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  1. Ugh. Skipped like 11 pages of this thread. The Mariota conversation has been the same looping talking points for six months.
  2. TE is maybe the slowest development position in the league. It takes time for these guys to adjust from college where a lot of these offenses don’t use TEs nearly the same way the league does. Give Jonnu some time. He was coming along until the injury I thought.
  3. Guy put up big numbers, but didn’t he lead the league in missed tackles...by like a lot?
  4. Didn’t like 5 or 6 UDFAs make the roster and practice squad last year? It’s perfectly fine to get excited about these guys. I don’t think anyone seriously believes these guys will make huge impacts as rookies, but we see great UDFAs across the league every year. Some of you guys go out of your way to shit on positivity lol
  5. At season’s end: If Mariota turns out to be your guy? You pay him and let Conklin walk. Replace him for cheaper cost or use a draft pick (since you don’t need a QB) and collect a comp pick. If Mariota isn’t your guy and Conklin shows improvement? You tag him or extend him and draft a QB. Then continue to have two bookend tackles while new QB is on rookie deal.
  6. Glad to see the board coming around 😝 But I do hope he improves and earns that second contract. Not too many teams have two good starting OTs.
  7. I’m pretty sure my hypothesis that JRob works with those guys pretty closely is true lol
  8. This guy is purely a box safety right? They must like Cruikshank or Webb at free? I like the player, I’m just not sure how he gets on the field unless he takes Vaccaro’s job or we run more 3 safety looks.
  9. Son of a bitch! I like Anthony Nelson too. Start of an edge run.
  10. I still think Jimmy Moreland will be a Titan before day’s end.
  11. I had us taking him later in the draft. Like the frame and footspeed.
  12. I hate the AFC South so much. Of course when the titans start to turn it around, the division gets better too.
  13. I ended up with 1. Simmons 2. Deebo Samuel 3. Erik McCoy 4. Jimmy Moreland 5. Maxx Crosby 6. Nate Davis
  14. We’re going to have to agree to disagree there.
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