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  1. Mariota could learn anything at all about quarterbacking by watching or talking to him
  2. You're correct, there was not a fair shot. Good player.
  3. Nope. Mett outlasts Mariota in the NFL, despite the titled odds. Mark it dude. It was always only going to go that way, despite completely tilted odds.
  4. So does Mariota. Mett lasts longer in the NFL than Mariota. Mark it dude
  5. Nah, just spend the veteran minimum & reclaim your starter https://www.cbssports.com/aaf/news/aaf-week-3-scores-highlights-updates-memphis-goes-with-mettenberger-at-qb-keeps-it-close-with-apollos/amp/
  6. Mettshow had 30 & 40 yd td's tonight, free rushers coming in on both. One coming on third & 19. Irrational? More like Tenn had their guy & wasted everyone's time with Mariota. But anywhooo ... https://www.cbssports.com/aaf/news/aaf-week-3-scores-highlights-updates-memphis-goes-with-mettenberger-at-qb-keeps-it-close-with-apollos/amp/
  7. Sadly, the first part cancels out most the other plus sides
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