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  1. While Flake Nation sits around the campfire discussing how they were set up by Trump to look like the American-values hating bunch, that you are, the American people are gathering and amassing in Trump’s corner.
  2. Why does Flake Nation go through this mental masturbation? Mike Obama is going to be your nominee
  3. You don’t get a pass for supporting terror because you’re a Black or Arab female member of Congress. Calling out their support of terror is not racist. Flake Nation knows we’re over the target. They’re nervous. We’re going to get louder.
  4. They were getting ready to release 2000 documents in the Epstein case. Hundreds of names, famous names, politicians actors, actresses, religious figures are going to be released. There is a lot of panic taking place. This Should be great.
  5. The Dems are used to throwing haymakers and bombs that the Republicans for the past 50 years and the Republicans have done nothing. Now you have a president who does it just take their shit and throws it back at your face and the Democrats have no idea how to handle that so I will respond by screaming racism.
  6. Trump is killing it. He has forced out the 4 DNC freshmen have made them the face and owner of the Democrat Party
  7. The Dems are in PANIC. They are now forced to lie and say they didn’t know.
  8. If they are from a country other than the USA and Mexico and try to enter the US, they must seek asylum from the country that they are fleeing, with Mexico.
  9. We are a sovereign nation of laws. No other country or group of countries can tell us what we can do or can’t do.
  10. Trump has exposed the fake news media by himself.
  11. The country is rocking on the wave of success and Flake Nation hates it.
  12. Yes, we are going to see televised military tribunals
  13. Flake Nation, first loves Mueller, then hates Mueller, then loves him again and now wants to protect him. which is it Flake Nation?
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