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  1. Hey, I agree, but I ended up better than I thought I would when it started. I sure did want that damn helmet.
  2. Anyone that picked the Vikings, is one lucky sonofabitch. As long as both teams were trading field goals in the fourth quarter the Saints were going to cover the points. I picked the Saints and was sure late in the fourth quarter that regardless who won, the Saints would cover. This why I don't put real money on these games because a dumbass player who can't tackle can fuck you over.
  3. Not really a yes or no question. Mularkey has the Titans in a better position than they have been in years but this probably as good as it gets. If Jrob can have someone better lined up (like McDaniels) then you get rid of Mularkey. But I wouldn't fire him if I didn't have someone better locked up.