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  1. Of course we were run centric last year. Our QB was injured in the first game of the year. Robinson was very clear about his vision for the offense. You’re railing against our QB and then saying we are being too conservative if we base the offense around the run, which isn’t what Robinson said, which is what Mularkey did. That’s an interesting line.
  2. Vrabel was quite aggressive last year. In the interview with Robinson he said directly when talking about the running game that “31 other GMs would say the same thing”. I don’t see that as equating to a run centric offense. Vrabel isn’t Fisher lite.
  3. Robinson said his philosophy on offense is dependent on the opponent. That’s the correct philosophy. Mariota wasn’t healthy the majority of the season, of course they ran the ball a ton last year.
  4. Just to add to the sticky mine scenario, that would mean forces went directly up to the boat. I’m sure you all caught what I was saying, but it’s an important distinction. I just can’t see that happening, but if it wasn’t a missile then it was a mine someone placed on the hull. That picture is clear. A regular mine doesn’t do that type of damage. It’s an interesting situation.
  5. I wouldn’t think so either, but if you read the account of the captain, he was pretty adamant about it. He said directly he thought the US was wrong and that he and his crew saw something flying in the air. If it was a mine it was a sticky mine (for lack of better vernacular). Which is quite possible. The Iranians have been known to do this. I still don’t see how our intelligence was immediately blaming the Iranian Government for it without even so much as inspecting it.
  6. The whole situation is very strange. The ship captain is saying they all saw something flying at the hull and that it wasn’t a torpedo. If they’re correct, which maybe they aren’t, that’s a missile. It’s hard to get your head around the account. Apparently Iran fires on an American drone (from our account) with a SAM a couple hours before this happened. I can’t wrap my mind around the Iranians using a missile against a ship. That has never been their strategy going all the way back to the encounters we had in the 80s.
  7. This also goes into what I was saying above. There’s no reasoning with these people. If Mueller tried to remove Trump directly think of the reaction.
  8. We disagree then. It’ll be interesting to watch. Watching his interview with Charlemagne that god (what a ridiculous name) showed he has the ability to process not only very quickly but also thoughtfully. I think he’ll shine next to a bunch of old people and a California Liberal.
  9. Mularkey deserved to be fired. He treated the organization like shit with his indignant speech and his offense sucked. Mariota is out of excuses. He played well for a few games last year but was once again unavailable and inconsistent. The two situations are mutually exclusive.
  10. We’ll see if Buttigieg is as uncanny on stage as he is in interviews. I think he’s too young, but there’s no doubt in my mind he’s the only candidate who has the full spectrum of pure intelligence and charisma to go with a good story.
  11. He really did. He admitted as much. I’ve said for quite a while I think Mueller sees this entire thing and would play it out by the fact he truly feels if he made a move on the president it would have led to sectarian violence and Trump attempting to become king. I could be totally off, but watching his press conference you could tell he’s shaken by this whole thing. He knows these people are crooked as all hell and decided to punt it to congress and the electorate.
  12. It’s hard to speak with a dick in your mouth.
  13. I don’t often agree with Big, but he’s right. He doesn’t have an extension because of his production. It has nothing to do with Robinson not picking him.
  14. Seeing as his campaign had over 140 contacts with Russian officials and didn’t contact the FBi I would say it’s well past a hypothetical.
  15. The fact he’s practicing at gunner means he knows his position. Awareness counts for quite a bit. Special teams gives him a guaranteed spot on the roster.
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