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  1. They overmatched most of their opponents too, but that's common for the team on top in any conference.
  2. Jackson is nowhere near Wilson's caliber. Way too early for any thoughts like that. He's doing it mostly vs man looks. Teams will adjust. Then we'll see.
  3. I'm impressed that Harbaugh recognized how impossible it was to find the next Brady or Manning, and just go all in on what it took to win games. I still have doubts about it long term. It will be interesting to see how they do as teams figure their read option out, and make Jackson do it from the pocket. Because it always comes down to that. But he's definitely fun to watch.
  4. You guys need to do all you can to get in position to take Burrow. Believe it or not Tua as well. Tua is better than Mariota. Far from as good as Burrow. But way more feel for the game than Mariota. With a lot of work Tua can play.
  5. Trubisky is far better than Mariota, at everything.
  6. On top of it Tannehill has never had a game as good as Metts vs Pitt. Tannehill isn't capable of that type of big boy passing. Which is why he needed no switch from the offense they call for Mariota. The only right call was sticking with Mett in '15. Even if it doesn't work out there's a QB there in '16. You can't force a franchise QB. One is there atop the draft or one isn't. Cannot fabricate one out of thin air.
  7. Had a six part parlay: Took Phi -4.5 Ind M/L MN M/L & under(went over by 2) GB -4 NE -3 Vinatieri got me again. KC kicker booted the shit outa a 54 yarder around 2:00 to play or mn could've run the clock out with the win in the under.