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  1. If capitalism is evil and socialism is the answer, why isn’t the caravan heading for Venezuela?
  2. Watching you goofballs try and sell socialism is hilarious. The general public is much smarter than you give them credit for. They will not buy into your marxist propaganda. The reasoning here is mind blowing bad.
  3. Any response by the flakes here, that try token try to reason anything other than this guy was racists trying to create a response with the intent on using it to help politicians create new legislation, is nothing but strawman mentality.
  4. Reading the obsession that you marxists have with trying to reason yourself into believing your tom foolery. The public does not see these things as you do. The general public in this country sees this girl as an outright embarrassment.
  5. Guys, nothing is backfiring. Epstein Island is still an open book to be revealed to the public.
  6. Hearing phone records may leak and the people, with whom he had been speaking with will open some eyes wide.
  7. The President vowed that he is going to declare a national emergency and build the wall.
  8. Sandmann has a high profile attorney,who specializes in slander/defamation suits and he is working pro bono.
  9. Where’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Nobody has seen her in 2 months? She has had some very serious illnesses fir an 86 yearold person. If she is took sick to attend the State of The Union Address and people cant provide evidence that she is even alive, it is time to move forward with a new nominee.
  10. Sandmann and his attorneys are not going to settle. They are going for the jugular of the Left. They are going to win bigly.
  11. So, you marxists are still trying to reason a way to defend Jussie Smollett and the DNC politicians who rushed to judgement and try to legislate and use his case as their reason to grab more power?
  12. I understand how it works. Congress takes the money that I earned and uses it to fund their pet projects. They leave empty IOUs in the SS box.
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