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  1. It seems like Barr’s name doesn’t come up in the media as much lately as Trey Flowers, Preston Smith, Za’Darius Smith, Clowney, etc. Have to wonder if the league feels the same. Hopefully that means we could get him at a great value. Would love to see what Pees and Vrabel could do with moving him around. Anyone watched him and seen why some of the luster has fallen off?
  2. I haven’t personally watched any of them yet, but the names I hear most for 1st-2nd round guys are Jonathan Abram and Taylor Rapp
  3. I was wondering where that was coming from
  4. Zane Beadles is horrible. Also, I will be shocked if wherever Spain goes, he doesn’t start.
  5. I wasn’t basing my opinion on the Miller article. I’ve been vocally against taking Lawrence in the first for months from watching him play.
  6. I think there’s some people on the board that want Lawrence at 19 lol
  7. I was just originally speaking to assumptions we shouldn’t pay an IOL purely because we’re going to be paying two OL big money with Conklin and Lewan. That’s dangerous thinking in my opinion.
  8. I was talking about an extension, but they very well may not. Obviously, I’m rooting for the guy, but he hasn’t shown me he deserves a big contract yet.
  9. *Looks around. Whispers* Don’t assume Conklin is going to get a huge contract JUST yet.
  10. That’s a bummer because I like him but that makes sense to me.
  11. I understand how a 2 gap defense works lol. I’m just questioning the pick from a value perspective. Feel like we can get a potential pro bowl edge rusher at 19 this year. If you think he has juice as a pass rusher, I’ll concede this one to you for now. Lot of process left though.
  12. Haven’t studied him, but doesn’t he have a reputation as not much of a pass rusher? I feel like you can find guys like that later in the draft than what Lawrence will probably cost.
  13. No word on who the Titans met with, eh?
  14. Highly recommend this show to people interested in the draft. The coverage is based around the Cowboys, but there’s a lot to glean on players in general. Been listening to it for a couple years.
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