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  1. He misunderstood and thought the name was "Bustin With The Boys" instead.
  2. As stupid as his asking Nike to not sell the Betsy Ross flag sneakers was, that flag is not the same as our current flag, so I don't think the comparison works.
  3. The Pillsbury Throwboy is a national treasure and he'll be treated as such. The forum recognizes this.
  4. I read that the paramedics had to amputate it at the scene, which just hurts to think about. A yikes to be sure.
  5. As I've said since his rookie year, Mariota is an average to slightly above average at times QB, and always has been, regardless of what his numbers try to trick people in to believing(never as good as his record breaking streak in 2016 indicated, never as bad as his recent numbers indicate). Cosell pretty much backs up that thought here. If he stays healthy you can win with him assuming the team around him is solid. Very Joe Flacco(well..Flacco before he fell off a cliff), Jared Goff, Alex Smith, Derek Carr-ish type of QB. Problem is that it doesn't seem he's ever gonna stay healthy.
  6. Click on your username/the down arrow at the top right of the page, and click on ignored users. Type in his username in the "add new user to ignore list" field and it'll show up for you to click on. Then you can click the check box beside everything you want to ignore from him then click add user. Bam, don't have to read his posts anymore.
  7. Mariota is the same player now that he was in 2015/2016. Anyone who called him "elite" or anything close to it was just box score scouting, same as they do now when they say he's fallen off some proverbial cliff. He's an average to slightly above average QB when he's healthy. Always has been, and given he's been that through 4 years already, probably always will be. It's just like Derek Carr. Everyone asking "what happened to the guy that was borderline elite in 2016!?!?"...dude was never borderline elite. Just more trash boxscore scouting. He's the same QB now as he was then. Do we get Nick Foles to win us the playoff games that Wentz can't show up for due to injury too?
  8. No, we needed a QB and he's the best QB from that draft. It's unfortunate he can't stay healthy, but that's not really something you can often predict happening. He had an injury or two in college but nothing all that serious and no where near the amount he's had in the pros. Overall when healthy he's a decent enough QB(average to slightly above) that you can win with if you build around him. JRob has built around him, now he needs to stay healthy. If he can't, time to find someone else I guess.
  9. I'm saying you evaluate Mariota off his game performance, not his practice performance, because his practice performance means nothing. It never has and never will. Got 4 seasons of play to evaluate for Mariota and we got people going "HURRRRRRRRRR DURRRRRRRRRRRR HE HAD A BAD PRACTICE HE CANT BE OUR FRANCHISE QB". And the best part is afterwards Vrabel said each QB(Tannehill was apparently bad too?) got like 6 reps. So not only are people reacting to a bad practice, they're reacting to a bad 6 reps in practice, lmao. If you think Mariota sucks that's fine. Base it off his 4 years of play, don't base it off what he does or doesn't do in practice. I'll always laugh at how Mariota went like the entirety of camp in his rookie year without an INT or some shit then threw one on like the first or second pass of preseason. Such important and telling practice reps man.
  10. lol @ people who evaluate practice I don't give a shit if Mariota or Tannehill or Henry or anyone else lights it up or stinks it up in practice. It means nothing. It never has. It never will. Stop giving a shit how someone performs in practice, it's never going to matter. Remember when Malcolm Butler was the best CB ever in camp? Then was one of the worst CBs in football for the first like 8 or 9 weeks of the season before finally getting his shit together? Man what a great indicator his outstanding practice reps were. Remember when McNair would absolutely suck in practice(or in a lot of cases not even practice at all due to injuries? Then was our franchise QB and eventual NFL MVP? Man what a great indicator his shitty practice reps were.
  11. Because he wants to make something of himself and not just live off his dad's success?
  12. Kubiak should be option 1, Mike LaFleur option 2. Self destruct option 3.
  13. I think I'd have rather lost Jackson or Butler instead. Ryan is so good in the slot, not sure anyone can replace what he was doing there, even with Sims being a solid player.
  14. If our offense and special teams hadn't blown it so many times this year and gave teams either great field position or straight up gave the other team points, our number would be even better.
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