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  1. Process crimes. Not a big thing. John Durham says hello. He holds the big indictments.
  2. Mini-Mike is around only to provide cash to a broke DNC
  3. The DNC is financially broke. They need Mini-Mike's mulah until they can broker a convention deal with Mike Obama.
  4. The Fake News Media has been complicit in SpyGate. Flake Nation, you can bet that Trump, Durham, Sessions, Rosenstein, And Barr will not let this go unanswered and will make that this will never happen to any President ever again. Pain is coming.
  5. So Flake nation thinks Bernie, Sleep Eyed Joe, Pocahontas , or Mini-Mike would beat Trump?
  6. The rats are panicking. Barr will catch them in their own trap and bury them.
  7. The Fake News Media has been the disinformation arm of the DNC. There are going to be repercussions. Just wait.
  8. The fake media news is the only disinformation and misinformation that is presented to the American people.
  9. I want Bernie to get the nomination. Trump would destroy him and win 48 states. Sadly, Bernie won’t be there. The DNC is already rigging and tr-rigging the system to keep him out. There will be a brokered convention with either Michael Obama or Hillary getting the nod.

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