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  1. Maybe not. I’ve said for months we should run it back and re-sign both.
  2. He for sure was not being conservative!
  3. Why would you ever go for 2 when the kick makes it a 2 possession game? So many calls in this the playoffs have been terrible. Haha and they recovered the onside! Haha this is hilarious
  4. The Bills are making the Titans look really good right now.
  5. I didn’t say he was scared. He was conservative to the extreme. He was so far into his head he thought he could outsmart the situation. The easy, simple, and correct solution was to go for it. I will agree that Vrabel not going for it is a lot different than what we saw with Fisher in the playoffs. Different logic and reasoning. Fisher was conservative by nature whereas it seems Vrabel is conservative by choice inside the belief it’s the right method in any given circumstance. It’s an interesting conversation.
  6. I wouldn’t go that far. Fisher and Vrabel in the playoffs is the textbook definition of conservative. They had their reasoning, but sometimes the reasoning is risk adverse to an extreme. 2000 and 2021 Ravens games are excellent examples. What LaFleur did was the wrong call, but it wasn’t a conservative one.
  7. I always appreciate how you think of these things. That was also my interpretation. He wasn’t being conservative. He was gambling on the situation and it didn’t pay off. Just because the result didn’t work out isn’t why it was a bad call. You simply cannot put your team in a position where you don’t attempt to tie the game when the other team can run out the clock with 2 first downs.
  8. I know what you’re saying. You aren’t trying to justify, merely looking at the reasoning. I thought the same when it happened. Still a terrible call because you end up with what happened where your offense doesn’t get back on the field.
  9. Also, if you don’t convert it limits Arians. Giving them the ball at the 25 (or wherever it was) opened up the playbook for him. Brady threw 3 interceptions. No way they get aggressive up 8 inside the 10 in that situation.
  10. Yep. That combined with the two minute warning put LaFleur in a strange spot, but the fact remains you simply cannot kick the FG right there. You go for it in that circumstance every single time. There is literally zero downside.
  11. There’s no justification. I see what you’re saying, but you go for that 100% of the time. I think the 2 minute warning definitely played into his decision, which only makes the decision dumber than at first glance. You have Aaron Rodgers. Go for the TD.
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