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  1. No question - he was completely overdrafted. So was Mariota. The fact that MM's numbers in his last 20 some games mirrored Locker's speak for themselves.
  2. Wrong. Go back to pineapple pumping. That's what this all really about anyway......
  3. In fairness, he played with much worse OL's and skill players for the most part and he didn't play in an offense that lived off of passes within 5 yards of the LOS like they did with PT in 2018.
  4. That's not what happened. He had a sprained hip and knee and missed 2 games. Locker was way too reckless in how he played and also had some bad luck injury wise too. Most importantly, though, was that he was not consistently accurate as a passer.
  5. Well Ruston, start off by not blowing first round picks on busts. Don't pay a fucking guard a big FA contract when the guy has health issues. Don't hire a HC dead set on playing an offense and defense diametrically opposed to what you had been running and then cry about how hard that is after going 2-14...... Robinson isn't perfect but he understands how to set up a plan and build a roster to fit said plan and has done so with multiple coaching staffs. Webster failed miserably in the same situation and it's why he's back being a scout.
  6. Wrong. He was an incompetent buffoon who had no plan on how to build a roster.
  7. His flaws as an NFL QB are exactly what the scouting report said Mariota had ONE YEAR under the moron that drafted him. The essence of his career was under a regime that catered everything personnel wise to put him in a position to succeed. Likely because Mularkey and then Vrabel/LaFleur/Smith knew what the dolt fans didn't. Everything had to be easy and perfect for him to have success. I sincerely doubt that Robinson and Vrabel would have been dumb enough to waste the #2 overall pick on a player such as PT. You should be banned for even mentioning Mariota in the same sentence with Drew Bress unless it's "Drew Brees is a HOF QB and Marcus Mariota is a backup QB". The irony is that you mention fantasy scenarios and then claim that dumb dumb has the talent and drive to be a great player. He doesn't have either the talent or the drive. There's no way a great player sits out week 17 of 2018 in what was essentially a play in game. No fucking way and it was all because he was afraid the team would pull the 5th year option........
  8. IDK. His lack of success as a GM ranks up there with anyone and he was running the show. And if you go back to when he had significant influence as a Director of Personnel or VP of Personnel (Seattle), the lack of success in the draft is consistent. I think he may be a decent scout but being in a leadership position requires much much more than that.
  9. Ruston Webster was an awful GM and blaming it on ownership is pretty laughable given Tommy didn't engage at all so it was on the football people......Webster's track record in personnel in Seattle and TB was also bad when he worked for Ruskell (who he brought over with him). It's astonishing that anyone on here would defend him. Aside from Lewan, Casey, and perhaps Williamson, his resume of drafting is really really bad and FA wasn't any better. Home run with Walker but then you get Wimberly and Levitre etc. As more and more of the team consisted of Webster picks, the team was one of the worst in the NFL. He blew two top 10 picks on bust QB's plus Warmack also busted out. Unfuckingbelievable.
  10. But I literally despise everyone, including myself! I also wanted to make sure @Tex in a Can and others at least got one vote......
  11. Tannehill is 99.9% a 3 year deal. The things that would have to happen for the Titans to not have year 3 and eat that much dead money are nearly impossible.
  12. Odds of there being any OTA's really make such a move meaningless in the grand scheme of things. One would think, however, that waiting longer would limit the opportunities and money he'd get on a short term deal.

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