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  1. Tannehill being Tannehill. It’s like y’all forgot what he was with Miami. SMH.
  2. Tannehill has done nothing to convince me he is the guy. He played against terrible D the last two weeks and this week he has been absolutely horrific.
  3. Tannehill is hot garbage. This team has problems. Not a playoff caliber team.
  4. MM played like he has a rookie offensive Coordinator with him who has no idea what he is doing. Checkers vs chess. I hope we get a new qb and OC.
  5. Tannehill started with the ball at the 35 and took 4 sacks and made a pick and couldn’t score. Enjoy.
  6. As funny as 4-12. I wonder what it would be like if we had just hired LaFleur as head coach initially.
  7. I miss Mike Heimerdinger. Pretty much the last time the Tennessee Titans had a top-level OC.
  8. Arthur smith called a sweep pass for a gain of 7 inches, dinxface
  9. You’re a moron if you think we are making the playoffs or anything remotely close. I see 4-12 or 5-11 and a top 10 pick. Take a qb and move on.
  10. Oh god. Tannehill sucks I have never ever ever enjoyed the guy. Fuck me.
  11. I like Jon Robinson but this falls at his feet.
  12. He fires Mularkey and brings in vrabel who then hires Arthur smith who learnt under Mularkey. Lol classic titans move.
  13. Well Jon Robinson. Rodger Saffold? Bad bad free agent signing. Ben Jones? Bad bad re-sign. Dion Lewis? Terrible. Cam Wake? He’s injured. Adam Humphries? So far he hasn’t done anything at all. Our kicking situation? Yikes. Vaccaro? Standing around doing nothing. Tannehill? As bad as Mariota is playing so the change won’t help much.
  14. I’m not sure Mariota is the biggest issue. We still don’t have a bloody kick returner. Being down 7-0 to the best D in the NFL ain’t cool. Yes they are currently the best

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