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  1. I thought I picked up a lil sum sum when Jeffrey Simmons was brought up. Probably reading what I want to into it. I am no poker player lol
  2. I just listened to the SI Mock Draft podcast and man is Andy Benoit a dolt. You can really tell he learned everything he knows from Matt Millen.
  3. Mike Renner from PFF (who I do like) had us take a safety in the second and a guard in the third. While that is probable the reasons he gave was like he didn’t know we just paid Vaccaro and that we “lost both guards this offseason”. As if we didn’t just pay Saffold. It seems more and more each year that Brugler is the only big expert that really really knows each team’s roster.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Jimmy Moreland. Might be later round, but this is the highest I could see him going.
  5. Turron seems like a pretty smart dude and a pragmatist to me so that is pretty surprising to me.
  6. The only downside apparently is off the field stuff. Brugler recently said a scout called him a “weirdo” whatever the fuck that means. In NFL personnel terms that probably means he reads or likes to travel or something totally harmless.
  7. There’s a lot of speculation that Houston takes Dillard if he’s there. That’s the only reasonable reason I can think of why they would bring him in. Unless they might move Conklin (highly doubtful) or the media is much higher on him than teams.
  8. I fully expected a car joke when I opened this thread.
  9. I’m talking about his play when he WAS healthy. Obviously not going to draw a narrative on an injured guy.
  10. Who cares? Is it affecting the divine and hallowed practice of...paperwork? Lol Guy identifies as a Titan for life and gave us some good years. Let him have it.
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