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  1. Was hoping it would go the other way so Titans ML would be even better :). I expect the team to play well again. Mariota seems so much more confident now with his decision making. Fun to watch!
  2. These last 2 games were dismal perfomances, but I am not ready to just give up on Vrabel. The offense has to get better, but Sunday was the first time the defense really struggled badly IMO. Luckily the division doesn't seem to be near as good as we thought it might be. Being a head coach in the NFL is a pretty tough gig. I suspect Vrabel will continue to get better and we still have a great shot to win this division. The next few games will tell us a lot.
  3. Tampa Bay is jumping for joy. Probably hoping the NFL just extends his suspension for them, so they can keep playing Fitz
  4. Agreed. Hopefully the improved pass rush will help our secondary. It can't hurt
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