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  1. *Cleans glasses* Is...Is this a post that isn’t about Mariota?
  2. We’ve got another team here and practice in pads and media is only watching and reporting on individual passing drills and 7 on 7 shit 🙄. The least useful information we could get.
  3. He played QB for Wisconsin. Got moved to WR by Seattle.
  4. Tannehill has looked ridiculously calm in the pocket.
  5. Backup Oline is looking good. Wish I had gamepass so I could get a better look at those guys
  6. When EXACTLY did the quality of posts and threads in this forum fall off a fucking cliff? Was it when Jonboy stopped being as active? My eyes glaze over just about everything except for Aussie and a very select few others’ posts. I’m not excusing myself from the low quality either. I fully acknowledge that I don’t make threads ever or post as often these days, but it’s so damn disinteresting around here, it’s hard to want to. The level of trolling is even abysmal now. Maybe it’s all on me and it was always this way.
  7. I really wish more media folks would pay attention to the offensive line outside of who’s playing what snaps with what unit. There’s a lot of intrigue there with the Lewan situation, RG, and Conklin’s return. Being the first day with pads on, I would like to hear more about what’s going on there. How does Stinnie look? Why is Jamil Douglas getting so many reps with first and second team? How is Levin developing? Etc.
  8. Uh...Casey? Is this still a holdover from last season?
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