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  1. That's literally probably never happened Our 5th 6th guy has always been trash
  2. Haha well enjoy your time here I got back on GT so I'm probably done here til the site has issues again Farewell tr. It was a fun day talking to SOME of you
  3. I'm pretty sure Ryan will follow the money next spring. Hes gonna be one of the most sought after DBs
  4. Hopefully Arthur Smith sees where it all went wrong and fixes our issues. Hes been along for the ride since 2011 iirc. That may be all we need to get to gelling
  5. The 7 on 7 drills they run are usually more about offense. There is no pass rush, no linemen in throwing lanes, etc. Its the QB and his friends show. Usually it's the offense vs a 4 second clock. If you're struggling vs air essentially, it's a concern.
  6. The Mariota debate is a frustrating one Both sides have reasons to be hate/love him. This isnt like Locker, Mett, (insert other QB we had) where it was obvious at the end the guy wasnt THE guy. His one endearing quality being overlooked is he keeps us in the game though. Some ppl wish hed turn up the heat before the 4thQ but just the fact were in most games til the last minute is worth something. Thats hard to get in an NFL QB. But being close isnt enough so I get the criticism he catches. But the grass is not always greener. Just sayin
  7. Thoughts on Vrabels stache? Does it make you worry about a 8-8 season? Just cant help but think of Fisher when I see Vrabel these days
  8. That was true til this year Roster is loaded Should be good times
  9. Idk man, my account is all messed up over there
  10. Lol Mary been playing like a girl lately The name fits
  11. Look at the weekly pictures after games, the dude looks homeless by seasons end. If you start the yr at 215 you dont stay that size

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