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  1. The Dems and their cohorts in the media focused the nation’s attention on Ukraine. Now the truth is coming out and Biden will be going to Sing-Sing.
  2. Mariota got out-played by Jacoby Brissett and Gardner Minshew in consecutive games. Let that sink in.
  3. You know that the hammer is about to come down when Deep State attempts a coup d'eat of the Supreme Court. Military Tribunals on order. Just watch.
  4. All of the malcontents and locker room cancers tryng their best to force a trade.
  5. The last knows that there’s gonna be a lot of political issues they’re gonna be taking place in the next year so they’re trying to create as much bullshit as I can. They know that RBG is circling the drain and they know that Cavanagh does believe in military tribunals has been constitutional.
  6. We are in our fifth year with Mariota and we’re still seeing the same issues that he had on day one. He’s a great guy but he’s not the guy that’s going to take this team on his shoulders and take this team anywhere but home come playoff time.