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  1. What the fuck was that last drive by the Saints? If you’re going to do that you may as well just kneel or pull your key guys....
  2. I guess you’re not laughing. Risky call by Gruden but game over now
  3. Totally agree. The volume stats are all nice and everything but when you pass the ball as much as their offense does, even to the detriment of winning, it’s somewhat hollow. I had the same problem with Warren Moon to be honest. He never would’ve sniffed the Hall of Fame if it wasn’t for the run and shoot offense Years allowing him to compile gaudy numbers
  4. Stupid PI there. Never would have been caught
  5. Even the field turf is so much better than what it used to be
  6. Amazing how innovation has changed as Astroturf was actually invented because they couldn’t grow grass in the astrodome in the 60s
  7. It’s been proven over and over that people have a really hard time admitting when a one time elite quarterback loses it. Favre, Manning, and now we’re seeing it with guys like rivers Brady and Brees.
  8. And Brees played poorly at critical spots in those games.
  9. Belichick was wearing his wrong all night last night
  10. Isn’t he on IR? Honestly I’m not sure that Peterman isn’t better than Mariota. What’s incredible is he’s making seven times what Cam Newton is making with the Patriots. 😂
  11. many things related to Covid, what’s allowed and what’s not allowed is full of inconsistencies. I’ll at least give the NFL credit that they seem to have the testing protocols down properly. Meanwhile that joke known as college football is fucked up beyond belief. Maybe some players will drop dead from our SEC school.....
  12. Car is pretty average but he still 1000 times better than Mariota
  13. McVay definitely was not following it. It’s dumb anyway given the testing that they do on a daily basis and the fact that none of the players that are active are wearing masks.
  14. Man the media is going out of their way to not bash Brees like they should be doing. He’s an average QB now and that may be kind
  15. Seems pretty selective there. Way more coaches than those 3 are on camera not wearing masks or not wearing them properly.

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