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  1. The lack of impeachment has ZERO to do with the Democratic nominee. Biden, Bernie, Mayor Pete, Warren, Beto or Harris do not have the the power to draft nor vote on impeachment. The Senators might vote on conviction after a possible impeachment but we are a long way from that. How anyone ties impeachment to any of the front runners I have no idea.
  2. If all that is going to happen, you better tell someone else to give the orders, because according to Mueller, few are actually doing what Trump says.
  3. How do you know the warrant was based on the FISA warrant and dossier? Let me guess. "Just wait until..........."
  4. We know. If there was no point then, why is there a point now? Revenge?
  5. You have a tape of the convo between Lynch and Clinton? Why don't you launch an investigation to prove it?
  6. He has ZERO answer for that question.
  7. Do you really think that the Democratic base won't vote for the Democratic nominee because they didn't pursue impeachment?? Really?
  8. Obama didn't do anything close to enough to deal with Russia under his watch. That's clear. None of that means their wasn't evidence that there MIGHT HAVE BEEN a connection between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Enough evidence to warrent an investigation. So Trump knew he didn't collude with Russia. So instead letting the investigation find that fact for himself he decides to fire the FBI director which cased an even bigger investigation. Obama looked weak dealing with Putin. We knew that already.
  9. Ok. If you don't believe that Russia didn't at least TRY to interfere with the election then no wonder you think the rest of this makes no sense.
  10. I'll task again. Did Russia TRY and interfere with the 2016 presidential election?
  11. He didn't know the rules of the Presidency. He also didn't really believe he was going to win. None of this was really suppose to happen. But it did.
  12. I'm checking the 2020 polls numbers in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
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