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  1. Maybe they were suspended because the went against T&C? Just a shot in the dark.
  2. The better way to say this is would you have rather had a Manning led offense or a Mariota led offense in 18. 4300 yards 21 tds. We would have been division champs with that guy.
  3. Conservatives don’t seem to have a good gauge on arguing. Reo didn’t appeal to authority. He spoke as one. Those are two different things.
  4. ‘I’m an aerospace engineer’ ‘yeah well fuck you’
  5. Yes, the 2008 race was brutal and had many racial overtones. It didn’t stop Obama because he was a strong candidate. The 16 primaries were brutal in their own right between the supporters, and it inevitably led to Trump because of the fact Clinton was such a weak candidate. Don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative though.
  6. Wait, you actually think Trump is going to be re-elected?
  7. It wasn’t the Russians, it was Ukraine who sabotaged the election! They were as good at it as they were keeping Crimea!
  8. This is a lesson in how stupid the conservatives have become. Hot damn.
  9. Can’t be picking on the Waltons, you know the family worth 100 billion who has given less than 1% to charity. We have to make sure those guys are good or we are doomed.
  10. The idea is all about the law being applied ubiquitously in an equitable fashion. That obviously isn’t happening. Walmart went 4 straight years having a negative corporate tax while they’re purposely placing their workers on Medicaid. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Billionaires are are paying next to nothing while I’m getting hit for every dollar I earn except the money I defer into a 401k. Simple steps that are easy to discuss with the masses. That’s the way forward for Dems.
  11. Yeah the 401ks only get hit if you take them out before retirement, which in my mind is bullshit the way they do it. See, I’m stuck in minutiae!
  12. I quoted the post where you said ‘even 30% isn’t too much for the ordinary guy’. I thought you meant we should raise capital gains which would include 401ks. I think that’s a bad idea and curbs investment and sends money overseas or into speculative things like gold for the average person. Just flat out cut deductions for rich people and raise their rates. Make the major companies pay their share. Make it a tiered system with deductions. My friend runs a small business with about 20 employees doing apoxy floors. He’s had to pay 35% every year for the past 6 years. Amazon got a return. I guess my my point is people like to get into the minutiae instead of just thinking logically. Rich people are paying less than the middle class. Conglomerate international businesses are paying less than the mom and pops shops. Fix that and start from there.
  13. If you tax 401k’s that is taxing the remnants of the middle class. Like I said, raise the income tax and as you noted take the cap off of FICA before you go after 401k.
  14. I like how they mention the aborted Syrian withdrawal. I thought Republicans hated abortions because they don’t like to pull out?
  15. Hi buddy. Hope all is well. I’m glad I could teach you a new word for today.
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