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  1. Turns out he is definitely not for the boys.
  2. Titans - 31 Chiefs - 28 It's going to take an even better plan than what they drew up against the Ravens.. but I think they can pull it off. Execution in coaching and playing is gonna have to be flawless. This week is unfortunately dragging on.
  3. https://www.titansreport.com/topic/37441-that’s-it-fellas/
  4. I'm not sure there is anything he can really do to convince the front office of that. It has become a big position of need. I think he will ultimately be here next year as the bridge QB, but they have to draft one.
  5. I don't think he seemed upset, but there did seem to be a big contingent of Pats fans. I think he was really just saying it was a hell of a game.
  6. I would've loved to have gone. Ticket Exchange, VIvid, SeatGeek.. all seats were over 300 dollars per ticket in the upper sections. Absolutely crazy.
  7. They should at least consider trading for Sanders. Thomas hasn't quite looked the same since Manning retired. Only question is how much would it cost us, obviously.
  8. Had he said something to the tune "we will evaluate x, y, and z in the weeks to come" then maybe, but to stand up there after last night and say everything is good moving forward is just blatant stupidity on his part.
  9. If he truly believes what he's saying then he has to go. Absolute craziness to believe there's no reason to change this staff up.
  10. Imagine being ownership watching this game period.
  11. Probably because he knows this is likely going to be his last head coaching gig. Willingness to change could be the only thing that saves him.

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