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  1. Vrabel and PK need to just have a fist fight and forget it.
  2. Tampa Bay plays in the NFC and it looks like they need a QB. The one they have threw 5 INTs in London.
  3. What did Ukraine get in exchange for Hunter Biden's position and 6 figure salary?
  5. I understand. There's no question that the Democrats CAN NOT WIN a Presidential election without the African American voter base. So it would make sense that they would do almost anything to hold on to them. There's also no question that there is a growing amount of dissatisfaction among African Americans with the Democratic party. Especially among young African Americans. Although where I do differ with you is that, I believe the larger threat for Democrats is not that the African American base will go third party, it's that they will just stay home period.
  6. So......... The Vice President of the United States forced Ukraine to fire their own prosecutor in exchange for his son getting paid $100,000 a month from Ukraine's Natural Gas Company? And what did Ukraine get out of this deal?
  7. Interesting. You are a side of America I don't get to engage with very often. What is the DNCs goals with their control tactics and sabotage? What are they afraid of?
  8. I disagree with her point of view on most of the things she said in that clip. I do agree that people should be able to vote for whoever they want without ridicule.
  9. Never said she was lying. She believes that or says it for profit.