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  1. NElson is like Lewan in the first couple of years, ha that mythos of just pancaking everyone. But Nelson just gets on with it and isnt Bussin with the boys. He's had some serious highlight reel plays, but at the end of the day as @TheBukafax says, he's one guy on a line of 5
  2. huge game for both teams. Im expecting to get to 10-6 which means we beat everyone bar the Saints. Texans gonna win 2 and lose 3 (titans and Pats) colts will win 2 and lose 3
  3. Bouye has been on the end of that stiff arm too many times
  4. you're not comparing apples with apples, both Mariota and Eli were the starters and were paid as such. The others were all paid to be back ups. However Mariota if he goes somewhere as a back up isnt going to be making anywhere near 20M, even as a starter i dont see anyone paying near that.
  5. If this is what Neely gets, when Mitch dies, place gonna shut down