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  1. I plan on being there, will be a great 1/2 time, need to get my beer fill up b4 1/2 time...
  2. I wonder if the Ravens phoned Gaine before they traded with Philly.
  3. Let's hope they don't land Nick Cesario.
  4. Saw this one in person, everyone in the dome was excited to see McNair in action.
  5. Charley Caserly is available...
  6. Was worst GM in the division, so was Rick Smith. Good luck finding a GM in June...
  7. For sure it's a hypothetical, you don't know how your FA acquisitions will play out either, there's often a reason another team let them walk. I hear a lot of chatter that Indy hit a home run with all 3 of their second rounders, we'll see.
  8. It’s self-inflicted. It is what it is. It’s not awkward for anyone else in this building,” Mayfield told reporters when asked about Johnson’s situation. “He’s gotta do his job. He said he was a professional. I hope he does his job.” Mayfield added, according to Cleveland.com: “You’re either on this train or you’re not.” “He wants to be traded. I want to win the lottery. It doesn’t matter,” said Browns coach Freddie Kitchens https://nypost.com/2019/06/05/baker-mayfield-seems-bothered-by-duke-johnsons-trade-demand/
  9. The Colts game is our home opener. The second full year in Dean Pees' defense, I bet he can use the entire playbook against Luck. If we are coming off an upset win in Cleveland, it will be a good game.
  10. totally agree the colts are the team to beat in the division. The question was who improved the most in the off season. You could be most improved but still finish last.
  11. Interesting people think the Colts, but as far as I can tell, their only FA acquisitions of note are Houston and Funchess, their draft was ok, 3 second rounders, Rock Ya-Sin (CB) and Paris Campbell (WR) I thought were ok picks. More picks than us.
  12. Most improved could still finish last. The thread is for what the GM's have done in free agency and the draft to improve their teams.
  13. Don't see as the Colts did much in free agency, they had a solid draft.
  14. How would you rank the AFC south Teams as far as their improvement in free agency and the draft? Here's my take: 1. Titans 2. Jags 3. Colts 4. Texans
  15. Rumor has it their football field measures 99 yards.
  16. You think he is looking for a 1 year "prove it" deal?
  17. The fact that we drafted Simmons in the first round would be one reason I wouldn't consider the Titans if I were him.
  18. They wanted to interview Ballard, he declined, most likely because of Mularkey.
  19. Most really great practical jokes are when people are totally surprised.
  20. Coughlin take away the safe room in the facility?