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  1. Fucking nonsense. The steel curtain was not dropping their LBs 20 yards downfield. These defenses are 20 years apart and the offensive designs they faced were wildly different.
  2. Dungy also was the originator of the Tampa 2 with Kiffen. That team was built under his watch and won a SB shortly after his departure using the same defense to be known as an all-time D. He did a little more than carry Manning's notebook.
  3. Undeniable that we look better with Tannehill but this title is a skewed statistic due to sample size and some short fields. We are still getting minimal production from our WRs. I refuse to believe it is a talent issue given our investment at the position and what my eyes tell me about each individual WR. I have concerns about our scheme - specifically route combinations.
  4. ^He's the most reckless QB I've watched this year. I think we'll do well against him.
  5. This is a treasure trove. Thank you. - We lost a lot of plays to designed roll-outs, screens and other things I'm hoping we only tried to aid our left side. We did a lot of chipping and a lot of horizontal movement behind the LOS. One read option play-action involved Jonnu cutting behind the entire line from right to left post snap to block the edge... Jonnu picks him up in the backfield and pushes him past Mariota who looks oblivious until he pumps getting the rusher to bite and steps up to deliver a strike. Great play by Marcus and Jonnu but this is a lot of trickery to go through to simply block an edge rusher. - AJ Brown embarrassed the CB on the long TD. Looked like cover 3 or possibly man with 1 deep. The Titans run play-action in a tight formation with 1 wide. Brown takes an outside release granted by the CB before attacking the CBs low foot. He turns him inside and then out getting wide open on a beautiful route. I want to say the CB was likely in cover 3 expecting help to the inside but play action drew the LBs and a seam route by Jonnu on the opposite side from AJB made the safety pause as Jonnu was drawing even with his coverage. The same CB overruns AJB and let's him back outside before missing the diving tackle to stop the TD. - Pass protection is an issue right now. Marcus dealt with way too much traffic changing his platform. - Titans had a few deep routes dialed up that were never thrown. - A lot of designed plays for 5 yards... quick outs with a route combined to push coverage or pick, check to a QB draw after spreading the field against a wide 9, check to a TE bubble after motion doesn't shift the D to the unbalanced side... etc. We are covering for our line in every way possible. - Marcus was excellent pre-snap. He was just good post-snap and I think that is where he is as a player. I felt he tucked and ran on a play or two where he could have manipulated the pocket differently - one in particular where patience and a move could have left Davis 1v1 late on the slant/crosser. This is the sort of thing you'll see Mahomes or Wentz do, sometimes multiple times in one play - they'll make a small movement to change the throwing platform or fake like they're changing their spot in the pocket to make the rush react. He needs to be a tick quicker... up the beats per minute or refresh rate. I don't expect him to turn his reads into fakes like Mahomes but he's not far off from delaying the rush like Wentz. The TD to Corey Davis is the best throw he's made this season. That was a play he made rather than a play he executed. That is where I think the coaching staff is with him - they like him but want more. They want him to open up and be riskier: run or throw the ball away instead of taking the sack (a preference for field position over ball security), trust your WRs and give them a shot at a play... etc. I've never bought criticism of Mariota's accuracy but I will give some credit to criticism of his throw anticipation. This one was an anticipation throw that left the D no chance. It was thrown well before Davis' break. Another thing to note is the dropback drifting left instead of straight back - Mariota saw the coverage and wanted this play pre-snap. I'm hoping for a more traditional passing offense with Lewan back and that should help getting the ball to the WRs on the outside... 2-3 steps of space can make all the difference for a passing lane. - Twice Corey Davis ran a corner and up seam against the outside corner in cover 3. Each time he'd have a TD with a thrown ball. Once I believe the pass rush got there. The 2nd time, Marcus moved in the pocket well, up and left to clear traffic, and just as he looked poised to uncork deep left he chose the dump off to the RB in the middle. It wasn't a bad play but it could have been a big play. It was a long throw and the decision was split second. I want Marcus to try the deep shot and I think the coaches do too. He thought about it and went safe. What gives me hope is that he saw it and probably would have thrown with a clean pocket - there's still time.
  6. The Republicans have moved the "center" to their side. Any centrist will be little more than an acquiescence to the political atmosphere. This isn't about Democrats or Republicans... at this point it's about addressing corruption in politics before it's too late. We need to modernize our government.
  7. Outside zone is essentially pressing the outside rather than the hole. Not that we should expect Shanahan out of Lafleur, but Shanahan used one cut runners that would set up to the outside and cut upfield. That would be great for Henry as he can find a crease and hit it with power. He has more trouble when he has to slow and adjust his footwork to the blocking at the hole.
  8. Trump is and always has been a fool deriving power from wealth. His business history is littered with questionable happenings and links to various mafias. People with power and money use fools as pawns. Trump, being a fool with a penchant for making unscrupulous deals, is an ideal target to subvert. A criminal mastermind wouldn't be in the midst of a failing presidency - I'm sure this will be challenged by shills but just keep in mind the bottom of the barrel approval ratings and repeated instances of failed policy (where is our wall? How about that Muslim ban? No one knew healthcare could be so complicated....) - flailing wildly at each and every questioning of his capability. Trump and Russia is the tip of the iceberg as far as collusion goes. The DNC and RNC are both little more than means for the wealthy to subvert the political process by skipping to the levels where decisions are made. Both of these entities are selling the American political system and maintaining a system which keeps them in power. These are entities engaged in managing the masses towards their goals. This is not about Trump, Russia, the democrats or republicans. This is about corruption overtaking the US government. This is about money further infiltrating the decision making of the US to further tilt the landscape and keep all the pennies rolling in the right direction. This is class warfare. Trump himself is an usurpation of the American government propped up by a variety of political players with things to gain. Trump isn't necessarily in Russia's pocket - he's just too busy puffing up his own to care how it's filled. Powerful people see that and see a man they can use. They see the perfect fall guy to change the world towards their desires and then toss aside. That is what is so concerning about this. We all know there are self-righteous stubborn morons like yourself that can be tricked towards drinking whatever flavor kool-aid is needed - at least until they see the people around them dropping like flies - but there used to be a greater barrier to changing the world by fudging truths and numbers. Trump is a CEO, a face... It's concerning that the forces behind him have this much power.
  9. Yea, you did it!!!! You're smarter than everyone and you aren't fat at all!
  10. Frank Andbeans


    So how long has Flynn been an untrustworthy serial liar whose every breath is to be ignored as vile untruths? Just since he left Trump's team right? Before then he was a "fine man" and "great advisor" right? I wonder what changed....
  11. Looked like he didnt know what he was doing at times blocking in that. Id like to see some recent games...
  12. If all three play it more speaks towards OLB depth as they are scheming to get all three pass rushing.
  13. Id only seen him mocked in the 2nd or 3rd round but I like him a lot.
  14. Haven't watched him at all. I'll try to at some point.