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  1. Mayor Pete needs to be moved somewhere high profile and non voting. Like Secretary of State or UN Ambassador. So that he's ready in 2028 or 2032. He's got plenty of time.
  2. How good was Steve McNair? The Titans are still looking for his replacement. Of course #9 should be retired.
  3. Your understanding............ Ok. Your understanding................. Ok. Is that your understanding as well? Glad you know that. Not sure everyone else does. Do I think police officers are going to confiscate guns that were bought legally but are banned now? That's not my "understanding" of what Mr. Biden is proposing. I actually read the very limited section on guns in his educationa plan on his website and I didn't see that at all. It did say "In the months ahead, he will release additional proposals to address the gun violence epidemic in our country," so clearly we have a different understanding.
  4. I don't know what war on guns means. What I do know is "They want to take away our guns" has been a rally cried used by Republicans including President Trump for years. All I'm saying is, new bans or restrictions on buying guns is not the same as gun confiscations.
  5. I still don't see anywhere here where they are asking anyone to turn in weapons.
  6. https://www.businessinsider.com/dollar-tree-breaks-dollar-promise-more-expensive-products-2019-5
  7. Try what again? Kicking babies live. You said earlier in this convo "Why do you make this so hard?" Smh. I don't know when life begins. Kicking babies live. So 16 weeks it is then. Sure. You "got me" or whatever.
  8. Oh. So the late term abortion. Sure. I guess we shouldn't use abortion against kicking babies. Whatever! I know there's only 2 sides of this issue for you. Right and wrong. But for some of the rest of us, it's not that simple.
  9. Biden needs no help in the black community. He'll do a few events with Barrack, they will tell some funny stories in Detroit, Milwaukee and Philly and that will be all that's needed for black outreach. If I were Biden, I would pick Rep. Tusli Gabbert. Young. Woman. Military. Dosen't hurt you.
  10. Forget the national polls. Look at Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin polls Trump vs Biden. That's all that matters.
  11. First and foremost Mark Levin is an outstanding broadcaster. The show is always engaging and entertaining. Always. But for all the reasons he came up with as to why Mueller didn't want to testify, it dosen't explain why many Republicans were against him testifying. Wouldn't Sen. Graham and Representatives Meadows want all of those questions answered under oath as well?
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