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  1. I want the team to sell so bad. I'm willing to take the chance on another owner. I already know what kind of crap the Adams family is. May they all drown in TX oil surrounded by a million dollars.
  2. So I see this organization full of penny pinching assholes still haven't signed the man who they're pushing as the next wonder boy savior. Hell..... How much money have they already made from merc and ticket sales? And dude could blow a knee tomorrow....... Please God, sale this team and permanently remove any Adams family member from ever owning a sports team again.
  3. If they go 8-8, it will be called a huge success. But don't bet on anything with this organization. There's still fishy business going on inside. I don't trust them for anything. Why should I ? They haven't given me a reason to. I don't trust shared ownership or by committee. And damn sure not by a dysfunctional family. I just hope they win games and Whiz shows flexibility to adapt during a game. I trust Dick's defense more than anybody. He's proven himself enough to get respect.
  4. Imagine if Mariota caught the next plane to Hawaii? After all the hype and spin money the Titans have shelled out and it comes to this? LOL. Bud lives! Same ole Titans.
  5. I don't think most people realize the potential nuclear bomb this could be for both the NFL and the Pats. Imagine current and former Pats employees testifying about headset communication tampering, spying, locker room shenanigans, Brady lying, etc.. Remember there are 31 other owners/teams that feel they've been wronged by the Pats in the past and would love to see revenge. This is more than how much air is in a football, but small silly things like that brought down empires in the past.
  6. Last year's team absolutely SUCKED, and the Oline couldn't stop my grandmother. ALL of our QB's got hit and/or hurt. And, oh yeah, our WR's seemed to lose the ability to catch a cold, much less any footballs thrown their way. The running game? What running game? Defense? How many games were over by the start of the second quarter? I sure as hell don't blame Zach for that. Dude barely got going before the season was over. But he DID get playing time and showed toughness and I guarantee that he earned respect from the team for it. Now appears Mariota who hasn't done anything yet and is being treated like the second coming. The coaches and staff and the whole organization is pushing and selling Mariota to the public and the guy hasn't been on the field yet. I bet all of this makes Zach feel like a used condom. I'm not blaming Mariota, and he MIGHT be the one we've been waiting on. But I agree with Blaine Bishop when he says this has the potential to cause division in the locker room. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Let's hope this isn't a repeat of the ugly part of Whiz's past.
  7. I have to admit, I'm pleased overall with our draft. I'm scheduled to be in town for the Atlanta game and I can't wait.
  8. Dude had a pound of pot when arrested? Hmm.....
  9. Another potential Britt? Oh great. Just what we need.
  10. Blaine Bishop says trade Mett to keep peace in the locker room.
  11. Two things Titans fans better pray happens: 1) Mariota becomes the QB we've been waiting for. 2) The Oline gets fixed before the season starts. If Mariota fails, then most likely Webster and Whiz will be gone. And we're looking at 3-5 more years minimum to rebuild again. We may not like Web and Whiz but another failure would be worse. So even though I feel for Mett, for now, I have to say "Go Titans!" because it's best for the team and Nashville.
  12. I knew Mett would want out if Mariota was picked and I don't blame him. I put NO blame on him for last season. NONE of our QB's survived behind that Oline. And Mett showed spark even on such a sucky team. Now his progress has been halted. And the best thing for his career would be to start on another team.