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  1. People are going to feel good about removing Trump, NOT voting for Joe. Let me be as clear as possible. NO ONE WANTS JOE BIDEN TO BE PRESIDENT. No one is excited by is ideas. No one is excited about what he has to say. This is about removing Donald Trump from the Presidency, nothing else. This is an anti Trump vote, VERY MUCH, like the anti Hillary votes that put him in the White House to being with. K?
  2. Biden IS NOT the male version of Hillary. Not even close. The key difference between them is simple. People hated Hillary Clinton, with PASSION. Nobody hates Joe Biden. That goes a long way.
  3. Because letting American Airlines fail means 128,000 people out of a job. "Oh. Someone will just hire those people." The other airlines are not hiring 128,000 people or anything close to it. "Oh. Someone will just start another company." And how long will the new airlines take to get off the ground? 3 months, 6 months, 18 months?
  4. Hey @Rolltide Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,000 votes in 2016. Joe Biden was born in a small town in Lackawanna County Pennsylvania. 51,000 people in Lackawanna County voted for Hillary in 2016. 61,000 people voted for Obama and Biden in 2012 in that same county. Good Luck!!
  5. NFLStudent

    Full meltdown

  6. Colts have done well. They've added some impact pieces. But I ain't scared or nothing.
  7. Those U.S. companies you want to bring back here from Asia, how do you solve the cost of labor issue that they are going to have?
  8. NFLStudent

    Can Sanders Win?

    This is real simple. The Democrats made a calculated decision that Biden can get them this map and Sanders can't. And that's it.
  9. Biden's path to victory runs through the midwest. Pick Amy Klobuchar. Secure Minnesota. Pick up some women votes. 12 years in the Senate. 59 years old. Won't overshadow Joe. She'll also help lock down Wisconsin and Michigan.
  10. So. Is this the storm? Or has it already happened.
  11. All of this Trump stays beyond a second term is a bunch of crap. Especially if the United States House remains with the democrats.
  12. Go ahead and launch an investigation and impeach Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors. Go for it. He should be held responsible. After that. You should impeach Hillary as well. Enough is enough.

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