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  1. The Green New Deal is NEVER going to pass, no matter who the President is. It's just a statement by progressives and a talking point by Trump supporters. Stop pivoting to things that are never going to happen to distract from Trump's failures.
  2. Get real. None of that stuff is ever going to pass the Senate and you know that. Just like the boarder wall didn't pass the House. It's all talk.
  3. I understand. But that's what I find so interesting. While we are here in this moment with Donald Trump as the President of the United States........FOR REAL, we need to understand exactly how that happened. And expose whatever forces made that possible. Since January of 2017. We've had 4 different people who've had the title Secretary of Defense (acting included). We've had at least 3 different people with the title of Attorney General (acting included). We've had 3 different people who've had the title Secretary of State (acting included). That's 10 different people in less than 3 years who've held some of the highest positions in the entire government. I want to understand, how we as a country allowed this level of dysfunction to take place.
  4. That's pretty weak. It's America you know. You can disagree with the President. It's ok. But if you don't want to be an independent thinker, that's ok too. God Bless America. I don't plan to vote for the President next fall and I think this Elizabeth Warren and Native American episode is really stupid on her part. Talk about an self inflected wound. She lied about something no one cared about to being with. For somebody who is suppose to be so smart, that was pretty dumb.
  5. Smh. Who is "the left" anyway? Who could say something about Warren where you would feel like "about time." And where do you disagree with Trump?
  6. "The left" won't criticize Warren no more than you will criticize Trump and you know that.
  7. None of what you say is believable because you'll bad mouth whoever the Dems nominate anyway. Like a Predators fan during the starting lineup of the opposing team. Biden: Sucks! Sanders: Sucks! Warren: Sucks! Harris: Sucks! Democrats suck! Libtards suck! That's real weak. Get a new script.
  8. Awful attempted tackle by Adore Jackson on that first down play.
  9. Lewis is very different than Derrick Henry so hopefully they can find some flow when he gets back.
  10. An easy throw. But a nice throw none the less.
  11. Hope Mcnichols finds a job somewhere in the NFC.
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