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  1. Righteous

    Who wins?

    Early voting was scanned on the day of the vote just like today. Do you seriously think there were that many mail in ballots????? Come on!
  2. Righteous

    Who wins?

    The fake news stations try to convince you of the most unbelievable premises. Now, the early vote is the most difficult to count. Didn’t they have 3 months to count it? I guess they need a few more days. Got to love the foolishness.
  3. With Jackson back, we should be able to get more creative with rush packages. At least that what I am hoping.
  4. I hate the zone coverage too but let’s be honest, Chris Jackson, Tye Smith and Jonathan Joseph aren’t manning up on anyone.
  5. He’s from NY, what did you expect? Never, ever draft a player from NY!
  6. Titans threw for 559 yds, 7 TDs and put up 84 points while Davis was out. As much as I like Davis, the writing is on the wall for him.
  7. Disagree with the defensive statement. Stop being cute and beat the man in front of you. Shit is not rocket surgery. Put players in position to do what they do best.
  8. On Defense, the shit ain’t rocket surgery. The greatest coach ever said “Just do your job.” Dean Pees said “Let’s just do 2-3 things really well.” Vrabel is over complicating shit right now.
  9. @OILERMANapologies for my take on Tannehill. After the fumble, they showed him on the sidelines laughing. I fell in love! Titan TF Up!!!!!
  10. Lol!!! We have a full CV19 outbreak with the Titans. Is anyone worried about players health, players dying, the spread? Nope, your concern and the NFL’s concern in playing games. Quite simply because the big bad disease ain’t that big or that bad. WHO has now stated lockdowns are stupid and before the end of the year WHO will state there is nothing to fear at all. And your dumb ass will be saying “I trust the scientists because I is smart”. But you are really just a fucking parrot!
  11. Lol! It makes sense now but not 3 months ago. Got it.
  12. 20 something days to the election, of course it will magically disappear. They are prepping you for it already. https://www.google.com/amp/s/au.news.yahoo.com/amphtml/who-coronavirus-lockdown-u-turn-221105275.html
  13. Goodell will make an example out of us like he did with Pacman Jones. I hate it!!

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