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  1. You think he is looking for a 1 year "prove it" deal?
  2. The fact that we drafted Simmons in the first round would be one reason I wouldn't consider the Titans if I were him.
  3. They wanted to interview Ballard, he declined, most likely because of Mularkey.
  4. Most really great practical jokes are when people are totally surprised.
  5. Coughlin take away the safe room in the facility?
  6. Separate thread? could be lots of discussion on this topic also.
  7. It's a good question, how is JRob building this roster compared to Ballard.
  8. It's really just ra Ra crap, but a nice view into their draft room enjoyable view thanks jonboy.
  9. QB is a weakness to me because of injuries, you can argue that an injury prone QB is a weakness, i guess I am thinking more of talent at each position group. If Mariota can stay healthy, and it's a big if, I'm on the fence as to our talent level at QB with Tannehill as a backup. I did put it first on the list, I don't think my vote will change much...
  10. interested in what people think our weaknesses are at this point after the draft.
  11. Criminal methods, immoral, against the NFL rules maybe, but criminal? Maybe just used the word for emphasis or is there something I missed?
  12. Jones was not very good at all last year, the only reason he is still here, I believe, is he has good communication with Mariota and one more year on his contract.
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