up a lot as both were in the same class. Personally I think Luck when healthy is more talented but Wilson has won more, never missed a game, and is pretty talented himself. If you look at production and QB efficiency, he’s up their on all time lists with Passer rating, YPA, TD%, INT %, winning %. He’s perfect for how Seattle wants to play as efficiency trumps volume there. I do think Wilson is transitioning like the good mobile QBs do as he ran far less this year and passed a lot more from the pocket. He’ll still run when he has to but he’s always used his mobility to pass first, which is why he accounts for the most explosive pass plays annually.
  10. It’s called complementary football. I’m sure it sucks to make the playoffs annually and make a couple of Super Bowls
  11. I think it was more execution on offense in that game than play calling. They were awful on 3rd down in that game not converting a handful of makeable distances. Plus a catchable TD pass went between Baldwin's hands. That being said, they allowed a 60 yard run to Elliott at the end of the first half that allowed Dallas to go ahead and they let Prescott run for a first down on 3rd and 14 when it was a 3 point game late in the 4th. You beat Dallas by stopping the run and forcing Prescott to pass the ball. Seattle lost the LOS battle on both offense and defense. I don't blame the OC for it.
  12. They lost primarily because their defense could not stop the run from Elliott and the 3rd and 14 draw by Prescott. The Seattle offense had their 2nd best scoring offense in team history this year and were 5th in scoring plus they went from the worst running game in the NFL to the one of the best. Wilson had his best year statistically in terms of TD% and Passer Rating. It's not his fault that Sanchez sucked with the Jets or he had awful QB's and OL in St. Louis.
  13. Yep. The whole thread is full of gems with all of the hand ringing. The rationalization of hiring the TE coach to a position he's never come close to doing while dismissing others with better or similar credentials also is hilarious to me. Why? Because he's Fred Smith's kid? Probably depends mostly on QB play like most coordinators. Brian Schottenheimer is a great example. Roundly panned by fans and media alike, he finally has a good QB and they are 5th in scoring this year.
  14. See the Josh McDaniels experience in Denver and St. Louis without some guy named Brady at QB. Brian Schottenheimer with the Jets and Rams versus the Seahawks with Russell Wilson. 1994 Oilers without Moon. Talent is as important as scheme.
  15. It's about ROI. The NFL average for positional spending at QB in 2018 was $ 18.355 M. The Titans spent $ 9.8 M (27th). The offense ranking in points scored.....27th. In 2019, the Titans will have at least $ 20.9 M on the books for Mariota. Say they upgrade Gabbert ($ 2 M) with a Tannehill, Taylor, or Fitzpatrick and that's $ 4 M - $ 8 M or so. Comps in cap spending would be teams like NE, Seattle, Indy, GB, Atlanta, Minnesota, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Detroit, ... - all with established good to top tier QB's - or ironically Miami and Jacksonville, who have QB's not living up to their contracts. It's not the cost that's the issue. It's the return. Production. TOUCHDOWNS.