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  1. The way I understood it at the time, the decision was made to not have surgery and let it heal with the time frame being somewhat ambiguous.
  2. There's no harm in drafting a QB who at worst becomes a cheap backup and at best is Tom Brady #2. It becomes compelling if they take a guy early or mid rounds.
  3. If they can run it effectively, the play action game should work and that's one area where Mariota has been consistently good at over the years. Ideally, they see a rise in explosive pass plays as a result.
  4. Marshawn lLynch has done the same
  5. His 5th year was guaranteed for injury to begin with before becoming fully guaranteed on the 13th. I'm not sure Mariota could pass a physical so it really takes the economic savings out of the mix. On paper, the made the QB group stronger with Tannehill but let's not forget he has his own consistency and durability issues. He missed all of 2017 and 5 games last year. Why just go from one Mariota to another with no legit backup? Some disagree but there is some pressure on Robinson and to a lesser extent Vrabel. Robinson won a power play with AAS and canned Mularkey after a playoff season and one playoff win. He publicly stated that wasn't good enough. Granted, they made it in a year where Indy played all year without Luck and Watson went down mid-year in Houston but this is a results business. Miss the playoffs again and it's only natural that AAS would be more questioning of the results.
  6. It's really not that hard to figure out. They have a top tier QB from an athletic capability aspect but to date he's been inconsistent (sometimes great, sometimes meh, and sometimes poor) and he's constantly getting injured and missing practices and games. The backups under Mariota have been uninspiring - Mettenberger, Cassel, Gabbert - and twice in three years they have had to play a must win season ending game with the backup. Tannehill represents a true alternative if Mariota plays poorly or gets hurt again and would be a logical candidate to be a 2020 option if Mariota is out. This QB was inherited from the prior regime but the owner loves him and the team has marketed him as the face of the franchise. As such, Robinson did not have the equity to move on from Mariota even if he wanted to up to this point. Now, it's really up to how 2019 turns out and Robinson has put himself in almost a cannot lose position. If MM flops or puts up 13 TD's in a full season again, he moves on as you don't pay a guy $ 25 M per year for that. If MM puts it all together, he either tags him or extends him and looks like a genius for being patient with MM and building a team around him.
  7. I have been critical of some of Robinson's moves as too many IMO were short lived. Saying that, the 2016 offense was a good one and for the one stretch very good. Players come and go - that's the nature of the league. So now Walker no longer is a matchup problem? Humphries isn't one in the slot? Saffold and Conklin's return won't improve the OL? Henry and the OL getting in sync on the zone blocking scheme? Lewis in a complementary role like he was in NE? Taylor building on the last few games when he played well? Davis continuing to develop in year 3? You want to project this idea that Mariota has no help and it's overkill. He's going to have to stay healthy and play well or they will turn to Tannehill.
  8. Who cares what 2015 was with a Webster built roster and the HC twice removed. I don't think anyone disputes that the talent in 2015 was horrible and in line with a 3 win team. You can win games with the talent Robinson has assembled. The challenge now is to get over the 9-7 wild card contender hump.
  9. The idea that the Titans have not attempted to surround Mariota with offensive talent (skill/OL) under Robinson is just laughably wrong. Even if some of the solutions were not long term - namely Murray, Matthews, Decker, and Kline - they invested plenty in upgrading the offense. Davis is a legit WR and Henry obviously is talented enough at RB. As for DGB/Taylor - those numbers are not drastically different from a YPC (13.7 to 13.2) albeit DGB had 40% more targets and a much lower catch %. Also encouraging is that Taylor improved in year 2 where DGB regressed himself out of the league.
  10. The SI article before 2017 goes into how the coaches continually reviewed his mechanics under Mularkey/Michaels. MM also worked on mechanics on his own after 2015 with Tom House and again in other offseason work. Saying that, Mariota admits that he gets sloppy with his footwork and you see it in film from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Personally, I think the challenge is that changing mechanics once you are in the NFL is really hard to do. That's something you want done early in his football career - HS and college. My personal opinion is that he was able to rely on superior athletic skills at the HS and Pac-12 levels and we all know it doesn't work that way in the NFL. VY and Tebow were dominant college QB's too.
  11. It makes sense they considered Ford first - namely age/wear and tear.
  12. Some of them were. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000976004/article/analyzing-each-of-the-11-sacks-the-titans-allowed-vs-ravens
  13. Houston was the on the market because he's really battled injuries the last few years and really under produced in that monster contract. He can still play but I wonder if that 12 M APY is inflated some - i.e. not all guaranteed. Not surprised Ballard was interested since he was in KC.
  14. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/comeback.cgi?player=MariMa01 10 4th quarter comeback and 12 GW drives according to pro football reference. I think the 4QC stat is completely fucked up. It literally counts a 4QC if you are down 3 and score on the first play of the 4th quarter and hold on. Nevertheless, he's had some solid ones: Detroit 2016 KC 2016 Cincinnati 2017 Eagles 2018 Jets 2018
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