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  1. NFL Teams coming off the bye this year are 8-16. Not a good sign coming into today.
  2. I agree with a lot of what @Number9is saying. The HUGE problem I see is that we no longer have 3 branches of government. We have 2 to 2.5 at best. The Republicans work for Trump. The Democrats worked for Obama. It was never suppose to be that way. The Republicans should be just as interested in finding out if Trump did something criminal as much as the Democrats are. Congress shouldn't work for the White House, but they do.
  3. The invalidation argument is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Trump is the President. He won. No one is disputing that. No one is trying to take away his victory. The current impeachment hearings is about stuff that happened AFTER he became President. If the House impeached him and the Senate somehow removed him in February of 2020 for example, how the hell does that invalidate the results of the 2016 election? Bill Clinton's impeachment doesn't invalidate the 1996 election. He still beat Bob Dole. It's just silly. The Titans lost to the Patriots in the playoffs and then beat them a few months later in the regular season, the playoff win still counts for the Patriots.
  4. Look untrustworthy? She needed no help with that. Unless Hillary Clinton was standing at the gate in Benghazi with a high powered rifle she couldn't have stopped the attack there. She handled it poorly, but she didn't cause it. This is Trump's own doing. But we are losing critical thinkers here. That's how Trump got elected to begin with. America just said "Sure. Whatever. He'll be fine. They're all the same anyway."
  5. The common theme is "We want an investigation for this money. Whoops too many people are asking questions, so nevermind."
  6. This man said it was ok to "grab them by the pssuy," as well. 63 million votes later, here we are. I'm talking about the uninformed, which is most people.
  7. But you have to be interested first.
  8. The problem is America has the attention span of a 3 year old. We will move on to something else by the time the Democrats find the evidence that Trump is a crook.
  9. What this whole thing did reveal for me at least is how absolutely chaotic and loose this administration is. Crime or no crime, anyone who actual looks at the details of this can be ok with what's going on here. America is better than this. And I would say the same thing if this was Obama, Bush or Clinton. This kind of disorganization and chaos can't accomplish anything great. The economy is on autopilot. But America's has the best economy the world has ever seen so our autopilot is really good as well.
  10. This is an L for the Dems, but Trump sustained some injuries. There's not enough here to remove him from office. There's no smoking gun at all. Just a lot of suggestions, winks and nods.
  11. Do I think that Trump or any President knows about every single investigation open by the DOJ? No. Do I think Trump would know about an investigation into the former Vice President of the United States who is a serious threat to beat him in an election? Yes. He would know about that.
  12. I could not agree more. 100 percent accurate.