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  1. Police officer pulls over @ben4titans Officer: Do you know why I stopped you? Ben: No. Officer: I clocked you doing 105mph in a 55mph zone. Ben: Oh Please!! People do that all the time. 12 more people have passed us going faster than that! Why don't you stop them? Officer: Yeah........Can you please show me your license and proof of insurance?
  2. Well........that isn't true. Truman was overruled in 1952. Although I'm still unclear if that was an executive order or an emergency declaration.
  3. Everyone who has EVER worked for this administration deserves a medal and free dinners for life. There are some true American heroes who have clearly done great work to keep this country on the rails during his tenure.
  4. @Soxcat Let me guess. Biden Sanders Booker Beto Harris Warren Brown (Ohio) And Rep. Nobody (D) Are all fall left socialist libtards. Right?
  5. We are slowly losing our country over this crap. Just two extremes saying crazy things about the other side. Please tell me who and when among the 535 elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate who, said "we should ALWAYS believe the women." Or are you just talking about the protesters at the Kavaugh hearings? If an elected lawmaker said such a thing, that would suggest they don't believe in due process and that's a serious problem. If Sen. Booker said "we should ALWAYS believe the women" I for one have a huge problem with that.
  6. Is calling Booker "white boy" suppose to be an insult or something? What are you trying to say?
  7. Oooooook. There is ZERO way to prove that Blasey-Ford was telling the truth or lying. Either you believe her or you don't. The same with Fairfax and Tyson. Men and women lie every single day about this stuff. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. The difference between Fairfax and Kavaugh is the people can and will make a decision about Fairfax up or down in a couple of years. Kavaugh is confirmed and there for life. Like it or not.
  8. NFLStudent


    Which seats? Alabama is going back to the Republicans. Colorado is going back the Democrats. Unless someone dies, the rest is a wash.
  9. Bernie didn't get the nomination because no one believed Bernie could win in the general. The powers that be among the Democrats believed he would scare the crap out of key swing state voters. The Democrats believe Bernie has no shot in Virginia and North Carolina. And forget about Ohio, Wisconsin and maybe even Michigan.
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