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  1. Maybe they could boost their offer if they hadn't literally flushed 7.5 M down the toilet on spoiled pineapples.....
  2. The irony is that FedEx and Nike are forcing this by leveraging their sponsorship and retailing clout to satisfy the woke general public yet both have pretty bad records of exploiting their own employees. FedEx through excessive hours, exploiting drivers through various one-sided agreements, and forcing workers to work in dangerous weather conditions. Nike, of course, uses Chinese slave labor to make their clothing and shoes...... Redskins was doomed to die as a name but all of these corporations, including the NFL, don't really give a fuck about any social causes but rather how they can profit from an increasingly stupid consumer base.
  3. Tennessee already removed their bust. He's the Raiders problem now...........
  4. The Fisher tirade after the trade was hilarious. I cannot recall him ever being so irate.
  5. Live a little and combine all 3 - isn't there some Trump video full of piss, shit, and fucking?
  6. LOL. The NFL has been horrible in terms of their personal conduct and drug policies and the inconsistent enforcement of them.
  7. At some point, the law needs to take control of the situation. Allowing the destruction of public and private property is illegal and should not be tolerated. The more this goes on, the less the focus is on the issues at hand that are real but do in fact take time to implement.
  8. What's the taxpayer cost of doing so? Why the outrage now since it's been there since 1876? Regardless, the mob plans to destroy it tomorrow anyway so her pandering to the masses will have to find some new faux outrage,
  9. The Lincoln one didn't imply racial subservience. Not to mention it was done in 1876. A plaque on the monument names it as "Freedom's Memorial in grateful memory of Abraham Lincoln" and reads: This monument was erected by the Western Sanitary Commission of Saint Louis Mo: With funds contributed solely by emancipated citizens of the United States declared free by his proclamation January 1 A.D. 1863. The first contribution of five dollars was made by Charlotte Scott. A freed woman of Virginia being her first earnings in freedom and consecrated by her suggestion and request on the day she heard of President Lincoln's death to build a monument to his memory. It's one thing to move it to a museum is better than outright letting mobs destroy them but even then does it make sense to spend taxpayer money on stupid stuff like this. If woke America continues to give in to mob mentality, eventually they will decide to destroy anything they don't like and at some point it will jump the shark. If the country had real leadership instead of a bunch of partisan, corrupt hacks, maybe we'd have a chance. Biden is better than Trump but he's a POS in his own right.
  10. Wrong. What it does is diminish the message for equality as the focus turns to this weak woke attempt to deface historical statues. How is this specific statue celebrating the emancipation racist? Because some black lady in Congress says so? The statue was funded by ex-slaves and Frederick Douglass spoke at the unveiling.
  11. LOL. This is getting ridiculous and accomplishes nothing.
  12. The whole family is awful but the kid's the worst. He definitely needs to go get free candy and puppies from the priest that drives the white van through his neighborhood.
  13. The two failed 4th down conversions when the game was still in question were huge and plays that they had converted 100% of the time until the Titan game. Yeah it wasn't technically a turnover but it essentially was.

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