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  1. More likely he held a seance(or however it’s spelled) with McNair
  2. Where’s the video of that kid predicting 20 or more holding penalties on the titans? He’ll be pissing his pants and crying for the rest of the year
  3. That was "The Last Boyscout" with Bruce Willis actually lol
  4. I heard that was their new tourism campaign slogan......
  5. What I love about this pic, is the fact that they say he may not be ready until the last half of the season. We have four out of the last six games that are division games and they may seal the division. If he’s healthy by then then we may steal the division
  6. I got lucky and used my son's college ID and account and got Sunday Ticket at the discounted price. I had gotten rid of my Direct TV last year as well
  7. Thanks guys! It was fun. I went from having all 16 sweet 16 teams to only having UVA in the final four and still somehow squeaked it out
  8. I've only got 16 left......LOL