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  1. I swear to christ if Derrick Henry is averaging over 5 ypc and we only give him 15 carries again I will personally find Arthur Smith and punch him right in the dick. Threw up in my mouth when I saw Henry and Lewis had the same # of snaps. It's a sad day when I can make the comment "If Jeff Fisher were our coach we would have won".
  2. Worth noting the blown assignment on the Henry screen is partially good coaching, though. Cian's article on Arthur Smith's play calling goes in to it: Whole article is free to read: https://www.patreon.com/posts/29860793
  3. Which theme is supposed to be the new one in the theme selector? The Titans Report(Default) or the Titans Report New(2019)? I like them all, including the old one I was using(just listed as Titans Report in the theme selector), but I think I like the design of the Titans Report New(2019) the most. Good job regardless.
  4. It's a common thing among fan bases in all sports from what I've seen. Go look at Patriots forums, even after wins, they're upset about multiple things. People seem to enjoy talking more about the negatives than positives in sports. And maybe that's partially due to how we hear players and coaches talk too. When a QB has a game where he goes 20/25 for 4 TDs and 350 yards, he's talking in the post game about throws he missed or sacks he took or missed opportunities, not about everything good he did. Almost like we're conditioned to focus on the negatives.
  5. I thought Mariota started the game out looking ok, got rattled by the pressure and the hits after the 3rd or 4th drive, played poorly until the 4th quarter or so where he was decent enough. Just a meh game overall.
  6. Players don't generally have drastic changes beyond their 1st to 2nd year leaps, and in Mariota's case he's been pretty much the same guy since year 1. He is who he is at this point.
  7. Mariota's failures aside, doesn't really matter what your QB is doing when you're so hellbent on calling so many runs on 2nd and long, which might be something you say is because he doesn't trust Mariota, but he's apparently carried that same play calling over to Green Bay, at least through the preseason(which means all of jack shit, I understand, but when it's a carried over mentality from the previous regular season, you do start to worry). Aaron Rodgers thought he was finally going to get a coach he didn't have to carry with his greatness. He's in for a doozy. What people don't seem to understand is in this Shanahan and McVay coaching tree is that their offenses are built on running the football. Mike Shanahan made so many running backs look great with his play calling and ZBS in Denver. Kyle Shanahan has continued that to a degree, and McVay has put his own spin on it. LaFluer seems to understand the importance of the run game like those coaches did, but seems to have no clue when or how to use the run game effectively.
  8. Didn't want to start a thread over something like this, so figured would just throw it in here. Might be the closest thing to a "shot" Mariota has ever taken at anyone.
  9. This must be why teams pick up cut players and practice squad players from opposing teams they're playing each week... oh...wait..
  10. ...Then use the 4 years of passes that actually mean something to make your argument. Judging anyone off of anything they do in the preseason is the most braindead thing you can do.
  11. It's like you've got 56 games and 1,605 passes from his career that actually matter so far that you could go watch and either shit on him or praise him or whatever you want to do as it relates to Mariota, and you pick a preseason game, a preseason game that he threw 3 passes in no less, to go off on a rant about him?
  12. The day they get rid of or at least stop televising the preseason will be a glorious one, if it ever comes.
  13. Matt Ryan has been pretty mediocre in the preseason the past couple years, but he's still been one of the best QBs in that span. Brady has had some pretty shit preseasons over the years too. So on and so forth. The concern with Mariota should be his injuries and inconsistent play over his 4 years in the NFL. Preseason shouldn't even be thought about.