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  1. Yes. He overthew Firkser on the drive where they scored on the TD pass to Kelly. In the one 3rd quarter possession, RT skipped the pass to Brown on 2nd down and hit Humphries for the 1st down on 3rd and 7. The next sequence was 12 men on the field for KC, Henry run for 4, Henry for no gain, Henry for no gain (holding call on Kelly), RT scramble from pressure on 3rd and 11...
  2. Wrong. It means the dolts blaming it all on the offense are idiots. Both the offense and the defense failed.
  3. Wrong. Each team had one possession without a score and then KC drove down from the mid 3rd quarter and scored TEN seconds into the 4th quarter to make it 28-17. The Titans literally had maybe 6 plays in the 3rd quarter whereas KC ran 21 plays in the period. The defense had two meaningful stops all game and one was due to a dropped pass.... In the first KC game, the Titans allowed tons of yards but only 3 TD's and 4 FG's while also scoring a defensive TD and blocking a FG attempt. That's how you do it. Not cry baby. You don't win in the playoffs when you give up that many points.
  4. The Titans had the goal line package in there too. Blaming the QB for not calling an audible there but completely exonerating the play call by Smith AND the failure to win the LOS is laughable. Add that teams that give up 35 or more points are 9-84 in the playoffs since 1990. The Titans needed to win in the red zone, explosive plays, and on 3rd down to win this game and they lost all 3 areas.
  5. A lot of talk on here about how the offense lost the game and while they absolutely played a part, you simply don't win much when you give up 35 points or more in a playoff game. Since 1990, teams are 84-9 (.903) when they score 35 or more. The 9 times that teams have lost in the playoffs with scoring 35 points or more: 1992 - BUF 41 HOU 38 1995 - PHL 58 DET 37 1999 - STL 49 MIN 37 2002 - SF 39 NYG 38 2009 - AZ 51 GB 45 2010 - SEA 41 NO 36 2012 - BAL 38 DEN 35 2013 - IND 45 KC 44 2017 - JAX 45 PIT 42
  6. Not exactly the same scenario...... Locker was completely unproven as a 2nd year QB and Manning was 36, coming off a major injury but with no signs of decline. Tannehill led the NFL in passer rating and YPA while completing 70% of his passes this year. Brady had his worst season in decades and will be 43.
  7. Objectively, I can see Brady wanting to come here, go to the Chargers, and maybe Indy or Chicago if he moves on from NE.
  8. That has more to do with the team around those players though although all have done so..... No one is saying Tannehill is elite and again I think Mahomes, Wilson, and perhaps Rodgers fall into that group currently. Brady and Brees are no longer elite. They were for a long time. So now your options are Tannehill or say Brady and assume the APY is close to the same. I'm going with Tannehill because he's 11 years younger, more mobile, and already has proven he can play at a high level in this system. With Brady, you are buying what he's done, not what he's going to do. Plus the system doesn't exactly play to his current strengths as this is a run blocking, PA passing OL. It's what Robinson built.
  9. There's no way IMO that Kraft allows Brady to leave unless they think he's on the downside.
  10. The flip side is that a team with the best RB and one of the best (and highest paid OL's) could not get one yard on back to back plays.....
  11. Tannehill was only a backup because the team wouldn't allow a competition with you know who. This isn't a Scott Mitchell, Rob Johnson, Matt Flynn scenario. If Brady is so great still, why would NE (in win now mode) let him leave?
  12. Yep. I still expect the Titans to re-sign Henry even though analytics and history say no. He has to be a HOF RB for it to be worth it.
  13. They paid Mariota 21 M this year to not play aside from the pity package
  14. He produced an elite level this year. I don't consider him in the class of Mahomes, Wilson, and perhaps Rodgers. Beyond that, though, he's certainly in the with guys like Cousins, Ryan, Stafford, etc. He's 31 years old. He could easily be in the right system and team at the right time. He's unfairly labeled as a bust in Miami like he's Blaine Gabbert or Mariota. As for the Brady option, 43 years old coming off his worst season? If NE let's him walk with no replacement in hand, it kind of speaks volumes IMO.

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