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  1. The wild-eyed moonbats on the left cheered about the pre-dawn FBI raid with CNN cameras rolling, or cheered when they thought Roger Stone would die in prison,. You all are getting exactly what you deserve tonight. Schadenfreude!!!
  2. Do you flakes just don’t get it. Trump is the most thoroughly vetted candidate in the history of the United States. Trust me if there were something on him regarding pedophilia it would’ve been out long ago. No we’re getting ready to see the names of all your beloved idols who have been fucking kids, killing them, and maiming them.
  3. Maduro and Venezuela is back on the burner. Some arms are being shipped and we are about to take those ships. A group of South African medical specialists have a vaccine for the Chinese Virus. It has been tested on 300 people with success. They hope to have 300 million does by the end f the year. They want no money for this vaccine and the vaccine would be administered for free to all citizens. Not mandated vaccination. The Three Gorges Dam is about to collapse and flood the entire middle portion of China. The Chinese people want Xi's head on a stake. This would quiet them down for the next 25 years and also the CCP to continue it's hold on power. Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested to keep her from being assassinated by the same group who killed Epstein and Seth Rich. She is singing like a bird. Bill Clinton should not have fucked young teenagers on film. Several others are going down with him. The people of the US is going to shocked to see several people that they admire be arrested for various crimes, including pedophelia. PizzaGate is very real. The left is going to start even more riots when some big names on indictments drop. Good chance that the elections will be postponed because of the violence that is being planned around November. Israel surprised Iran and destroyed their not so secret nuclear missile storage and manufacturing facilities. They do not exist any longer. Israel is in a position to turn Iran into glass and expect things to heat up there over the next 4 months.
  4. Expect many more arrests since the Toilet just got unclogged.
  5. Ghislaine Maxwell is about to take down a lot of scared people, who know that she holds their fate in her hands. The bodies are about to fall.
  6. The same scene has been photographed in the US, Spain, France and other countries. Yes, they are murders, but they are murders being staged to ignite human emotions.
  7. The election researchers tell us that when the black electorate supports a GOP candidate with 13-15 percent of support, the election is decidedly in hand for the GOP.
  8. Flynn is going to be exonerated and Sullivan is going to be in deep hot water
  9. Now that the USA has designated Antifa as a Terrorist Organization, how many f you are scrubbing your social media accounts- including this site? The US DOJ and Military are aware of this site.
  10. You flakes reallize that Antifa members, supporters, and financiers will not be arrested and available for bail? Antifa members, supporters, and financiers can now be taken into military custody, sent to Gitmo, and face military tribunals?
  11. The rioting just ended the virus lockdowns. The rioting just ended the call for mail in elections.
  12. The President's actions are for Freedom of Speech, not against Freedom of Speech. The Twitter and FB were protected by Section 230 of the Communication Deceny Act, which maintains that such platforms are open forums and shields them from individuals and group liability, as long as they are open forum and allow for freedom of speech and opinion, as long as they are not promoting violence. Twitter and FB created and hired editorial boards to ban and delete posters and comments that they did not agree with. You can't do that and be protected by Section 230. Y=Twitter and FB will go the way of the Dodo, after the lawsuits take them down now.
  13. Flake nation only need to realize that the United States has been in a state of Emergency. Hence the POTUS can by-pass the Posse Comitatus Act. In other words, he can nationalize the National Guard, effectively taking control of the force out of the hands of the state Governors. He can send in the Marines and take whatever action to quell civil unrest and the rioting of enemy combatants.
  14. Why is the left trying to infiltrate Q ?

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