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  1. Are pigs flying or did Henry just gain yards on a screen?
  2. I’m liking the new look so far. Thank you, Guru, for all the work you put into this site!
  3. Looks like he got it to me, but there were no refs left at that point
  4. this isn’t even a joke anymore, they for sure finished that game
  5. Is Jerry Gray still available? Even he would have coached a better game on defense
  6. Is there somewhere I can read this that isn’t confusing as hell? I hate these damn twitter threads
  7. I'm so glad I don't live in LA anymore, Dodger fans are going to be absolutely insufferable for the next year or so (not that they weren't already). LA is a cesspool of fair weather fans.
  8. I have every box checked and I only see his name when another poster writes it out 🤷‍♂️
  9. While looking at your ignored users list, hit the little gear next to who you want to update and make sure the mentions box is checked
  10. It's already available, just have to go to your ignored list and update the settings
  11. you can set it so you ignore quotes now, I don't see a damn thing about Maker84 anymore
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