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  1. That’s a player to player type of thing. Most guys can make the switch, but it might be harder or take longer for others. It can be kind of like learning to write with your opposite hand. When you’ve programmed your body a certain way over a long period of time it can be hard to get out of that rhythm. Thousands and thousands of reps of the same footwork, hand placement, and general instincts can be hard to unlearn. Being a better athlete can make that transition easier though. I can’t say for sure either way. I would like to imagine they both could though.
  2. Whoa! Didn’t see that coming but all for it.
  3. Ehhhh I’m not so sure about that. Brugler thinks he’s going in the teens FWIW.
  4. I bet Marcus is more of a Xenogears kind of guy.
  5. 100%. There was probably something else going on besides on-field performance.
  6. Good signing though. Hopeully Saffold will remain as consistent as he was the last 2 years as opposed to earlier in his career.
  7. I think the team likes Finch a lot more than people think. Probably think of him as a guy that can fill a role well enough that they don’t have to overspend on a player. I’m sure they’ll bring in a middle tier guy to rotate with him and Landry. Also draft a someone to compete.
  8. I quit this team if they don’t pay Byard.
  9. This thread title is very deceptive at a time like this lol
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