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  1. https://twitter.com/stormisuponus/status/1121565823309508608?s=21
  2. JRob is going to make a move up that will stoke the hometown crowd
  3. Trump is the guy who is cleaning up the DC culture
  4. JRob is not going to sit still and wait for someone to accidentally fall to him, in front of a home town audience. JRob is going to make a big splash tonight. Just watch.
  5. I saw Lock in person in Knoxville this past season and he impressed me more than the other QBs that I saw play, including Tua. Hue has great hip and shoulder rotation, quick release, incredible arm strength, ability to hit the seams, go deep with touch, and has great mobility. I believe he has the brightest future of all QBs in this draft. I would hate to miss him because someone thought MM is someone that he has not proven to be.
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